audio – And the winner is the love of Christ

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

The sacred moment.
Drawing of Myriam LEPORI

It is difficult to write a few introductory lines to today’s guidance because I have been led to experience the confusion that we humans experience when we do not appeal quickly enough to the light of I AM, to the presence of Christ in us.

As the talented artists who create during the guidances have been very inspired, I rely on their works to evoke more precisely than my words can do what has been experienced.

Christ presented himself at the first moments of the connection and the perception of his closeness to humanity impressed me.

Picture of Aurélie Landais

The path that humanity is taking was then presented to me so that everyone could situate the place they want to take. The time of choice is indeed announced. Do we want to take the lead in guiding, enlightening, teaching, caring, blending into the mass of those who discuss, joining those who complain, contest or turn back? It is up to each of us to decide where it is convenient for us.

Drawing of Lorène BIHOREL
Drawing of Lorène BIHOREL

Gradually, the opposition forces end up being transformed into Love, leading Christ to be the victor. The scent of the nard from the subtle planes completed the work.


I was, personally, very shaken by this guidance which asked me to stay on my course and undoubtedly went looking for hidden heaviness which only wanted to be digested by light, transmuted by Love.

The Eagle Dance
Digital painting of Adrien BADEDJI

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Drawing of Aurélie LANDAIS

Automatic translation of Christelle Dejoie’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I have the pleasure of being there, at the disposal of the world of the Spirit, with those who are gathered to offer their consciences to the information brought by their I AM.
Let us take a few moments to establish silence within us, to be in the full awareness of our presence offered to who we are from all eternity.

I am what I am
I am Divine Presence
I am Love
I am Light
I am Energy and I swim in the movement of Life
I gather what is dispersed, I gather what was separated, I unify, I make it join my human condition and my spiritual nature. I open my consciousness to the information of the planes of my being that vibrate on the high frequencies and which thus bring me clarity, clarity, allow me to be totally offered to Christ living in my flesh, to Christ desirous of living on Earth.
I welcome here, in this moment the solar consciousness, I welcome the presence of Christ who enlightens us, who invites us to live absolute love, here in the heart of humanity. Christ, there present, invites himself to accompany us, to enlighten us, to help us, to raise our consciousness to the top of our beings.
I also welcome Archangel Michael, who offers me his power, his mastery, the goodness of his being.
I welcome Mary, conscience of the Earth, divine mother, and I reaffirm to her my commitment to work with her so that together we may become sun, love, light.
I welcome the Crystal Master, who strengthens my vertical position, who brings to my spine the information of the vibratory body in me that is in preparation.
I welcome Jesus, my brother, my friend, the one who encourages us to continue the journey we are making and that he has made before us on Earth.

The presence of Christ is inscribed in my body at the place of the solar plexus. I am moved by this presence so powerful, so strong. My personality tends to want to be inferior, incapacitated, while my spiritual being, I AM, smiles at this presence. I AM is totally open to the presence of Christ, I AM is familiar with this fraternal presence.
And so I invite my personality to relax, my body to relax and not to compare what I am here in my human condition, to Christ absolute love which represents for my personality an unattainable ideal.
I AM is love, I AM knows absolute love, the very love that Christ allows me to live on Earth. I feel that the circulation of energy is more free in me. I feel a wave of heat and the emotion that was holding me back, paralyzing me a little, is no longer there. The circulation of energy is free. My consciousness opens up, ease sets in. The joy is there and I no longer have the feeling of incompetence I had until now. I am no longer impressed in the same way, recognizing myself in I AM, so I can only be in joy at the presence of Christ, here with me, with us.

