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Are you looking to meet your spiritual being and connect with him easily, as often as you need? Easy and accessible, by listening at your own pace to the guided meditations broadcasted on TVJC!

Are you looking to help the Earth and humans evolve towards Love? From home, freely, sitting, standing, lying down, walking, as you wish, you can contribute to the action of a group of volunteers who work through the ways of the Spirit. All you have to do is listen live on TVJC radio to the meditations guided by the spiritual world.

Whether live or recorded, the guidances will stimulate you in the accomplishment of your mission, reinforce you in your feeling of the meaning of your existence.

Since 2006, Marie-Odile SANSAULT has been at the service of her soul, of her I AM. She channels and shares the messages she receives from Guides, benevolent entities that enlighten humans.

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Translation of the video transcription

Does life have a meaning?

Apparently existence has no meaning. In reality there is behind the curtain a deep meaning, sacred.

How to find out the meaning ?

I listen to my feelings, I give it credit and I act on his behalf.

What is feeling?

Feeling is something that is lived within you, that appeals to inspiration.

Where does the inspiration come from?

Inspiration, intuition come from our spiritual being.

How to develop it?

We should listen to our spiritual being, our I AM by connecting to him and by welcoming in our consciousness the information that he gives, straightforward, without protocol, directly.


We can also train our consciousness to this connection. One possible way to do it is to participate in the meditations that I propose, freely and responsible.