audio – For the Earth, golden weft and crystal axis

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

I had a hard time finding a title for this guidance because I wanted to say its importance right away, because I wanted to invite all readers to listen to it. This guidance allowed us to experience an absolutely perfect moment of unconditional love. With the help of the great council of wise men who watch over the proper functioning of the solar system, we have been led to experience the present moment, the totality of ourselves to the point of being able to totally manifest the sun that we contain, the Christ that we are.

Thanks to this mobilization of the team of volunteers, a golden framework was woven to be placed around the etheric body of Our Lady of the Earth, at the junction with her astral body. We have been asked to mobilize a little more, while this framework is being structured at the North Pole. Then appeared the crystal axis that crosses the earth from North to South with its current inclination.

The truth establishes
Drawing of Myriam LEPORI

It is immediately proposed to us to also offer our solar radiation to humanity, starting from the place where we are in the present moment. Our heart is the centre of the propagation of light and Love.

The being who “presides” over the great council of the wise and who is the bearer of the consciousness of the sun informs us that during the next 365 days, the effects of our behaviours will be doubled. Everything we do will be of immense importance for the change of the world and if our consciousness is mobilized for Love, the world will be considerably nourished and transformed.

Drawing of the day, Aurélie LANDAIS

We are then taken to the Grand Council of the Suns, in a crystal cathedral where each volunteer receives a crystalline ray in him to strengthen his spine and regain the power once held in the body of the Atlantean race. As we receive this gift, we form a circle and sing a crystalline song. This song joins the crystal axis of the Earth which can then straighten up as we ourselves regain our verticality, our alignment.

From this point on, the Great Council of the Suns informs us that we now have the possibility of radiating what we are without restriction, that we can also proudly live out our mission as bearers of Christ in the midst of humanity. We can come out of the woods where we were hiding for fear of being pointed out.

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Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

We are together to receive information from the spiritual world, to welcome into our consciousness what is transmitted to us, from our guides, from our I AM, from those spiritual Beings who accompany our I AM, who are solicited by our I AM, to instruct us, to inform us, to help us identify the actions, the postures necessary to the accomplishment of our mission, to the realization of the commitment we have made by embodying ourselves on this Earth, at this particular moment in the evolution of humanity.

I am what I am
I am Divine Presence
I am Love
I am Light
I am Energy and I swim in the movement of life

With these words I strengthen my verticality, I put the channel that I AM in this human form at the disposal of the Spirit, I unify myself, I am one, one with I AM. I make sure that my body is relaxed, that energy can circulate freely, that my consciousness is totally available upon receiving this guidance. I make sure to be the Master of my personality so that it is at the service of the Master that I AM asking me to be, at the service of the healing guide that I AM committed to be by manifesting myself on Earth, in this human form from which I am speaking at this moment.
I put myself inside, I make all my cells vibrate on the I AM frequency. This allows me to welcome Archangel Michael here in front of me to the north. The recognition of his presence establishes in me my power, reveals in me the power of my divinity, of my spiritual nature.
Facing him to the south behind me, the Crystal Master who allows me to have confidence in the ability of our bodies today to become the bodies of tomorrow. It confirms the presence in my spine, in my whole skeleton, in my blood, of the vibratory body corresponding to the new consciousness towards which we are moving.
To my left to the west, the consciousness of the Earth, our Mother, Mary, the divine Mother whose insistence on being known to us, to me, I feel. Her presence makes several parts of me vibrate in my body, especially the 3rd eye, which is very active when I am connected to Mary here in this moment, when I am connected to the consciousness of the Earth.
To my right to the east Jesus my brother is getting closer, he who lives in the subtle spheres of the Earth to continue his mission of accompanying humanity. He presents himself here near us, very close to us, as a brother that he is, as a companion on the road, as a friend.
Thus surrounded, I feel secure to remain anchored on the Earth and expand my consciousness so that it joins the subtle planes of my being, the subtle planes of creation. Where the clear vision is given to us about ourselves, where the clear perception of us allows us to recognize what must be transformed, what must be accomplished for the commitment we have made to be fulfilled.