I perceive the space of my consciousness as a large space in which there is a vortex that goes slowly, it is not a fast vortex. It is a circular, gentle movement that tells me how energy flows, how life is expressed, here at this moment.
We are asked to enter into this movement of life, this sweetness of the movement of life, which will allow us to advance on the path we have taken. Indeed, I see a path emerging on which humans are walking. The path is bright, there is a slope that we climb but that is gentle. And there is a slow march of humanity with some jostling from time to time.
The line of humans stretches, those in front of the line have a regular, quiet rhythm, this releases a lot of serenity from them. While in the other people who follow, those who walk in the lead, there is a lot of diversity in behaviour. There are arguments, there are fatigue, there are people turning back, there are many discussions, many words exchanged.
We are given the opportunity to observe all this in order to know where in the line of humanity we wish to take place, because all places are possible. Each of us is invited to feel where we want to be in the great march of humanity. There is a large group of humans walking without really knowing, without really having chosen. They follow others, who on the contrary guide, others who contest, others who turn back.
The time of choice is coming for humans. The time of choice is about to be proposed. It confuses me, I feel that what is being said here is solemn, is really important, it is a sacred moment, a decisive moment when each of us today is informed of the choice before us. Each of us can now position ourselves in this long march of humanity and decide where we want to be in the long march.

Today’s choice can always be reviewed, because the choice that is made now can be revisited and there will always be time to change the place in which you have chosen to be located. It is true that if you have chosen to be in thosewho turn back, it will be very complicated to come back on the path, but it will always be possible because no judgment is made on the place you will occupy. No judgment is made about the choice that is made by humans, where they choose to be.
I feel that what I am experiencing humanly in this situation is a kind of gravity, as if something definitive were being played out when it is not true. And so it is indeed my human gaze that interferes with the vision given to me. I try to get rid of this human gaze, knowing that it is there, that I accept it, but that I ask it not to interfere in the images I receive, in the information that is transmitted to me.

Corinne: I see a V, the letter V which can be the separation of two paths.

The image I have is that above this human parade, this great human march on this path, there are forms, there is a life above, which I recognize as the life of the astral plane of humanity. And so, there is above each human group, depending on the place occupied, there are indeed more or less luminous, more or less dark forms.
On the group of guides, the leaders, those who walk in the front line in this long line, the sky is totally clear, it is bright and I clearly see the presence of Christ, who, precisely in cooperation with humans, makes everything clear, clean and unobstructed.
And the further back we go on this long human journey, the darker and more complicated things get. There are especially very complicated shapes in interaction with each other, it’s very black, very metallic. There is a lot of complication above these human groups who contest, a lot of speech, a lot, a lot, a lot of discussion, a lot of questioning, reasoning and after a lot of contestation, then a lot of rebellion.
And there, the more we go towards that, the more above there are complicated shapes, first metallic, like metallic objects, which are in motion, gears, like motors, things like that. Then, the further we go towards the end of the human line, the more living beings, beings that I would say are symbolized by animals, animals with somewhat human forms, animal humanoids and there, it is very diabolical.

Obviously it’s quite clear, I don’t need to explain this image and what we’re being offered is to look at all this without any judgment. Simply the table is shown to us so that we can choose the place where we want to be located.
Jesus said: “I invite you, my friend, to recognize yourself today, to recognize the mission you have chosen, to recognize the place where you wish to situate yourself to be yourself. I invite you to see yourself as you are, as you wish to be. I invite you to welcome Christ in you to be supported in your choice. I invite you to recognize the light you carry and to feel where on the long human path this light is expected, where on the long human path you have chosen to bring it to life, the scope.
I know that sometimes you feel very small when you realize the mission you have chosen. You feel very small because you forget to look inside yourself at the sublime forces that can express themselves. You forget to consider that the human form from which you look at yourself is only a very small part of you. Please, my friend, go and look inside yourself at the treasures you hold.
Open your consciousness to all parts of you, to all that you are from all eternity and you will then feel the divine power that is in you and you will be propelled where your I AM has chosen you to be in this particular period of the evolution of the Earth, of the transformation of humanity.”
I feel that it is very slow, that the forces of life go very slowly within us, that something within us is being transmitted to us. Because I have the top of my head itching, I feel that this activates the crown chakra, something is transmitted to us to make things easier, to make things less serious. Because I constantly feel this notion of gravity, of the importance of this choice, of the instance of choice, as if it were definitive, as if there were no possibility of repositioning oneself.
They tell me: “It is not a question here of separating cream from milk, it is not a question of recognizing you as cream and leaving the milk behind. It is not a question of deciding on an elite, this is the old vision of the choice before you. In the current vision of choice, it is about recognizing in your own consciousness, in your mission, in what you have chosen to come to accomplish on Earth.
It is not a question of deciding that some humans are good and others bad. It is simply a matter of inviting you to take your rightful place, to take the place that corresponds to you, to assume your choice, to find in you the energy that allows you to accomplish the walk from the place where you have chosen to be located. We invite you not to associate the views you may have had in the past with the act of choosing who has offered you today. This is important because it is not a question of deciding whether you are good or bad, whether you are good or bad.
It is a matter of deciding where you will rejoice to take your place in humanity. It’s about determining the right place for you to continue the walk you started. It is the tendency to evaluate that dares this weight in the moment that we invite you to live now.”

