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live video 2019/09/20
live video 2019/09/20


Detailed plan of the intervention


  • how has human consciousness matured throughout its presence in matter, its marriage to the Earth?
  • where are we collectively at with our maturity?
  • how high is our consciousness?
  • what do we know about ourselves and our environment?

Why did I choose this theme?

  • the crisis of consciousness in which we are now: the advent of a new human species in a new paradigm,
  • our maturity as seen from the spiritual world (6 to 42 years old).

The method for dealing with this theme

  • look at the process of evolution of an individual’s consciousness during his incarnation, a fractal principle according to which everything is in everything,
  • the infinitely large in the infinitely small,
  • the history of humanity is present in each person who composes it,
  • a wealth of information that allows us to understand the current behaviour of humanity as a whole.

Observation of the evolution of consciousness in an individual in parallel with human consciousness as a whole

  • definition of the word consciousness,
    • (≠ thought, see Eben ALEXANDER), an approach to what human consciousness is (beyond its incarnation on earth),
    • notion of the “millefeuille” that we are, of which the human consciousness is a leaf
  • the baby is more divine than human, the same for humanity at the beginning of its incarnation,
  • humanization up to 21 years with the 3 septaines, belonging to the clan, the soul group until the Middle Ages,
  • the other 21 years in mirror until 42 years old, the age of free will. Logic from the Renaissance to the beginning of the 20th century,
  • after 42 years, the human being dedicates himself to its evolution by exercising his free will. Ditto for humanity since the 20th century,
  • from the age of 63, he dedicates himself to the collective… for the global consciousness = man-Spirit who lives Love
    • the age at which we theoretically arrived in humanity today,
    • but… observation..:
      • materialism as a religion under the guise of secularism,
      • rival thinking of the Spirit => ignorance of unlimited spiritual resources for the benefit of limited human resources,
      • ignorance that the planet is a spiritual entity embodied with its own evolutionary logic,
      • loss of meaning of existence,
      • the eternal struggle of Lucifer and Ahriman, the thought and un-lived Christ.

How to act on our scale for the evolution of consciousness?

  • examples of action in the human/material frequency: yellow vests, Greta Thumberg, “sending love”, etc. => air conditioning in hell,
  • action through the ways of the Spirit in the body
    • understand the imprisonment of our consciousness in the jails of human formatting (cf. Dracula Castle in a recent guide),
    • decide to remember the ONE Spirit, source, who lives in each of our cells and let him express himself in us,
    • say yes to the action of the Spirit in our matter, in matter,
    • to contribute to the advent of a new human species
      • a new “inclusive” body: matter and Spirit together,
      • a new paradigm of collective life: Love is the Law,
      • offering the experience of humanity, having exercised its free will in duality, to the universal consciousness, to the Creator Principle
  • some concrete examples:
    • to observe an apple in an apple tree,
      • to become aware that it is our belief that makes us “know” that it will fall (cf. the law of gravity is a materialistic decoding of the world),
      • => know that it may not fall
    • exercise the vision of consciousness in parallel with what is perceived by the eyes of the flesh (≠ visualization)
      • to see an organ in itself,
      • to see another leaf of our mille-feuilles.


If we decide to recognize ourselves as spiritual in nature, we recognize that we are Spirit and therefore, we have the power of the Spirit, the abilities of the Creator, we have all power over matter. But if we think of the Spirit, then we kill him here, we prevent him from acting. Let us learn to offer our conscience to the Spirit, to our I AM!


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Good evening, folks.

Thank you for waiting for this technical start. Let’s just say he asked us to wait a little while. I hope you are doing well. Anyway, I’m very happy to have seen the conversations start with the chat. I participated, I’m happy with that. It’s very nice to feel your presence. It’s obviously a little louder than with the radio so I’m really happy.

It’s the first one and, like the very first one, there are some uncertainties, some trial and error but it’s going to be done quietly and right now we’re going to try the conversation with Jean-Claude who is in charge of the technique. Thank you Jean-Claude for all these efforts and achievements. Do you realize and can you tell me how you’re going to proceed with the questions tonight?


Good evening, Marie-Odile. That’s it, I’m on the screen.

I would only speak for the questions, that is, either I will pick from the YouTube questions and it will appear on the screen normally and I will read it to you, or people, friends, will appear on the screen and ask you the question themselves. And so there, since we needed people who were going to be the beta testers, we made a small selection and so Internet users will not be able to use this feature this time.