“We are at the heart of the meeting of the Great Council of the Wise, this assembly of spiritual beings who manage the evolution of the solar system, who relay the emissions of each planet to us, to the Earth, to each incarnate being. It is a question here today, says the one who presides over the Great Council of the Wise and who relays solar energy for us, the emanations of solar consciousness, it is a question of doing you good.
It is about warming up if you are cold, cooling down if you are hot, quenching if you are thirsty, satisfying if you are hungry, reassuring if you are insecure, giving you confidence if you are in doubt.
It is a question, you see, that you encounter the sweetness in you, that you encounter the joy of being you. It is a question here of you being able to perceive the desire that we have for you to be happy, to be joyful, to be in ease, whether in your psyche, in your body, in your environment.
It is a question of taking a bath here again so that you feel good, so that you feel in your place, where you are, in the place where your body of flesh, your consciousness and your personality are placed, there in the present moment, we propose to you to feel perfection, wholeness, to feel that you have everything you need, here and now, to be the happy human being who has nothing missing.
What is true in this moment may change as soon as this moment is over, as soon as this situation we are living together ends, as soon as your thoughts push you to anticipate or return to the past. Then yes, you may experience shortages, regrets. This perfection of the moment can be attenuated as soon as you allow your inner judge to scream at you, to invade your conscience.

But there, at the moment, as master of yourself, as captain of your ship, you can live the total perfection of the moment, connected to yourself, to your source, to your essential subtle being, from your body of flesh, perceiving with acuity the subtle planes in this moment, mobilized for yourself and your action to be carried out, you can now live perfection.
We insist that you allow yourself to live fully the satisfaction of all your needs, the effects of satisfying all your needs, the effects of your total presence in the moment, the effects of your connection to yourself, the effects of your self-confidence. We invite you to be the master of your personality, to reduce the noise resulting from your personality, whether it is your emotions, your feelings or your thoughts and we invite you to let the sun that you are grow and that begins to shine as soon as you accept to live fully the perfection of the present moment.

We attest, we who see you on Earth, with your consciousness dilated, we attest that we see the sun shine in each of those who accept to be simply present, totally, without leaving anything of yourselves, without any part of you being deprived of participating in the experience of the moment. I, who carry within me the solar consciousness, I, who carry the information of Christ and radiate it on Earth, tell you the truth:
O beloved friends, O brothers of the Earth, I see you in your beauty, I see you in your immensity, I see your light shining and offering itself to the Earth, I see you in my total likeness.
Your body of flesh, your humanization is a perfect support for the manifestation of the sun that I invite you to be at my resemblance, at my perfect similarity. Please, my beloved ones, let your body spread, let the photons that compose you spread out over the Earth. The assembly you form multiplies the possibilities of each one tenfold, multiplies the possibilities you have individually.
Dare to be the sun that you contain, that the nucleus of each of your cells contains. Dare to let this light shine in your body, which is not like the light you see outside you. The interior light is of a different quality. That’s why you often don’t see it, you don’t recognize it. We who see the effects of your radiation on the Earth, we can only encourage you to continue to pursue what you are experiencing in the present moment because what you are radiating is an intense help to the planet Earth, which is now also allowing itself to radiate the sun that it is, that it contains inside. How beautiful it is to see you dare to let the Spirit, love, light and energy that constitute you emanate from you.