I think it’s a little lesson for me, which I welcome with openness. Indeed, I ask to erase from my conscience now all this notion of evaluation to say such one was right, the other was wrong, this one and this one is wrong, this one is wrong, considering obviously that I am in the right. So all of these, which are only elements of human formatting and intended to reassure me, I no longer need them today.
So that’s what I’m asked to say: “I’m no longer afraid of making mistakes. I do not position myself according to what I feel in the present moment, according to the joy that is in me and not for fear of being wrong, for fear of missing the opportunity that is presented to me. I remove all fear from myself so that my choice is based on joy.”

I think it has shown me in human formatting, all the threats of hell, the punishments, the condemnations, the confinements. And it is all this, which is about getting rid of today. It is a question of getting out of this dualist world where there is light on one side and light on the other side at night. On the one hand, there are those who have understood and on the other hand, those who have understood nothing. “All this must gradually diminish in you so that you retain only the light that shines in everyone.
I feel that a part of me would like to move on, that this episode that is shown all the time, so I see that we need to confront all the parts of us that can influence us and prevent an informed choice from being made.
That’s it, it’s an image. I see a lot of small objects settling. I see the whitelighter that we are imposing ourselves. That’s it, it’s being done, it’s being fought a little, there’s like an old piece of clothing, old toys being deposited, full of small objects to which we’re still attached, believing that this is the reality of our lives.
And so, there is a stripping that is being done so that the being of light that is there emerges in each of us. It reminds us of the caterpillar and the butterfly, it reminds us of all these transmutations. Moreover, I feel cold, I gradually feel what is happening, what is happening personally, but I have the feeling this morning that I also feel what is happening for the collective.
It is very strange to see that this superimposes the collective process of all humanity on my own process. It may be pretentious to say it, for a human it is pretentious, for someone who recognizes himself as a Spirit it is quite logical. We will stop believing that we are pretentious, I will stop believing that we are pretentious and accept to recognize ourselves in the Spirit that we are.
He told me: “Yes, it was necessary for you to see in this process not only your own failings, your own resistance, but also that you see that all this is not without being connected to the whole of humanity. And it was necessary for you to see the whole of humanity in these failings, in these resistances to unity.
In any case, it is very rare during the guides that I feel cold, and there I feel cool, I feel something that resists heat, that resists light, that resists the movement that is being made.

So the image given to me now is that of a subtle struggle between the being of light that we are and a being that opposes light. And it is obviously within us that this being who opposes light is found. I see, that is organized by my I AM a form of struggle between the being of light and the diabolical being. That’s it, but it’s very serene, it’s not a wrestling match. It’s something that’s done on a subtle level, it’s almost like a dance.
The whitelighter dances before the evil being, the diabolical being. And as the whitelighter dances, the diabolical being shrinks, diminishes. He’s not totally gone yet, because I still think he’s disappearing and he’s being reborn. And so I see that this painting that is showing me here, this scene is in a way the scene that symbolizes what has just been experienced in the choice that had to be made in self-recognition.
The being of light grows, as it confronts the diabolical being. He grows up serenely, no combat information is in him. This is what differentiates these two beings. In the being of light there is self-expression, in the diabolical being there is the idea of combat. And so I see that the being of light must transform the notion of the struggle with which he is confronted by the ticket of the diabolical being.
The whitelighter says, “I absorb the energy of the fight and make it love.” And by saying that, indeed the evil being came closer to the whitelighter and was digested by him. And the whitelighter at that moment grows, grows.