So, for standard Internet users, you will use the YouTube chat.


It’s starting well Jean-Claude, there is an elite and there is the people, everything I like. No, not at all. I have asked some people around me to please test with the video and it will be interesting to see how it will work. And so for all those who are behind their screens, the chat is an excellent way to ask questions and the questions will obviously be a big part of this show that I propose to share with you.

Tonight then I promised you that I would talk to you about the evolution of consciousness. It is a subject that is close to my heart at the moment and what I want to see with you, to share with you. That’s my vision. It’s certainly not the truth but the perception I have of things today. How human consciousness matured throughout its presence on earth in matter throughout its marriage with the earth with the consciousness of the earth.

Where are we today with the maturity of human consciousness? Seen from our point of view but also from the spiritual world we could say how high is our consciousness and what do we know about ourselves and our environment in this period when we feel that something in humanity on earth is changing.

These are the main themes I am addressing, and according to an organization I will now give you.

The plan of this intervention is why the choice of this theme. Then what method I will use to deal with this theme. Then I draw a parallel between the evolution of an individual and the evolution of the collective consciousness of humanity. Then at the end I would propose to look at how we can act each other on our own scale so that this consciousness evolves in harmony with the earth, so that the consciousness of humanity evolves in parallel with that of the Earth, and then at the moment of conclusion, it will be the time for questions. But keep all your questions as you go because they will obviously be important, even if they are only given at the end.

So why did you choose this theme precisely? It seems to me that at the moment crises are what we see everywhere. Thank you Jean-Claude. Have you seen the super top organization? Why this theme? Because the crisis of conscience we are currently experiencing is really a crisis of meaning. In fact, we can find around us many people who no longer know the meaning of their lives, who no longer really know how to locate something old that does not correspond to something new that is not yet there. And for every spiritual seeker, this conviction, this deep feeling that we are bringing about a new human species, what I call the spirit man or woman spirit, that is to say a human being who has completely welcomed the Spirit into his body, the Spirit into his life. And with this new human being, there is a new paradigm of society that is emerging. We’re talking about the Aquarian Age. We are talking about a society where love could finally prevail and not this law of the jungle that we still know today.

The spiritual world tells us that the maturity of the human consciousness as a whole would currently be about the age of 6 years, but it should be at 42 years, that is, at true maturity. I will come back to this when I draw a parallel between global and individual consciousness.

So in fact at the moment our age of consciousness, generally seen from the spiritual world, is six years old, it is because we are still children because our blindness in the material has been so important, because our distance from the mind is so important when it would be necessary for us to be 42 years old. What could very well happen is that suddenly we go from the age of 6 years collectively to the age of 42, but not in twenty years, not in thirty years but in a few hours.

It is indeed something that could very well happen because everything is there for us to be 42 years old collectively when that is not the case in our reality, but potentially we have this maturity and it could very well happen much faster than we could conceive it with our reasoning and our mind.

It is for this reason, to prepare for this leap of maturity, that I propose to speak this evening with all those who are interested in this question, about the evolution of human consciousness.

Now I come to the way I will proceed, the method I will use to talk about this issue of the evolution of consciousness.

In fact, it is quite difficult to look at the evolution of consciousness given the history of the creation of the Earth, the creation of human consciousness until today.

On the other hand, it is quite easy to see the evolution of an individual’s consciousness and, to the extent that there is a fractal effect in the world, namely that the infinitely small is in the infinitely large, the whole is in unity and therefore by looking at the evolution of an individual’s consciousness throughout his life, we can have an idea, a fairly faithful image of what human consciousness is and the evolution of human consciousness. And with this information, with this observation of how our consciousness evolves throughout our existence, we will be able to have a fairly accurate idea of how we have collectively evolved with the Earth since creation.

Obviously when I say that there is a presupposition that human consciousness is pre-existing to its manifestation and therefore it is the whole argument on which this analogy is actually based.

I now come to this observation of the evolution of consciousness in an individual in parallel with the evolution of collective consciousness.

A little word about conscience. What is conscience? So for me consciousness is what I know about myself and what I know about the world. It’s like what’s in Latin “what I know” with knowledge.

