audio – Receptivity, courage and trust

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

This morning’s story begins with a physical treatment. A modern care because it is given to our organs by the Great Council of wise men who watch over the proper functioning of the solar system and over humans. Each planet, regent of an organ, acts exactly where everyone has a need, a need simply pointed out by I AM who knows us better than anyone else.

The matrix
Drawing of Myriam LEPORI

Once well restored, we are welcomed by the I AM matrix. I AM taking us back into his bosom so that we may be imbued with HIM, our divinity and so that we may experience in consciousness that he never, oh never, ever expelled us. No, I AM has spread, manifested itself and is therefore there, present in us, through us. The experience is intended to transform the belief that we would have been driven out of Paradise. It is more true to say that we have brought paradise to the earth and that it is up to us to remember it to make it live.

Small morning painting of

This historical error repaired, we can receive the reinforcement of three of the assets necessary to the accomplishment of our mission as the healer guide of humanity: the receptivity of the information issued by I AM, the courage to overcome our fears of other humans, and the confidence in the permanence of the presence of I AM in our consciousness.

Inspired drawing of Aurélie LANDAIS

It is then reiterated that each one will receive his “roadmap” to accomplish his mission, remembering that no collective organization is desired by the spiritual world which respects to the highest degree the free will of each one.

Cosmic bath
Painting of Adrien BADEDJI

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Note: the published drawings are made live, while listening to the guidance. Thank you to the generous artists.

Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I place myself at the service of what I AM from all eternity, at the service of Christ incarnate in my flesh, at the service of solar consciousness, at the service of the Spirit.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am Love
I am Light
I am Energy and I swim in the movement of life

I open my consciousness and remove all limits to it, I make my consciousness available to what I AM. I let all the agitation related to my personality, to the fact that I live here every day so that what emanates from the Spirit, what comes from my divinity, can take its place in me.

I welcome close to me, with me, the Archangel Michael who by resonance allows me to access my power, who reinforces the mastery of the whole human dimension so that at this moment I am perfectly aligned and so that my body, my personality, my I am totally dedicated to what I AM in Spirit.
I welcome the Crystal Master by whom the vibratory body within me is activated, the solidity of my skeleton is strengthened, the transparency of my being is activated.
I welcome the consciousness of the Earth, Mary, divine mother, I let myself be nourished by her presence, by her infinite love and I repeat to her how happy I am to be in cooperation with her.
I welcome my brother Jesus, my friend, my companion, the one who constantly illuminates the path, shows the way, invites to the truth in all circumstances.

I feel to relax my body more, to let go, to live fully in the present moment and I feel my field of consciousness expanding, opening up, rising. I feel an upward force inside me that raises the frequency of my consciousness, the frequency of my being. I access the vision of the subtle plane.
I access the perception of an infinite space where the Great Council of Wise Men who watch over the solar system welcomes us. We are offered to relax, to rest for a few moments. “Let us welcome you, let us bless you, let us nourish you with everything that comes from us, everything that your planets transmit and that sometimes you have difficulty perceiving in your body, in your consciousness.
Each planet addresses the organ of which it is the regent to act where your body of flesh needs to be stimulated or repaired. Each of you is currently receiving an individualized radiance according to your needs. If you consent, you can now receive the care you need.
Where an organ in you is weakened, it will receive the strength necessary to be restored. Where an organ is overactive, it will receive the energy necessary to moderate itself. Where sometimes the organs have difficulty communicating with each other, you will receive fluidity in the circulation of the energies that are in your body.
Your I AM perfectly knows how to transmit the information that states your needs so that the planets and we who relay them are active with you, so that you feel healthy, in full possession of your physical means to accomplish your mission.
Receive, receive what is given and take this time for yourself, for your relaxation, for your balance, for your health. Learn to receive the sacred care, those who dispense with any chemical intervention and act on your organs in a direct way, by the nucleus of your cells which is thus activated by your soul, which acts stimulated by the radiation of the planets, the solar radiation that you receive. The nucleus of your cells contains the information necessary to activate what you receive from the entire solar system.
As the solar system has a lot of humour, like all beings on the spiritual plane, it actually shows me their assembly in a circle and it shows me that those who are there and who accept to receive care, they are there a little like in a hospital. I see hospital beds and all we have to do is lie down and receive what is given.
So we are not at all connected to infusions, they are hospital beds that are not medicalized but are nestled in a very soft and intense light that is particularly suitable for the skin, the epidermis. Everything that affects the skin is targeted today. They propose a regeneration of the skin, of this envelope that connects you to the outside world and separates you from it, that contains you and that allows you to be in touch with what surrounds you.
And they talk about the pores of the skin, the porosity of the skin by saying that the skin through the pores breathes, just as you breathe through your nose to oxygenate your blood, to bring the photons that surround you to your blood. “In the same way, the pores of your skin receive photons and your skin today is the object of our attention so that you can more easily receive the photons, the light we emit”. And it is the president of the Council of Wise Men who carries the solar consciousness who speaks of this.
He says, “The solar radiation that reaches the Earth needs to be perceived by you who are willing to act in order to bring love to life. This is why we make sure that your skin is particularly permeable to sunlight. You don’t have to do anything special, you don’t have to expose yourself to the sun. You simply have to follow your momentum when you feel like going outside your homes, breathing fresh air, warming up with sunlight.
There is nothing particular to do except to hear this impulse that is placed in you to respond to the spiritual need that your I AM transmits to you, so that your human condition, your human nature, is perfectly aligned with your Spirit.
That’s it, the atmosphere is not at all that of the hospital but rather an atmosphere of people gathered to rest, to do good, it’s more like a thalasso atmosphere, to take an image. Because there is still the idea of care.