In fact, what I understand is that has just been given there, to all the humans who have chosen to be at the head of the great march of humanity, so guides, pathfinders, bearers of Christ, who enlightens humanity and the Earth, has just been given the initiation that allows us to thwart the forces of the opposition. There comes the initiation that reinforces the choice that has been made, the initiation that allows us to no longer be arrested by the opposition forces.
It will be up to each one of you, if you wish, to remember this moment of initiation because in your daily life, it may still happen very often, that you have the feeling of being held back by your opposition forces, by your diabolic personal forces that will make you believe that you are not yet able to assume the place you have chosen in humanity.
By remembering, by bringing back to the forefront of your consciousness the initiation that has just been dressed here, then immediately you will be freed from this inner opposition to you, inner to you, you will be strengthened by the energy of the struggle transformed into love. Because this is a process that you can relive constantly as soon as you recognize yourself in the posture of the master youhave to be, in the posture of the guide that your I AM invites you to adopt.
There, I feel a very strong movement of energy circulation in me, very, very strong this time, that is, there is something of the whirlwind of life that is there, that is not asked to welcome. He told me: “It is the end of all struggles, it is the victory of love, it is the victory of Christ.”

What is experienced for the individuals who are there, for the singular people who are there is a prefiguration of what will be experienced on Earth if you choose to accomplish your mission that your I AM invites you to accomplish. Nothing is written, nothing is a definitive forecast, it is simply shown a possibility that is given to you. Indeed, humans can choose to turn back, to challenge, to continue to confront diversity.
It remains no less true that those who decide to choose Christ, the reality of Christ, will manifest themselves. This is not about needing a majority of human beings. The path is individual and made available to the human brotherhood, but the path is also individual. Every human soul is an element of your I AM. And it is since your I AM that things have been organized, not since the demonstration. In the demonstration, it is the exercise of your free will that is the key to understanding what you are going through.

I feel that all these times of silence are times of integration, times of cellular digestion of what is being given. I don’t really know how to identify what is given, except that I know the presence of Christ, the presence of solar consciousness, it’s as if solar consciousness is stuck to the Earth. It’s as if the sun had come to rest on Earth.
That’s it, that’s exactly the feeling I have. As if our sun had come to visit humanity and the Earth. And so, of course, it changes the markers. And I feel that this is awakening many, many opposition forces. And that’s what’s complicated for me this morning, is to feel that every time I perceive the presence of the sun more, there is an opposition and I can’t necessarily see clearly.
Each time in fact, as I go further into the consciousness of the sun on Earth, each time there is a dark force rising. And he said to me, “You have a perfect grasp of what is happening. Today, a census is being carried out of all the dark forces to be transformed on Earth.
It is proposed to this group of human volunteers that you are, to be the white army that fights the black army. The white army fights through love, while the black army fights through attack. And it is proposed to you today, to be the new soldiers, those who fight with love, who moreover do not fight but absorb the energy of the fight, of the attack to transform it into love. Since we have been together, it is this process that we have been guiding for those gathered here today. I can see that it is actually a preparation for the day of August 15. On a day when the Earth will be honored, the Earth’s consciousness will be honored and so there is a little cleaning up to do before this honouring of the Earth in the solar system.

When I hear myself say that with my human condition, I would slap myself. I want to punish myself for saying that, it’s my own opposition force. It is this strength that tells me, that what I’m saying here is wrong. So obviously, it is also a force that attacks that I want to welcome with love. I wish to transform this attack into love, I welcome it with the being of light that I AM. I digest that and let love work. I let love, I AM, I let Christ act and I see that it is not that easy.
This force cannot be allowed to happen, it is attracted by love but it withdraws from love and finally attracted again like a magnet. Love attracts this strength and that’s it, it’s absorbed. I don’t want to slap myself anymore.
So I have the fight of David and Goliath, I don’t know the story, but in any case, it is important that I name the words here because it is a symbolic fight that has already been presented to you and that is being played again today.
“It is not necessary for you to search your human database, it is just necessary for you to quote the words given to you. It is a question here of having in consciousness, everything that in your mythology, has staged the fights because since time immemorial, since man has been in duality, he has known that a fight must take place between light and shadow, between love and aggressiveness. And this is what you are experiencing today, this is what is being proposed to you, to live in full consciousness, at this moment.