So in fact there is something that is often confused, between consciousness and thought. And in many methods of positive thinking, NLP and so on, there are very interesting things that are said but there is no difference between thought and consciousness quite often. But we know that when we stop thinking, well, there is something that goes on living. Ben Alexander’s book, for example, “Evidence from Heaven”, which describes a coma he experienced while he was a doctor and he knows about it, especially since he is a neurologist or neurosurgeon, and he says that during his coma, he observed that it was happening there. He had perceptions. He continued to live when his thinking did not work. And it is precisely this, this thing that continues to live independently of our thoughts and is our consciousness.

And our consciousness is indeed constituted, in this life, by everything we perceive with our senses, everything we think, everything we feel with our emotions, everything we capture with our intuition, everything we also live with the spirit with the soul that is present in our cells and consciousness, it is there before our appearance on Earth. And so when you incarnate, it’s there. And after our disappearance, it is this consciousness that also exists at the collective level, that is, in the same way that the consciousness of an individual, of his soul, exists before his birth. Human consciousness can be said to have existed before its incarnation, before its manifestation. And even before the existence of the earth we could even say that the Earth was created for human needs, with human experience and the needs of the Incarnation, we will come back to it later.

What we could say is that if we make an analogy between the human being and a millefeuille. I like the analogy that we are a thousand sheets, i. e. layers stacked one above the other, layers of frequencies stacked one on top of the other. One could say that human consciousness is one of the layers of our mille-feuille. There are also other layers, layers with higher frequencies with higher levels of consciousness, with manifestations of the divine being that we are elsewhere and that are other layers.

The human consciousness layer is one of the layers of our thousand leaves while at other layers other dense levels, other frequencies of consciousness that exist in our thousand leaves. And here I am speaking today from this layer of human consciousness, a layer of the mille-feuille, but I am much more than that layer of human consciousness. I am indeed a mille-feuille, that is to say this stacking of different planes of consciousness, and on earth I can quite easily have access to these other consciousnesses than those of humanity.

So when the baby arrives on earth, when a human being arrives on earth we can say that we can observe this. The child is much more divine than human, that is, the child’s soul is even stronger than his body. His body is still fragile. The baby who has just been born has no autonomy, he has very little perception of matter. We see the child looking over our heads when he wants to observe us. We know that he perceives very little colour and perceives things a little like in fog.

When human consciousness began to manifest itself physically, it was moving from principle to manifestation, it too had a much more divine nature than a physical nature. In fact, the human being was totally subject to his divine nature. He had no free will as the child does not yet have free will, and for good reason he is so dependent on his mother, his parents that he does not have the possibility to make choices for himself.

In the same way human consciousness, when it began to exist, to leave the Essence to be in existence, human consciousness in the same way did not have free will, it was totally manipulated by its divinity and when I say manipulated it is like when one makes a manipulation, there is obviously no negative connotation to that. This human consciousness was shaped by the divine, governed by the divine and, like the baby, it did not really have a choice to take options, to do things. She lived a little like a tree. The tree that is an oak, it will live the program of the oak, it will not be able to do anything other than to be an oak. In the same way at that time, human consciousness was in that state of being, simply.

There is this development as in children. In the child we can see how the soul will be incorporated. Rudolf Steiner talks a lot about that, he talks about the three septa that allow the soul to be incorporated, in the first seven the whole body that will structure itself, the body of the child that will take shape, will develop and the soul will really be incorporated; then, in the second part of life, the personality that will be forged with the emotional system, the affective system; and in the third part of life it is the I, its ability to make decisions, to be autonomous that will settle well in these three seventies.

Indeed, there is the same thing to observe in humanity, that is, we can say that in the first instance humanity has learned to have a body, it has made many different attempts to achieve a body that is satisfactory with regard to the intention of this consciousness to live the experience that was its own and we can say it immediately, we know it, the experience is that of free will, of the free choice of the voluntary act of finding the spirit in the matter, of freely finding the light in the darkness. This consciousness has sunk into the material so that it can effectively have the means to choose and live this experience.

In the first part of its incarnation, humanity will seek its form, will seek the body that will correspond and that will allow it to have the tools that will then give it the possibility to choose. Then there will be the formation of a psychology, that is, the human being will not simply be an animal, a body, but will also have everything that concerns the personality. From the personality, we will first have emotions, feelings, we will have pain or even relationships to pain. We’re going to need a miracle, it’s very important, we’re also going to start knowing that we exist. And this is the third step, that is, self-awareness exists and that is where the thought arrives.

