audio – Yes to the commintment of I AM

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

First, there is Jesus, his goodness, his joy, his offering, his request that we bless him to remember our total likeness to him. He asks us to feel worthy to walk with him, to feel that we can accomplish what he did when he was incarnate. He invites us to see him without the mask of gravity and excessive seriousness with which he is too often presented, reminding us that he was joyful and friendly.

Then there is Melchisedek and several solar consciences that welcome us on a high frequency of ourselves. On the scroll they give us, there are the commitments WE made when we decided to manifest ourselves on Earth. For those who recognize the relevance of their place in the team of Christ’s volunteers to live on earth, it is proposed to get rid of the mask of modesty that hides in reality the human desire to redraw the form of our mission by reducing it. There, on the other hand, we are asked to assume the role we have chosen to play on the great stage of the theatre that is the Earth. It is recalled that our vigilance must be mobilized to maintain the frequency of our divinity when we are immersed in the human crowds. The energy of the eagle is at our disposal to help us at the necessary height and vision. Beyond kings and queens, we are invited to be emperors, decision-makers of our legitimacy and authority.

The time of the alliance
Drawing of Myriam LEPORI

The guidance ends with the feeling that we bring the frequency of the Spirit on earth, through our body, whereas until now, we used to rather raise our consciousness from earth to the Spirit… Oh, Spirit, I offer you my body, my personality and my consciousness so that my brothers and sisters of Humanity see you, recognize you, choose you to be the meaning of their existence!

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Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault ’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am Love
I am Light
I am Energy and I swim in the movement of life

In uttering these words, I reaffirm my willingness to be at the service of what I AM from all eternity. I reaffirm my desire to be the faithful manifestation of the Spirit who is there, present on Earth through the person I AM.
I am totally at the disposal of I AM. I offer him my conscience, I offer him my body, I offer him my personality. I temporarily put aside all my reasoning, my thought, my knowledge in order to be able to receive what the Spirit’s plan wants me to know, to share it with those who also recognize themselves as volunteers so that love may live on Earth.

I welcome Archangel Michael in front of me, I let his presence enter me so that my own power may be activated, so that the power of the Spirit in me may be a reality accessible to my conscience.
I welcome the Crystal Master, carrier of the vibratory body, already present in my body of flesh.
I welcome Mary, divine Mother, conscience of the Earth, whose infinite love I feel for us, whose infinite love is given to us.
I welcome, in joy, Jesus my brother, my friend, my travelling companion, Sananda, Yeshua, recognized by each of us by the name that suits us. This Being of love and light is there, at our side, to accompany the path we walk, following the path he himself walked in the body of Jesus.
A small throat clearance to clarify the voice, both the sound voice and the path path.

And immediately, I feel inside me a very peaceful but very intense joy, a joy to feel the rightness of the present moment. The joy of being able to put into action the spiritual impulse I feel.
To be there, with joy, to name it and share it.
To be there with joy in silence and in the verb.
To be there with joy without any need other than the awareness of joy.
I see a group of angels being very present with us. I see an angelic meeting that is being made, that is being lived, a meeting of angels that is precisely there, to allow those who want it and feel it to intensify the joy, the germ of joy that is inside oneself, inside of us.
“It is proposed to experience joy, to experience lightness, not to lock oneself into the seriousness of a mission that would lower you if you see it as a job, that would be given to you in a human enterprise. No, what is proposed to you by yourself, by your I AM is filled with lightness, sparkling, joy and satisfaction.
There is no severity, there is no austerity. There is not the seriousness, the seriousness, that you know in your usual professional activities. Certainly, rigour and verticality are essential for the accomplishment of the mission inspired by your I AM. However, joy and simplicity are always the markers of your relevance, your accuracy, your truth.
That is why today, we are not trying to make you laugh, which is not the nature of joy, but we are trying to put a soothed smile inside you, a smile of contentment, a smile of satisfaction. For, you see, O beloved brothers, the time comes from this great change for which you were born on Earth. Time comes from this extraordinary time that you propose to accompany, to bring to life, to bring to life your brothers and sisters who are at your side.
And it is by the joy, the radiance of your inner sun that you will succeed in convincing the most recalcitrant. It is not your arguments, your reasoning, but the vibrant testimonies of your own joy that will invite those to whom you are speaking to come to meet you, to speak to you, to join you on the path of truth, on the path of Christ incarnate, on the path of absolute love.
I also feel very strongly the presence of Jesus who says:
“I have been made a man without joy, without lightness. What has been retained from me has always been very solemn. The rigour I have shown has indeed been acknowledged and retained, but nothing has been passed on from those moments of joy I shared with my friends. Nothing was said about those moments when I rejoiced in the presence of the Spirit in me, in the presence of consciousness in all those who were at my side. Nothing was said about my amazement at the miracles that were being performed, whether they were those of healing or the abundance manifested.
Nothing was said about the flame that shone in me and shone in my gaze on everything I saw. Nothing was said about the sweetness with which I lived. All this, I tell you the truth, is part of me. I still hold it today and I want to offer it to you, I want to give it to you, I want to tell you now so that you may allow yourself to open yourself to the lightness, joy, simplicity of being yourself, of being filled with the Spirit”.