Corinne: It’s like there’s a wind.

A light breeze, the wind is for the skin, precisely to be more aware of the skin. This continues, we still need to receive care. There is like a scanner that scans the whole body to check where we need to receive care, to receive planetary radiation.
They say it’s going to make us a little weird, to have to give up all the tools we’ve put in place to heal the body. We made a lot of effort to take care of our body, to be healthy and this was absolutely necessary as long as we were not able to capture the true light. “But today, you see, it is quite possible to receive the energy of care without having to go get products to ingest or with which to massage or heal yourself.
There is to learn to receive from your I AM, the manna it sends you so that your body is in optimal shape. The optimal form is the one that is necessary for you to act in the name of light. For your body, it is also important to learn not to make any more efforts as for the rest of your life, because you have put a lot of effort into valuing yourself, to be sure to have value, merit and today it is a learning to do which consists in giving up the efforts to which you consent but rather in hearing the joy that gives you the impetus to do. We are talking about joy and not about the pleasure whose difference you know.

I feel that the treatment is ending, we are invited to climb higher, we are invited, strengthened by this magnificent treatment that we have received and by this optimal form present in our body, we are invited to raise our consciousness on more subtle planes, on higher frequencies.
And I feel once again an upward force that I welcome, that I let work in me. I feel my consciousness expanding within me and becoming more subtle. I let this elevation take place quietly by agreeing to ignore where I am going because my objective at this moment is to be guided by I AM, to be guided by the Spirit andso to let myself be taken by I AM to where my human consciousness wants me to go.
I now see the image of a clear blue water table, it is not the ocean, it is rather calm water without movement, rather a lake and I am offered to immerse myself. And so, I say yes, I will immerse myself in this clear water in which I feel safe and I notice, in fact, that as soon as I enter this element which is a priori liquid as I see it, in reality when I enter it, it turns into something gaseous, luminous and also very transparent.
I am suspended in this element, I am very well there and I float. I totally emerged and it’s very pleasant. There is something about the fetus, but it is not at all at the human level. I feel that it is the equivalent of the fetal stage of the human being but on a spiritual level.
That is, I am in a spiritual liquid, rather a gaseous atmosphere, a substance. I will try not to define it with human words because it does not really correspond to it. So I’m in a nourishing substance, in a substance, so I’m going to say amniotic to use the analogy with amniotic fluid. And there is an invitation to let myself be nourished by the Spirit of origin, by the matrix Spirit, the paternal Spirit, the Spirit the creative principle, by the absolute Love.
It says to me, “Now you are invited to the bath of the origin, of your own origin. You are here in your own spiritual matrix, in your Source and just as your body has been healed by the energy of the planets of the solar system, here you are being “healed”.
We put quotation marks around this word, we use it for now to start describing the operation that is underway. You are “cared for” here by your own strain, by your own origin, your I AM welcomes you into it. The invitation to you is to let yourself be carried away individually by your I AM.
Your I AM is filled with you, in your human phase, in your human vibration. Your I AM takes you back into its bosom, accept to be taken back into yourself into your own bosom.