Humanity, until now it did not need to think since it was quite remote controlled by its very nature, and suddenly thought comes into the history of humanity. And thought is the reflection of the Spirit, it is the reflection of that human spirit created by the creative principle and which will closely resemble the Spirit, but which will allow humanity to have a choice other than to obey its nature, through thought. This is well described in the Garden of Eden, with the arrival of the serpent that allows humanity to say no to its divine nature. It is from this point that the experience of free will begins and we can say that there, the human consciousness is installed in a body, it is installed in a personality. There comes another tool than the Spirit, there comes the thought. That’s why we say we think. There is something of the reflection in the thought, of the reflection of the Spirit in the thought. From then on, humanity will begin to mature. We can say that humanity begins to be twenty-one years old when thought arrives.

21 years is theoretically because in reality, she will regularly go back and forth, make great flights of consciousness and know a little more about who she is, recognize the Spirit, and then she will fall. It is not a linear evolution that we are going to have.

For example, at the time of Atlantis, humanity had a very high consciousness of itself and matter but it had a very strong desire to have power and to have benefits for itself. This probably caused a fall and therefore a loss of consciousness that had been gained.

Let’s remember that because that’s the most important thing, no matter what we’ve done back and forth. Thinking allows humanity to have a free will and that is why we made the body we have with the brain we have. Because this brain allows us to move forward and to oppose our divine nature.

The soul will be able to individualize itself but it will take a little while. If we take humanity in its present form, we can say that humanity remained in a group soul until about the Middle Ages. This is why after the Middle Ages we speak of the Renaissance. Rebirth is the beginning of individualization. Until the Middle Ages, humans functioned in a clan logic, so consciousness was not totally idealized, it was becoming individualized, but it was not totally. And to be able to leave the clan, you will have to learn to feel the individual.

It doesn’t make me clear my throat, probably it reminds me of things in my cells that are perhaps a little painful, this passage from the clan to the individual.

The soul group makes the group more important than the individual. It is a whole part of the evolution of humanity that lives on this principle, that is, the group prevails over the individual, the individual is in the background. It is the life of the village, the life of the family that prevails.

From the Renaissance onwards, we can say that the beginning of individualization really begins, where we will learn to become individuals, unique people, specific people, singular people and we will learn to develop a consciousness specific to each one.

But obviously, it doesn’t happen from one day to the next, it happens as the experiments are done.

And I really like to look at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century because there, we really see that individualization is taking place, especially with the discovery of psychology with the discovery of psychological work, therapies that start at the beginning of the 20th century with obviously Freud, Yung, Charcot etc…. At the same time, there is this inlay in the material with Marx. So there, one becomes a totally cut-off being and materialistic philosophy begins to settle on Earth. We see that man has really entered the process of incarnation and is beginning to completely forget his divine nature.

Religions begin to lose speed all the twentieth century it will be that: development of matter, knowledge of matter, development of psychology, loss of the religious, loss of the sacred.

To arrive at the end of the twentieth century at a humanity that has totally forgotten its divine nature, that has lived religions by putting the mind outside the body. Human beings today, at the end of the twentieth century, totally forget who they are, they do not remember who they are, and any spiritual process is generally very disembodied. That is to say, to remember the mind, most people leave the body and experience things outside the body, especially in the astral plane and therefore what happens at the level of the individual, we can say that the individual, he is 21 years old, he has this majority, which allows him to make choices.

This is what happened to us in humanity when we began to make our choices outside the divine. At 42 years of age, the individual, we can say that he has doubled his 21 years of age, after having completely integrated his individuality into his body, after having acquired a majority, he no longer needs his parents.

At 21 years old he will do another 21 more years to be really mature. During his other 21 years, this second sequence of 21 years, the human being will revisit everything he has learned to know what corresponds to him and reject what does not correspond to him.

In the same way, humanity has had to learn, to appropriate a certain number of things and reject a certain number of other things, to arrive at the image it has of itself today, that is to say a humanity very focused on matter and very cut off from its source.

Of course, after that, the age of 63 comes into play. At 63 years of age, when human beings live yet another 21-year period, they will be able to learn to experience giving what they are to society. After the age when human beings will have worked hard, create families and then reach the age of 63. After giving to the world, giving to the social world, we will be able to offer our wisdom. That’s great, offering our wisdom to society, to other humans, to humanity.

