Who are we ?

A collective of people wishing to express themselves around the subjects of health and spirituality, through the arts, speech or image.

Adrien Badedji, In the service of the Whole, I am involved in various collectives dedicated to the opening of consciences. I use tools such as art, e-learning, video, dialogue and guidance to convey the message that we are innocent and united, because we are always as our Source has created us.

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Alexandra Antok, rainbow woman, Art Shaman, spiritual and visionary coach.

Agnès Follea. For several years, my skills as an interpreter, translator and writer have been demonstrated in connection with the subtle world. I help to reconnect to her soul energy and I am committed to participating in a more loving and living understanding of the world.

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My joy and creative impulse is to manifest what touches me in the material through my hands. I sew, glue, paint, nail… Fabrics, papers, metal, wood… I like to capture nature’s gifts with my camera.

And recently, during the guidances, I discovered that I could translate my inspiration into drawing.

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Spirit manifested on Earth, draftswoman in her inspired hours.


Conscientiousness Enlightener. “I am the whale’s breath, I am the beluga whale song, I am the joy of the dolphin, I am that crystalline wave that opens hearts.”


I propose an Astrologix Newsletter every Month for each New Moon. We are talking about planets, planets that can illuminate our lives, that can give meaning to our existence, that also allow us to take height and participate fully in the adventure of the evolution of consciousness on Earth.

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I am in charge of the logistics of the TVJC sites, radio and television, but I will also be involved a little later.

Laure Charrin

I am a musician, and several times a week I offer you songs that I call “New Frequencies”, inspired by my soul. To accompany you and support you on all levels in this unprecedented period of transition… Welcome!

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As a draftswoman, I have been presenting a sand drawing show for several years now, and in parallel I am developing other projects around drawing and spirituality..

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I offer a kind of spiritual world newsletter, in the form of guided meditations, where you can join us, live on the radio or deferred on this site, in a free and responsible way.

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Painter and explorer of the human soul.

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Painter, writer, playful conference.

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The site is in full evolution. If you would like to join the adventure, please contact us.