Explanations on guided meditations

Hello to the contributors of high human consciousness, to the volunteers of Love on earth.

You listen to these newsletters gleaned from the high frequencies of our beings and I thank you for your trust.

If from time to time you write on the blog to share with the world the story of your experiences with the Spirit who lives in you, know that I read your comments with a kind of gluttony, joy and emotion that encourage me to continue on my path. Thank you.

I have been receiving guidance in this form since February 2019 and six months later, in mid-September, I want to give my impressions/views/positions on what we are living together, on this adventure lived by everyone from our throne as sovereign.

Thanks to the people who draw while they listen to the guides who pass through my voice, I can confirm that each day brings a specific spiritual manna, a singular color of absolute Love, an aspect of the Creator Principle that humanity needs. Each day is indeed marked by a vibration, by the delivery of a particular program in the evolutionary process. Any person permeable to the forces of the Spirit receives the vibration, the information from this program, even when his activity is elsewhere than in listening to the day’s guidance. To illustrate this reality, I cite the example of Aurélie. One day, Aurélie sends me a drawing made in the morning, listening to the previous day’s guidance in “replay”. His drawing corresponded exactly to the guidance that was going to be received in the evening at 7pm. It is therefore clear, we receive every day what corresponds to the stairway where humanity has arrived and through which it will rise. Each of us is able to receive the “present of the day” as soon as we recognize that we are active in the team of Volunteers of Love on Earth.

I am happy about that, because we see through this concrete example how we all have our share of responsibility for the change that is taking place.

The reactions we experience in the body to the reception of our high frequencies are very individual. Some of us experience intense phenomena in the body, others on the contrary have the impression of feeling nothing. Even if the bodily sensations seem absent, it is simply that they do not reach consciousness. In fact, the integration of high vibrations takes place, our cells drink, our atoms are charged with additional energy.

Sometimes the question of my place in what we are experiencing at the moment is asked, first by me and then by others. It is well known that having leadership in a company or association is highly valued, but having leadership and talking about spirituality is always considered a potential danger. I like to say that I am leading a project, that of actively contributing to the consciousness of the Spirit in creation, and that under no circumstances do I position myself as the leader of a human group. Since 2006, when I began to offer what I AM to the world, I have been talking about free and incarnate spirituality. This is still true today, more than ever in this period when everyone is a priest and king/queen, like Melchisedek who accompanies us so often.

Here again, everyone is exercising their responsibility. As in the pipes: when I transmit the guides, I have the responsibility to ensure my sincerity, the purity of my intention, the “cleanliness” of my channel, and those who listen have the responsibility to check in them if the words heard vibrate true, if the transmission makes sense and raises.

If guidances have an influence on us, it is good to remember that this influence comes from our I AM and not from the person whose voice is lent so that information is given, and that this influence is wanted by the person who receives it and not suffered it. To receive is not to undergo, but to accept intentionally what is given.

The ancient forms of spiritual journey accompanied by “directors of conscience” who later became gurus and why not shrinks and other thinkers, no longer have any reason to be today. We are guided by our I AM, we are masters of the use of the information we receive from HIM, in all circumstances we remain sovereign, holders of absolute authority.

Thank you for your presence, for your always exercised free will, for your deliberate choice to be there.