It makes the neighbors’ dogs bark, which maybe you can hear. I must hear in this barking a kind of rebellion perhaps, a challenge in me of this invitation that is there.
It is said, “that this invitation to return to your own bosom is there to invite you not to be dissatisfied with having been abandoned by the divine plan because there is in the collective unconscious of humans, this belief that the divine has abandoned you, that your I AM have expelled you by sending you to Earth and this is what is proposed to you at this moment to transform, to repair.
For the experience is given to you to be able to return to your I AM when you desire it, when you think it is good for you, your I AM awaits you, takes you back into its bosom so that you recognize unity with it.
It is a question of recognizing yourself as a child of yourself, a parent of yourself and feeling, if you wish, the divine will of I AM to live Love wherever it is manifested. Under no circumstances did I AM reject you, under no circumstances did I AM expel you. I AM is there, with you, present in you throughout your body. It is enough for you to ask him so that he can immediately feed you with him.

Corinne: I saw a merger and after a diffusion, something spreading.

That’s right, there is something about the diffusion of I AM that is not an expulsion. There is no separation but rather a diffusion, a demonstration. So it is proposed to us, if I summarize in a rather trivial way, to stop complaining about being deported because that is not true.
“In your human legend, you are passed on from generation to generation that you have been driven out of paradise. Today, we offer you the experience of living paradise permanently because there is no expulsion. There is indeed diffusion as just mentioned.

There is and I feel a greater light that has just entered the house, very briefly and that I could see even with my eyes closed.
I feel that it’s not really installed but that it’s in preparation. This change of belief that is so important for the rest of the operations, because as long as we have a little tooth against our I AM then something cannot be accomplished through us. And it is a question of no longer barking at our I AM.
Saying it makes me see more light. There is an invitation to us to no longer contest our own decision, that of I AM who wishes to spread, to manifest himself on Earth. And so it is proposed to us, if we want to, of course, to commit ourselves to no more contesting, no more barking against our I AM, no more complaining about our I AM. It is really this morning, what is proposed after having tasted the well-being of the fusion with the I AM, the symbiosis with the I AM to be able to commit ourselves to remember this, to have it in our conscience so that we no longer complain and criticize our I AM.
It is proposed that everyone, if they wish, can make an alliance with their I AM without ever contesting it again. “For as long as you challenge, criticize, deplore the behavior of your I AM that has no behavior but is, then you create your misfortune, you create your suffering. And the action before you today is to free yourself from any possibility of suffering.
Imagine what your life would be like if you stopped complaining about your I AM and well this is the wonderful adventure we offer you. This is Melchisedek speaking.

It makes me very warm. In any case, I am interested in commitment and I undertake not to complain about my I AM, not to contest what it is, not to attribute to it the cause of my sufferings, but on the contrary to remember that when I suffer, it is because I have cut myself off from it and instead of seeing that, I attribute to it the cause of what I am experiencing. And so, I undertake, publicly, to no longer practice this sport that causes suffering. I pledge to be always in cooperation and alliance with I AM and to remember his infinite love, his boundless goodness, his permanent presence in me, for joy.
And I feel, a great relaxation inside me, something that totally fails. I didn’t have the feeling at all that I was contesting what I AM, but obviously there were still small places in me where it was contesting. That is and I really like the song of the bird that comes to sign the process.

So they say, now the mission can begin. It has already been prepared, the first steps have been taken, but it is only with this conscious, total alliance that your mission can truly begin.

“The first step of the mission is to recognize you in your ability to continuously receive the information and tools necessary for action. This first step is important, it does not depend on your human skills, your physical aspect, your intelligence, your knowledge. No, this recognition depends on your acceptance to receive from your I AM, everything you need for the action.
This first step requires great humility, that is, to rely on the Spirit and not to make the efforts to which you have been accustomed, for which you have been formatted. Where you were in tension, you are offered to relax, relax and receive.
Where you were in reflection, you are offered to receive intuition. Where you are developing action plans, it is proposed that you act on the basis of momentum and inspiration. Where you were building plans, it is proposed to you to follow the plan that your I AM has for you.
Recognize you in your ability to receive what I AM is broadcasting, what I AM is broadcasting. The first quality that is asked of you is this, the quality that consists in having confidence in your ability to receive the indications of the Spirit, the information of the Spirit.

In the coming times, I Melchisedek tell you the truth, there will be no plans such as those you knew when wars ravaged your lands, there will be no military to organize a concerted action of the healing guides of humanity. No, there will be no consultation, there will be no action decided for an army, including if that army prides itself on acting for thelight. Each action will be decided, is decided from the master that you are and by magic, you will see that each one works in harmony with his neighbor.
Through the organization created by the Spirit, you will notice that each individual action is in convergence with that of its neighbor, that of other humans. As soon as you begin to develop strategies, then you will cut yourself off from the influx of the Spirit. The Spirit has no strategy, the Spirit loves and the Spirit is determined to love. Thus if you accept to trust in your capacity of reception, in your receptivity, you will be permanently inspired by Love, inspired by the impulse to love and for this no strategy, no strategist is necessary because everything that could be organized humanly would be tantamount to diverting Love from its project which is to love”.