In what I am given to see (what they see), it is a robe of light whose Earth we clothe, like a golden frame that we create by our assembly, by the grouping that we form and by the acceptance, our acceptance to let the light of the Spirit shine in us, the light of the solar consciousness in us. I am given to see a huge plot that is right on the etheric body of the Earth.
This frame does not touch the density, it is just around the etheric body, just before the astral body of the Earth and it vibrates. It’s like a fabric, a tulle veil for example, except it’s golden. It is informed of the crystal, it is healing the Earth, giving the Earth a new sap, a new blood. It is truly offering to the Earth a global care that passes through vitality, through the etheric body and also through the astral body because the presence of this golden grid between the astral body and the etheric body is intended to heal these 2 subtle bodies.
We are asked to continue to radiate and I am asked to describe the images so that we do not lose patience, so that we know precisely the effects of our action. “It is very important that you are aware of the importance of your actions, whether they are in the direction of evolution or in the direction of maintaining the current state of MS. It is important that everyone recognizes their responsibility in humanity’s current journey with the Earth.
And I feel that there is a place where it is the junction of the edge of this weft that we could see as a main bridal veil and indeed, there is still a beginning and an end with a place where it must meet and something to suture. There are stitches to be done. It is necessary to ensure that there is no interruption in this golden grid around the Earth.
For the time being, it is at the poles that this is happening, especially the North Pole. This weft, the edges of this main sail are gathered around the North Pole and there is a time to take to ensure that this weft is in one piece, in one piece, or itself a sphere in fact and not a rectangle whose edges are gathered above the North Pole. There is just to let it happen, to continue to be the suns that we are, to radiate the light that we contain, to make Christ live, the solar consciousness in our body.
That’s it, that’s the right word to say. Bring Christ solar consciousness to life in the body. And then immediately, I see these edges coming together and little by little, the grid is being rebuilt around the North Pole and on the contrary, it is even doubly consolidated, as if there were a double thickness of the grid because this place needs Christ, the solar consciousness. This place, I was shown a crystal axis that crosses the Earth and that actually passes through the North Pole. I think this is not the first time this information has been given by the world.
I see a blue light around this axis and the golden grid that is crossed by this axis but it is good for it, I feel that this passage of the axis is the axis of the inclination of the Earth, so indeed it also stands out at the south pole, a large crystal axis. It gives me an emotion but I don’t know why, to see this crystal axis with the inclination we know it with when we represent the Earth. This crystal axis needs our consciousness, needs us to connect with it. The Crystal Master is there in his splendor and he says:
“The solar system is balancing the Earth and indeed the Earth that is present in this assembly of sages, which is the 13th person, the 13th Being in thisIn the assembly, the Earth is there and it really lets itself be pampered, cared for by the other members of the assembly.

So I see a number, 365, which is the number of days in a year. Does that mean an appointment in a year? Does that mean that we have to be attentive to every day that follows today’s day? Pay attention to the first 365 days. It is said:
“Every day now counts double. These 365 days will have a double importance. Everything you will experience in the first 365 days will be doubled. All the effects will be doubled, in you and around you. This is why we invite you to mobilize your consciousness, we invite you to radiate the sun that you are because the radiation of the sun that you carry within you, can also be doubled.
Imagine the scope of your action as soon as you are in the perfection of the moment and you are aware of radiating your inner sun. This is part of your mission, knowing that this doubling of the effect of your posture, of your action, is intended to facilitate the raising of the consciousness of your brothers and sisters of humanity. This doubling of the effect of your posture, of your choice, is intended to contribute to helping the Earth to live with you its evolution towards the solar star that it inevitably becomes.
These next 365 days are at your disposal for the arrival of your new body. Through the radiation of your sun, you will gradually allow the vibratory body that is already present in you to become more present, more visible, more palpable. In this way, human capacities, your human capacities will be increased by what your spiritual power gives you, recognized, welcomed.
The solar consciousness in you will allow wisdom to take hold and guarantee you the controlled use of your power, your capacities. That is why you can safely say yes to the recognition of your power, to the acceptance of the skills related to this power which will no longer be stopped by your density, which will no longer be restricted by your personality. Let the sun shine in your body. Allow the sun consciousness in your flesh to shine.

It is proposed to us, if we wish, to continue to radiate the sun that we are. And after having placed the golden weft around the etheric body of the Earth, at the edge of the astral body of the Earth, it is now proposed to us to offer the sun that we are at this moment to all humanity, if we so desire.
“Everyone chooses what they want to do or not to do because your freedom, your free will is always at the heart of our concern. If you wish, we suggest that you simply offer the radiance that comes from you and that we always see from where we are, when we look at you. We therefore propose that you offer this radiance to the people around you.
Start from where you are and simply let your radiance touch the Human Beings around you, sometimes a few meters, sometimes a few hundred meters, sometimes a few kilometers, depending on where you live. This does not matter because the light of Christ, the radiation of the solar consciousness does not know the distance. It is simply a matter of you entering into the consciousness that this radiation is spreading, spreading and will affect the humans around you, who are in your area of residence, of presence.
Remember that just as I radiate thousands of miles away, you too can radiate thousands of miles from your heart, the radiation is happening. Each of you, if you wish, emits a sphere of pure light, informed of the solar consciousness, carrying Christ, of absolute love. It is simply a matter of letting it happen because at this moment we are facilitating your presence to yourselves, we are stimulating the consciousness of everyone, of the presence of the sun, of Christ in you.
Let the light work, let your light spread in humanity. Gently, those who will meet your light will open their hearts. Gently, those who will be touched by the perception of love, by the presence of Christ, will open their conscience. By your mobilization, by maintaining your consciousness in your presence, in the solar consciousness, you act, you work. Through the ways of the Spirit you touch your neighbors. You enter the consciousness of those humans who desire it.