Obviously, it’s interesting to be able to get to that right away. But for the moment, we are not there yet, since the spiritual world tells us that we are rather of a global age around 6 years old and not around 42 years old that we should have reached after having experienced individualization, after having lived the twentieth century where we can say that we have really discovered our environment, discovered human psychology.

We have the possibility of being adults but it so happens that we have not developed individual responsibility, we have not developed an awareness of who we are as a whole. We have pushed a part of ourselves aside so that today we have cut ourselves off from the power that we could have and that an adult, for example 42 years old, has in his hands. Globally, humanity has not grabbed this power, has not grabbed its capacities. On the contrary, we can say that with the plunge into the material, we have bet on compensating for what we have lost. In those days when we were divine beings, we had the ability to communicate through the ways of the spirit and to communicate subtly, we had the ability to move by the force of the spirit, and all that, we lost everything.

And to compensate for what we have lost, we have invented absolutely wonderful tools. Tonight, if I can talk to you, it is precisely because we made all this up. But I don’t forget that we invented all this because we lost, by immersing ourselves in matter, our ability to exchange by subtle voices, to move by the force of the mind and that, in order to be able to satisfy our deep desire to communicate with each other, even to move, we invented a whole bunch of tools. But because we have the intuition that this is part of the human prerogatives, it is part of what we have to do.


And as we lost the spiritual capacity to do so, we invented the tools that would compensate for these losses and, having used these tools, we have totally forgotten the psychological but above all spiritual capacities that are ours.

In the same way, during this evolution, we have forgotten that the Earth is also a spiritual being. We considered the Earth as a cluster of atoms, as a cluster of matter and we totally ignored the fact that the Earth is a spiritual being and that human consciousness

she too is a spiritual being who has united with the spiritual being of the Earth. In this way, we consider the Earth as an inert matter. When I say we, of course, it’s all in the aggregate, and we’re going to pick from the Earth everything we need for our tools. But we totally forget that the Earth is a spiritual being like us and that it has an evolution that is parallel to ours. Because as humanity evolves, so does the Earth, its body evolves and that is what we are observing.

Instead of searching in our unlimited spiritual resources, we will constantly search in the material resources that we see limited and therefore we live a finite universe while we are infinite beings, which probably explains a lot of suffering on the part of humans. When we are completely enclosed in a materialistic vision of things in this way. In passing, I like to say that religions have disappeared but that, now, there is another religion that is imposed, at least in the West and in France in particular, it is the materialist religion, that is to say that we are asked to believe in the materialist vision of things. In schools, we are taught a materialistic vision of the world, and we are not told that it is a possible vision when other visions exist. No, this vision is considered as the mandatory vision, the only one possible and then, after that, the other visions would be a little like hobbies, a little like fantasies that some humans would engage in to actually see things differently, to perhaps entertain themselves.

In this way of life, we have maintained a kind of rivalry between spirit and matter. The Spirit has been expelled from matter, the human being has expelled the Spirit from matter and today he is in a very weak consciousness of the yarrow that he is, of his global reality and of the reality of the Earth. It causes a permanent struggle between two forces, in fact the forces of light that we contain because, even if we have forgotten who we are, it happens that we have remained lights, we have remained Spirit and what we contain in the nucleus of our cells absolutely wants to express itself, wants to live. The intention of human consciousness from the beginning, which is to manifest itself to exercise free will, to remember that it was Spirit, to remember that it is Love, this intention has not let go of us. It is not necessarily present in our consciousness but it is present in our body and sometimes it manifests itself in us, especially when all of a sudden we ask ourselves the question of the meaning of our existence, when we ask ourselves the question of why we are here, when all of a sudden we are dissatisfied, when we have as much material as possible, as many cars, computers, household robots, lawnmowers.

All this is beautiful, absolutely. And yet, something is not satisfied in us. What is not satisfied in us is the spiritual appetite that we have and that we do not know how to satisfy, that most humans do not know how to satisfy.

You who are there are a priori interested in this dimension and you are in spiritual appetite and you know how to satisfy it.

I went to the supermarket this afternoon and I can assure you that I can see that it is difficult for the supermarket to remember that I am Spirit. And I can see that most people around me do not seem to remember that they are a Spirit or, if there is a Spirit one beyond completely distant, difficult to reach.