I have a slight head pain in my forehead to the left, above the brow bone. There is still something there. I see that we are doing the entire catalogue of opposition forces. It is something that has to do with vision, there is like a program integrated into humanity that leads humanity to have a dark vision of all situations.
It is proposed, if we are willing, that we transform this programme. It now causes a headache on the right side. It is as if humanity had very dark glasses in front of its eyes, which actually darken any perception of what is being experienced. And so it is proposed to confront this, to become the master of this tendency to darken, to see things simply on the side of matter without seeing the side of light.
When it is said dark, it is not necessarily with malice, hatred, aggressiveness but it is to see only the dense, dark side and not the bright side. And what is proposed is to transform the program that makes us see everything only through the prism of density, therefore of what is dark, of what is thick. It is proposed that this dark vision, this dense vision, be absorbed by the light that we are, by Christ, by love, so that we can look at all creation through the prism of light that it is.

That’s it, by the way, the headache stops. There is a bird that brings us the signature of the change that has taken place. “There is nothing that can be done here with your thoughts. Your thought is not at all the appropriate tool to make the changes we are inviting you to make. Here, we invite you to act with your I AM, with the Spirit that you are.
In fact, what has just been transformed is the trend, the program that made us see creation only in its density, that makes us see situations in their dark aspect and not in their luminous reality.
I was shown a cemetery and I understand that the vision of the cemetery is given to me so that we can see the death of the physical body with a different perspective. We are given to see the light that lives in every human being, beyond the body of flesh, that manifests this light. Here is and I see from this cemetery an immense light that emerges, a flame of light, a tongue of light that emerges. And so this means that human consciousness is now able to see the flame that lives in the body of humans and no longer see the body as the only reality.

It’s a great relief for me to see him. There is a bird coming with us, I don’t know if the microphone is picking it up, but I hear it a lot. It accompanies this change, this change of view, this change of vision.
Now I feel that my consciousness is rising, I feel that I can reach another state of consciousness, always with the presence of Christ. And I feel that the global consciousness of humanity is rising, the frequency of the global consciousness of humanity is rising.
I see as a platform that rises. Yes, it’s very nice to see this platform rising. There, the bird has finished its song and I think that the transmutation that was in progress has indeed ended. And that is why, the plateau that represents the global consciousness of humanity can be raised on a plane of light, very intense and I feel in me that something is relieved. It was still quite heavy and confusing. And now I feel clear now.
I am told the warrior’s rest, that’s exactly what it is. There’s a big test that’s just been passed. There is the wind blowing outside, it’s a great relief.

Corinne: I’ve smelled the scent of the passing nard three or four times.

The nard, a precious perfume that Mary Magdalene used to anoint Jesus’ feet, which she dried with her hair, as described in the Gospels and which is a perfume, a substance that is used for healing. In particular, according to what I have seen, to grow hair, and when we know that hair is its sign of power according to the myth of Samson…

I now feel like a shepherd who has found his entire flock and I feel that I have arrived there in the mountain pastures where I should be, the place where I should be. There is a stage here, a stage that we have reached, which is the stage of momentary rest, from the moment when the shepherd will be able to take care of his entire herd. The shepherd will be able to rest, sit down, observe the nature in which he is placed.
I really feel a time of tranquility, of serenity that you have allowed me to live Corinne thank you. Because it wasn’t serene for me until then, now it is. There is the feeling of harmony, the mission is accomplished.
There is the little sound of the carillon, it is magnificent this little agate carillon that tones. I don’t know if the microphone is picking it up, but I can hear it. The cock crowing, everything is united to indicate to us that the process is complete.
It is difficult to describe precisely what I experienced, because all along I was really having trouble seeing clearly and I think that now the clarity has appeared.
It is impressive to be so in resonance with Christ. But I no longer have the same feeling as at the beginning when I didn’t feel valid. This is totally in harmony, everything is fine. And there is indeed a lot of peace, harmony and serenity reigning on the plane of consciousness on which I am here now.
So I thank all the spiritual world who guided us in this transmutation, who allowed us to experience this confrontation of the opposition forces in love. I give thanks.
I thank you Corinne and I thank all those who have participated and who participate in what is being experienced here, each in his own way, each in a unique way, each as a creator.
Thank you to you and may love prevail each time, may the light of Christ guide each moment of this day. Thank you. Thank you.