There was a little cracking in the house. I don’t know if it’s audible through the microphone and for me, when there are cracks like that, it often comes at a time when I feel that the action is complete, the action is accomplished.
For me, the perception of what I am experiencing is so pleasant that I almost want to stay in this state, I would like to maintain this state. And yet, it is proposed not to necessarily want to maintain this, because it is a question of seeing what has just been experienced as an action. Of course, this could be maintained at all times, but there are many other actions to be taken.
“It is therefore important that you do not seek to maintain this state which is the state of absolute love, which is the state of perfect unity because for the moment it is important that you continue your journey with your human consciousness. You have just experienced your expanded consciousness, your “pure love” consciousness and certainly you can find this state as often as you want but for the moment, it is not required, it is not necessary to maintain yourself in this frequency. This will come later because in this frequency, you are somehow immobilized, you are somehow forced to remain seated, not to move, not to speak because any movement, any thought, any word comes to make your frequency fall and that is why you are not asked for the moment, to remain permanently in this state.
In a way, you have had the image of a future state where it will no longer be necessary to return to a densified consciousness. Here, we suggest that you consider that your action has been magnificently successful, that your contribution has been magnificently successful. Rejoice in this and do not have any nostalgia to return to a more human consciousness here and now of yourselves. It is not a question of seeking at all costs to be in this state because it would take you out of the human reality in which you have chosen to work. It is important that you immerse yourself in human reality, just as it is important that you immerse yourself in your unified reality, absolute love, as you have just done. Now go and visit the Grand Council of the Suns.

What is proposed to us here is to continue the elevation, quietly, joyfully, without waiting. I have the impression that I am leading a march, leading a march in the desert, in the countryside. And it’s a bit like that in fact, “let’s go through this now, let’s go”.
We are propelled by the Great Council of the Wise to rise a little higher, on a higher plane of self-awareness, on a higher frequency of ourselves. It makes me yawn, which means that we must now really raise the vibrations, let it happen.
I have the 3rd eye itching, a small itch on the 3rd eye, it means that I resist letting the frequency, the yawning, increase. That’s it, it’s enough to say it so that what was resisting agrees and gets moving.
I see a place where I am invited, we are invited, a large space, I could say like a huge hall. All I see is the door, a large gate in a building. I know that above it is a crystal dome. I know that and I can’t say I see it. I am told, “it is a crystal cathedral”.
So we come to a plane of consciousness related to crystal and there is a subtle construction that is the crystal cathedral. I feel that there is a kind of shyness to enter, a modesty, as if we were not pure enough to enter. Now, it’s our judge who’s still in action. So as far as I’m concerned, I tell him that I don’t deal with his appreciations, his evaluations, it belongs to my past and that my past has nothing to do there, that what’s in the past is over. That there deliberately, I choose to recognize myself in this high frequency of myself and enter.
That’s it, I’m here, in the crystal cathedral. Wow! So it’s circular and we’re in the middle. Each of us is the center of the crystal cathedral. In fact, it is a question here of receiving its radiance from the crystal. It’s like a laser beam, actually, that impacts us, penetrates us. Each of us, if he wants to, will put himself under the beam of crystal radiation. And here, there is really a modification of the body that is being done. There is, it is not a care at all, I do not know how to say, it is an integration of a new program, a program that has been planned for a long time.
That’s actually not new, it’s not new at all, it’s something that’s planned by ourselves. This has to do with Atlantis, something that was already experienced in the time of the Atlanteans, that had to be left aside because wisdom was not established and did not allow the use of its spiritual powers to be reasonable or related to love. Love didn’t really exist at that time. “And everything that has happened over the past 2000 years is there to ensure that love guides your steps and that you can regain all your power without worrying about how you will use it. This way your body can regain the original program, the power of crystal, without you being terrified by the effects of your actions. That is why we were asked to be very vigilant about the effects of our actions over the next 365 days. So once everyone has passed under the ray, there is a circle that forms inside this cathedral.
All those who are shaded by the crystal ray, come to place themselves in a circle and a song is sung, a crystal song. So I can’t say I hear the song but I know the song. I know that the sounds that are emitted by us make the crystal axis that crosses the Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole vibrate. In fact, this song of us informed by the crystal is there to resonate with the crystal axis that pierces the Earth, that crosses the Earth, that structures the Earth.
“There is a parallel to be drawn between the crystal axis and your spine. There is a straightening of the crystal axis. In fact, I saw it earlier, but I didn’t want to say it, I refused to say it. And there indeed, with a higher frequency, I can say it and I see that our song is intended to straighten the crystal axis that crosses the Earth.
Of course, it makes you cough. And yet I propose to my personality, who obviously speaks of fear, feels fear, to see that this crystal song that addresses the crystal axis of the Earth, acts absolutely gently, it is love, it is high frequencies.
It is indeed by the power that we have in us that this axis can become vertical again, that the oblique can be compensated and that the axis of the Earth can become vertical again, at least in its vibration. I can see how I want to mitigate all this. There is a part of me that doesn’t want it to be a reality, and yet okay, I give priority to the vision of my elevated consciousness and I ask my personality to stop making comments. And I hear the fear that there may be at the prospect of the recovery of the Earth’s axis. Just as there may be a fear at the prospect of my spine straightening because it is the same thing. Our own verticality is the guarantee of a joyful experience of the straightening of the Earth’s axis.