Corinne: I see a great light and then something that breathes, opens, closes but upwards.

“As long as you believe that some humans do not have the ability to channel the messages of the Spirit, then you cannot embark on your own mission, for you can be the one who is not connected to the Spirit. Apart from this connection is obvious since the Spirit is there, you are the Spirit. You cannot not be connected.
The ability to channel the Spirit’s information is not a privilege reserved for a few, on the contrary this ability is given to everyone. It is important that you know this.

Now it’s a cooing bird, which has replaced the barking of dogs. I really like these signatures that accompany the transmission of the spiritual world and which indeed, in a way, proves that messages can be received by everyone in many ways.
The verbal channel is one aspect of perception, but there are many other aspects. Everyone has the ability to feel how he receives information from the Spirit and how he takes it to act.
The first step that has just been outlined, your ability to receive information from the Spirit.

“The second step that makes you feel fit to accomplish your mission is to have the courage to overcome fears. Courage is the quality that I Melchizedek, I invite you to integrate into yourself.
There’s light coming in the house. And I feel the presence of Archangel Michael with Melchisedek. These two like working together a lot and now they are together again. For as soon as it comes to installing the software of courage in us, Archangel Michael is present.
And so, it is indeed proposed to us to have the courage to overcome our fears. “All kinds of fears, fear of being the healing guide you have chosen to be for humanity, this is the essential fear of your life but it is also the source of your greatest joy.
Fear and joy are often very friendly, very close and you can access joy as soon as you have accepted to be the master of your fear. To be the master of your fear is simply to recognize it and not to bury it deep within you as if it did not exist.
It is important, you see, that you know how to confront what stands in the way of your joy, what stands in the way, on the way that your I AM invites you to take. And there I see little children who don’t know enough about the world and who are afraid of animals, afraid of trees, afraid of everything around them. There is that in us who is there and who is looking for, looking for these little children of humans to reassure them and finally once they are with humans, indeed the child is how to say, framed but finally, he is not reassured. Because the adult he has met has set limits that are sometimes created by the fears of the adult himself and the child has not learned to look inside him for the resources he has inside to confront the outside world.
And this is what is given to us today, no longer needing to seek from humans to overcome fears because then these humans put limits on space for us to feel safe. Here, it is not a question of seeking security but courage. Security is intrinsic, it is given by I AM, courage is what you need to confront the fears of the world in which I AM manifested itself.
I AM inside you is your safety. That is why you can safely have the courage to go into the world, to recognize yourself, to assert yourself, to take your place.
The image I had of the child is transformed into an adult, a little hesitant but who gradually realizes that he has the ability to talk to other humans, to relate to other human beings and that he does not need to put himself in a doormat or a hedgehog to be in a relationship, but that he can be in love with him, in the sense of having love for himself, for his I AM, to be in the world, in a relationship with others.
“This courage is given so that the desire to flee humanity is no longer a desire, that the desire to dominate disappears from us because all these desires are linked to your fears of not being up to the task”.
There what is being given, if we want it by Archangel Michael and Melchizedek who occupy us with a few words but during that time, they pour out on us, one could say, what I see is a golden liquid, a gold armor, a gold armor but which is not on the outside but on the inside.
It’s really in homeopathy, there’s “aurum” sometimes that can be taken, I don’t know if it corresponds to courage but it’s for the heart and in any case, courage and the heart are the same thing. And so there is the information of gold, of the gold metal that is transmitted to us so that we have the courage to be ourselves in the world, without crushing and dominating, without running away and without attacking. “To be ourselves the radiant being that we are is possible thanks to the courage that you are offered to welcome here at this moment.

Corinne: my body straightened up, as if I was aligning myself more.