Now, human consciousness today is truly called by the Spirit contained in our body to remember the Spirit that it is. And that is the evolving crisis in which we find ourselves today. All our evolution has led us to this crisis so that we can realize the spirit-man, that is, the incarnated humanity, and the spirit present in man must no longer be outside. It is not in fact, but it was conceived by thinking outside the being when in reality it is well inside, in the nucleus of the cells. And this spirit is to be found, to be lived because indeed, for most humans, it has been a little annihilated, it has been, it has been killed somewhere and now humanity is hungry for the Spirit. Our human brothers and sisters are thirsty for spirituality, human brothers and sisters need to be told that they are Spirit. They need this spirit that is in their cells to be recognized, either fed or watered.

We who are here today, interested in these questions, are these teams of volunteers of healer guides of humanity who have the vocation to bring this spiritual nourishment to those who call to remember and live in their daily lives the Spirit that they are.

I think I’ve done a little bit of what I wanted to say and I hope you’ll have some questions on the subject if you need them. I feel like I’ve been a little rough, but it’s not a big deal. I both looked at my paper and let things come true as they came.

I now come to the next point, how to act on our scale for the evolution of consciousness. Because I have just said it, humanity today has reached the summit of materiality and wants to regain the appetite to find its spiritual nature.

We can see today that in humanity there are movements of dissatisfaction. I will take a few examples. The movement of yellow vests in France at the end of last year, for me, is a great manifestation of the need for human brotherhood. But it is also for me, or at least it is my vision of things, a movement where we could see the unconsciousness, the non-responsibility of each other, that is to say that there was a scapegoat, there was the father unsatisfied by the President of the Republic, there was not enough material, not enough money, not enough dialogue, not enough connection between humans.

We can see that these actions clearly show dissatisfaction, the search for something else. We can also see, for example in this young Swedish or Norwegian Greta Berg who is in charge of ecology, how actions are carried out for the planet. We can see in this movement led by this young girl something that says “be careful of the planet”. But we can see, however, that everything it says in the end is not followed by concrete facts, because the planet is not presented as a spiritual being, it is presented as something that we must bequeath to our children, as if it belonged to us, as the heritage that we will leave to our children and that must be in good condition.

We can also see in a lot of spiritual movements things like for example we are going to send love, we are going to forgive too, it is something that works well, that is to say we are going to try to do things to be better together and that’s all. All these things are things that are very much driven by thought, by emotions, by guilt. All this is actually trying to put air conditioning in hell. The expression is not mine, it is Guylaine Lanctôt who uses this expression but I rather like all these humanist movements, these ecological movements, these movements of fraternity, these movements of well-being, we send love, we go better together, all these are only methods to try to make the hell of life on Earth more pleasant but in reality we still do not go into our current reality. We still do not see the unlimited possibilities that are within us through the Spirit and in our body, so how to do it.

This is precisely where, once we have evacuated the battle of arguments, the great ideas, humanism, the air conditioning to have a little less hot on our hell, how can we act through the ways of the Spirit?

The first thing to do is to understand that the Spirit is within us. Our consciousness has been locked into human formatting, our consciousness has been shaped by generations and generations of thought-led beliefs. In a guidance I received recently, we were given the opportunity to visit Dracula Castle, as a symbol of the castle of our thoughts. Our thoughts have organized everything for us. It is a question of understanding that, as soon as we go into thought and limit consciousness to thought, then we remain prisoners. At our level, we have the possibility to look when our consciousness is imprisoned by thought or when our consciousness is open to the spirit that we are.

When our consciousness is trapped by our thought, it makes logical reasoning, it makes strategy. In general, she does not live in the present, she lives in the past or she projects into the future. When our consciousness is in phase with the Spirit, it can use thought because it is a wonderful tool at our service, but it is not the toy of thought. Very often, our consciousness is limited to our thoughts and therefore to our scale. Each of us, each of us in our daily lives, has the opportunity to make a distinction between what is thought and what is something other than thought, what is our consciousness. Our consciousness is sometimes filled with thoughts, or why not filled with emotions, filled with feelings, filled with what we perceive outside of us but which can also be filled with the Spirit that we are.

I am proud of the collective spirit that we have individualized by being the only being that we are and that is the first thing to understand: the hell of consciousness in thought and decide to get out of this imprisonment.

No, I’m coming out of the jail of my thought in which my thought would like to lock me up. I come out of this and I don’t stay a single thought. I am a conscience that knows how to use my thoughts.