“If you accept your own verticality then you will experience the straightening of the crystal axis of the Earth in a joyful way and you will be able to accompany the humans who are at your side in this joy of straightening the verticality, of alignment because verticality is what allows a perfect alignment between the plane of the Spirit and the human plane.
There’s a wreath of flowers in your heart. There is a wreath of flowers placed in the heart of the Earth, a wreath of flowers placed in everyone’s heart. This is the way the Great Sun Council honours your presence. This is the way in which the Council of Regency of the Universe comes to reward you for your courage, for the action you have just carried out, because it is great, it is immense. You are valiant knights. You could be proud to carry the light in this way, to be holders of the information of the crystal in your body of flesh, you could be proud. But very often still, you hide from the world, you hide from the world the wonders you do.
Be assured that this time is coming to an end and that tomorrow you will be able to smile at the world, you will be able to say in complete freedom, these wonders that you are doing so that the world may change, so that the Earth may be the kingdom of love, so that the Earth may know the kingdom of love, so that humanity may live in the light. Soon you will be able to say, without hiding anything and if some humans then turn their backs on you, others on the contrary, will be so happy to recognize the truth that you will have plenty to be safe, confident, to continue the journey, to continue your mission.

I feel the physical emotions of an emotion. I feel like a child who is finally allowed to do something she has been waiting for a long time. And that’s it, we finally have the authorization to emit the light we carry. We finally have permission to radiate the Christ we carry in our cells. We finally have the right to talk about the love we know is our true substance. We have the opportunity to talk about the new laws, the law of love that replaces all the laws that humans have written.
“The doors are opening for humanity to enter the crystal cathedral. You were the precursor group. Other groups have also experienced this in other parts of the world because you are not alone in working in this way. So you were with others, the precursors of this initiation to crystal. With others, you are informed that the time has come to speak freely. Together with others, you are trained to the heightened consciousness that is required of you for the next 365 days.
Teams are set up, teams of volunteers are operational. It is important that you recognize in yourself, if the place where you are now corresponds to you. It may indeed be that other ways than the one proposed by the Great Council of Suns are better suited to who you are. Do not be sad about this and freely choose the path that suits you without comparing it to others, without measuring it against others. It is simply a matter of listening to your deep feelings and saying yes or no, as you wish.

I feel that today’s process is coming to an end. I am amazed, that is the right word again. Amazed to have been able to act as we did today. I am really happy that we were able to act for the Earth, to act for the conscience of humanity, that we did it together, in this gentle, free, voluntary way. So, thank you to the spiritual world for its wonderful guidance today, as every day, but here especially today, it is the action that impresses me.
Thank you, Incarnate Human Beings who have contributed, allowed the magnificent work that has been done to be accomplished. It is really a gratitude that I want to offer you today for what has been achieved, which will also be achieved through those who will listen to this guidance in a deferred way because the action does not stop at the moment of the live broadcast. The action continues as soon as a person enters the proposed process. Thank you to everyone, thank you for your presence, your kindness, your generosity.