So I feel that there is a third thing, after the recognition of our capacity to receive, the courage to no longer be afraid, there is a third thing that is given to us to really allow us to launch our mission.
And for the moment, what is shown to me, I don’t know what it is but I’m shown grey clouds. It has to do with sadness, I think. Something grey, perhaps, in any case, it asks me to evacuate something humanly, something around boredom, sadness, despair, something grey like that, something dark. It is this atmosphere that we are proposed to look at and accept to leave. “This atmosphere of boredom, despair and sadness is part of your past and you are offered something around trust, the intensity of presence that can replace this grayness of sadness, despair and boredom.
Intensity of the presence of your I AM in your consciousness, absolute trust in the permanent presence of your I AM, of the Spirit. This is what we invite you to install in yourself, to let yourself settle in you because this is the offering of your I AM today.
I AM offers you the consciousness of its divine presence permanently in your consciousness whereas very often until now, you had intermittences in the consciousness of your I AM. Your I AM was perceived as dotted and when your I AM was no longer perceived then it could happen that you were attracted by this grey atmosphere of sadness, boredom and despair.
If you wish, you can put an end to this intermittency and enter the permanence. I AM willing to offer you this permanence and to wake you up when you fall asleep and lose consciousness of its presence. For if you wish to lose consciousness of his presence again, it will be possible for you, but by accepting what is given, you accept the little sting that I AM will install in you to wake you up when you fall asleep, when you sink into the forgetting of his presence.

Corinne: there’s Alpha, the cat who came to touch me, it’s something that actually distracted me. It was easy to forget the presence of the I AM.

It is enough for a seductive cat to arrive so that attention is immediately diverted and the forgetting of the I AM returns. And so that’s what’s proposed, there’s a little sting installed by I AM so that we can remember him. I say yes, I ask for the little sting actually.

Corinne: So do I.

It doesn’t have to hurt, but it’s just a reminder to your conscience. It says, “With this installation of these three parameters, you have the necessary basis to accomplish your mission.
Through your receptivity, you will know exactly what you have to do.
By the courage to overcome your fears, you will have the energy to get started, while until now you have remained locked in your limited territories.
Through trust, the awareness of the permanence of presence, you have the ability to constantly raise the frequency of everything you look at, you have the possibility to bless, to create the sacred wherever you are.
Thus you are equipped with what is necessary for the accomplishment of your mission. Each of you will be able to be the creator that you are, according to your temperament, according to your biography, according to your human experience which is perfect in every respect, when viewed from the point of view of your I AM.
We invite you, say Melchisedeche and Archangel Michael together, to look at yourself with a benevolent gaze, to look at yourself with a loving gaze, to look at your own history, a gaze of acceptance, to recognize perfection.

I feel that my mind is a little critical with all this, that it’s a little bit genian-gnian, a little marshmallow and he finds it a little easy to be a spiritual guide with only these things. It is my mind that says, “Even a good master’s degree in university, a thesis is still more valuable than all that”. And I tell him that indeed in the human world, one is recognized by these diplomas of the university, of the great schools but that in the plane of the Spirit, the criteria of recognition, are not in the same place and that it is a question for the mind to continue to effectively value what is recognized on the human plane, on the social plane and that at the same time, one does not cancel the other, it is necessary to have on oneself another perfectly benevolent, empathic and sympathetic look.
That’s it, it’s much better, my mind is calmer and I can therefore, in this way, fully appreciate what has just been transmitted, what has just been given, what has just been said.

I feel that what was supposed to be transmitted for today has been transmitted. I feel it’s a start, I’m a little excited, I wish there was more, there was a little more toget your teeth in.
In fact, what I realize is that the human being would have liked to have had a slightly more precise roadmap. But as has been said, the roadmap belongs to everyone, there is no collective roadmap. There is the reception in each of us, even if it makes us cough a little. There is the reception in each of us of the acts that are to be done in order to accomplish the mission.
“What will be regularly transmitted to you is nothing more than the general atmosphere, the main themes, but the modality of action is specific to each one. Under no circumstances will a human being be able to dictate the actions to be taken. You have reached the peak of the exercise of your free will and it will be able to be used precisely where it will, how to say, bring you the most.
When your free will was exercised to know what television show you wanted to watch, it did not bring you great spiritual things, while when your free will is exercised to know what action to take so that love lives on Earth, there your free will has its right place, its crown. He is crowned with his greatness.

I feel that something is coming into me and something about acceptance, about the way teaching is given, about how things are organized. Indeed, there is no collective roadmap so that there are no sheep following a leader but an individual reception, indications but in a general atmosphere that is constantly reminded to stimulate, to encourage, to invite to action.
It is very beautiful in fact to see how each one is really put under his own responsibility, under the aegis of his I AM with all the tools that have just been transmitted, which are internal tools left to the free use by each of us.

That’s it, I think the transmission is over for today. I thank Melchisedek, Archangel Michael, the Great Council of Wise Men, the solar system, all the beings who allowed the transmission to be explicit. And I thank of course all the humans who are there, who contributed, who allowed this guidance to be received and heard.
Be well and act well under the influence of your I AM. Thank you, see you soon.