For this, what obviously makes it easier is to remember that the Spirit lives within me, that the spirit is One and that it is in each of my cells, that is to say, in the nucleus of my cells, there is my soul. The soul is the individualization of the mind. It is the encoding of the Spirit who is he is ONE.

The encoding of the Spirit in matter, the soul, is what makes me Marie-Odile and I am not Jean-Claude, Jean-Claude is Jean-Claude and Marie-Odile is Marie-Odile. The soul is what makes the Spirit manifest in a singular way with each human being that we are. But this soul is not a concept, it is something that has a materiality and one could say that DNA is the encoding of the Spirit in matter and therefore DNA is something that can be identified. One could say that DNA is really that way that the Spirit took to encode the soul to form the body that we are, to form the psychic being that we are and therefore, it is essential to remember that our soul is in our body and not outside our body. The soul has been propelled by the Spirit to manifest itself in matter and therefore the soul is in the body. It is very important to be self-aware and, when I want to feel my soul when I want to feel the Spirit and be a man or woman-mind. It is by being in the consciousness of my body that I will achieve this. It is not by taking my consciousness out of my body and gliding over the Himalayas. Not at all. It is by being completely attentive to what is happening in the body that I will capture the Spirit who lives in me, that I will at the same time welcome the forces of the Spirit in the matter and that I will contribute to its actualisation.

What can we do so individually, once we understand that we are prisoners of our thoughts and that we can free ourselves from them? It is a voluntary act. Once we understand that the Spirit is in the body, that the soul is in the body, well, there is a decision to make today, if we agree with that of course. This decision is to say yes to the forces of the Spirit in my body. I can say yes to the action of the Spirit in my body. I am not obliged to suffer the laws of matter as they have been learned, as they have been imposed in the history of humanity. I can activate the power of the Spirit in my body, make sure that the law of the Spirit reigns in my kingdom in the body. And that’s something I can decide and set in motion.

Of course, this will come up against the human formatting that has been mine and has been going on for centuries, and that has been necessary for humanity to reach this stage where it is today. But I can say: I awaken in me the forces of the spirit.

I want to give an example that I have experienced personally. Three years ago I fell and I had hurt my left knee quite seriously and I chose to heal myself with the forces of the Spirit. At a time when I was really looking for this, I chose to say: these are the forces of the Spirit that will heal this knee. I could see that the soul in my body could restore the ligament of the left knee that was damaged and there were many times when evidence was given of healing by the Spirit.

We can activate this, we can activate the power of the Spirit within us. That doesn’t mean he went to the doctor. We can make other choices, but, knowing that it exists and knowing that we can do it, we have this possibility to activate the forces of the Spirit in us and to make sure that these forces act on our matter.

It seems to me that this is how we will be able to ensure that this new species arrives on Earth because that is the intention. The intention of human consciousness is freely to make our body of flesh a vibratory body, a body that will be able to live the Spirit totally, while being on Earth.

In fact, it is about bringing matter and spirit together in our body. It is a question of freeing matter from the laws of matter, the laws of gravity, the laws of gravity, the paths of matter degradation.

All these laws in which we believe today, we must know that they are not mandatory and that the Spirit can rule over matter. The mind can really take its place and make gravity not an obligation.

It is very frustrating to know this and to observe that the apple still falls from the apple tree, because our belief in these laws of gravity is stronger than the consciousness of the Spirit who lives in our body.

It must be said that we are still in a humanity that is mostly imprisoned in this belief in the laws of matter and the laws of gravity, and that we cannot yet completely dissociate ourselves from the human brotherhood in which we live.

But what we can do is through our own consciousness, to nourish human consciousness and ensure that this age of six years, this global age of humanity which is six years old, which is still very sleepy and very little adult in the way it makes these decisions, suddenly comes to the consciousness that the Spirit is there and that the Spirit can rule on earth.

We can decide this for ourselves and we can also consider that we are there to contribute to the advent of fraternity, of this new human species that wants to live on Earth a fraternity where true love is the law. In this way, we will reach this stage where we will offer to the consciousness of the Earth, to the consciousness of humanity, to the creative principle, to the Divine the fruit of the experience we have lived.

In this way we will be able to accelerate the evolution of the pure Spirit by offering him the fruits of our experience. When we have succeeded in making the law of love prevail on Earth, then we will make God grow.

This experience is wanted by the Universe, by the Divine plan for its own growth. If we can summarize, we have the possibility to make God grow and that is exactly what is at stake when we come to Earth.

So, in concrete terms?

In concrete terms, it’s a little game I’m playing right now, to look at the apple tree and say to myself: I know that the apple may not fall. I am referring to Newton’s experience of discovering the laws of gravity by observing an apple falling towards the Earth. And then all of a sudden when I look at an apple, I think to myself: yes, in my old belief, the apple was falling, but in my consciousness of the Spirit who reigns on Earth, the apple does not fall. In any case it falls if the spirit decides that it falls, but matter does not prevail over the Spirit and the Spirit can quite easily keep the apple levitating.

So let’s go to the psychiatric hospital right now because it’s really just a bunch of bullshit stories.

Our minds hate that I say that, but that’s it, the apple may not fall out. The materialistic decoding of the world makes us believe that man falls and therefore the apple falls. Instead of thinking that there is a law of gravity that attracts us to the centre of the Earth, we could say that there is a light that until now has supported us on our shoulders so that we remain on Earth for the needs of incarnation. But, as soon as our consciousness is big enough, this light can quite maintain itself in a state of light and no longer press on anything so that it falls towards the center of the Earth and that’s exactly it.

Let us look at an apple and say: my thought makes me believe that it falls, but the power of the Spirit can free the apple from the obligation to fall and the apple can be kept suspended in the air.

What we can also do in concrete terms is to exercise our vision through the third eye.

That is, our consciousness is often filled with everything we look outside with our fleshly eyes. But we have experience when we deserve when we deserve when we deserve. When we welcome frequencies other than our terrestrial frequency into our consciousness, we have the experience that we can see outside our flesh eyes, that we have an inner equipment, a consciousness within us, that allows us to exercise vision differently than with flesh eyes.

Well, one of my proposals is to regularly practice accessing this vision, to make sure that our consciousness captures the vision of things from within us. For example, it can be very interesting to visit a kidney, a liver, a pancreas.

Be careful, I’m not talking about visualization. Visualization techniques are cognitive and thinking techniques. This is not the case here. What I propose is to let the vision, which our consciousness captures, take shape in our consciousness. Our consciousness will then look for what it has in its library to put a shape to what it will capture, but it is an image that will happen because our consciousness has gone inside us. And I assure you that this is something we can do if we stop thinking.

If we stop thinking, if we close our eyes, at first it may be useful to close our eyes, and then we say: here I am today I will go and look at my liver, well there you go, immediately my conscience will see my liver and, the less I know about the liver medically, the clearer my vision will be, the more I know, the more my thought will want to get involved. The point is to remain ignorant and accept not to know. I who often have the ability to see these things, to hear these things. The vision process stops as soon as my mind wants to know. As soon as my mind, my thought means: well, you know this place, then the process of inner vision stops.

We can practice this vision inside ourselves, we can practice going to see another leaf of our mille-feuille. Since I mentioned this mille-feuille, we can really communicate with a consciousness of ourselves that is on another plane, on another frequency.

When I started channelling in 2006, people asked me: who is my guide? Indeed, at that time, I was still very parameterized by the astral and Luciferian things and I believed that the guides were beings external to us. In reality, no, our guides are leaves of our life, a millefeuille leaf on a higher frequency. I say: my guide is I AM with the different frequencies on which it vibrates. It guides us and we can experience listening to these higher frequencies of ourselves. This is something we must do every day.

Well, today I ask more frequently to tell me what I need to understand about this situation that I am experiencing, what I can do in this situation that I am experiencing. It’s something we can practice doing as an exercise.

I like practical practical exercises. As soon as we train ourselves in these kinds of things that allow the Spirit to manifest itself in our body, we contribute to the spiritualization of matter, we make sure that the Earth, the matter that surrounds us, all the things that surround us, vibrate a little more at the frequency of the Spirit, activate a little more the presence of the Spirit and of course we allow the human consciousness to grow. We allow human consciousness to rise and thus to remember a little more that it is Spirit.

I’m coming to the conclusion and I’ll give you the floor now. The more we recognize that we are the Spirit, the more we resurrect the Spirit because we can say that the Spirit was killed by our materialistic vision, by thought. But if we awaken the Spirit, if we allow the Spirit to live on Earth, then we will allow all humanity to access its spiritual vision, the spiritual vision of the world.

That’s what I had to say about the evolution of consciousness.