I see the image of Jesus walking, happy to walk. I have a lot of chills, I feel his presence really very close to us. He is the friend, he is the companion, he is the guide, it breaks my voice that I try to clarify as much as I can. Nothing being due to chance, I feel that my hoarse voice is the result of the confusion I feel from so much proximity.
There is probably still this sentence that has been said to him: “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you but just say a word and I will be healed”. And he says, “Yes, it is a matter of putting an end to this belief in indignity, this permanent punishment you have given yourself for being born. Your birth on Earth was not caused by God’s desire to punish you. On the contrary, your presence on Earth, I like to remind you, is the fruit of your own decision, of your ardent desire to come and love, to come and live love on this planet with which humanity has united to exercise its free will, its freedom.
Your birth is not a degradation of the Spirit. Your body is filled with the nobility of the Spirit that you are. Everything in you is absolutely radiant with light and love as soon as you accept to see it, as soon as you accept to recognize yourself and stop diminishing yourself, to label yourself inferior to the Spirit, inferior to what would be perfect. Perfection is there, inside you. Perfection is what is accomplished and you are accomplished since I AM has manifested itself perfectly in this body, from which today you perceive me, you hear me, you capture me.
I invite you to practice feeling the sentence that will cancel the one just quoted, by saying: Oh, my brother, I am worthy to be at your side. And I feel his joy in hearing these words that I pronounce to replace this “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you but only say a word and I will be healed”. It is: “O, my brother, I am worthy to walk beside you and I recognize my perfection”.
And now I feel that we are receiving his blessing. As we can, ourselves, bless him, he blesses us. “For blessing is not the exclusive right of priests, rabbis, imans. Blessing is the characteristic of each one who recognizes himself filled with the Spirit and thus offers the Spirit to the one who is at his side. I bless you and implore your blessing if you will accept to give it to me.
And so, I dare say here: “O Jesus, my brother, I bless you. By the Spirit that I AM, I bless you.

I feel that it is causing something in my body. I feel that my cells vibrate very strongly, especially the whole left side and even in the left brain. I feel that there is a whirlwind, a lemniscate, an energy flow in the form of an eight, which is between Jesus and us, Jesus and me.
But I associate all those who are listening to these words and who are extremely present in this ceremony, which is not a ceremony but is one all the same. I feel that it requires me to deposit human things, to leave all these beliefs that we are inferior to him. These are calledbeliefs that make us feel comfortable not taking full responsibility for what we have to do and in particular for the blessings that we have to pronounce internally or with words and that are addressed to all those we meet to help them reveal to their conscience the Spirit that they are.
Here I feel my consciousness expanding, expanding and I feel that Jesus proposes to us to elevate us, to elevate us on the planes of ourselves that vibrate on a high frequency. It rises very slowly, I am now in the presence of Melchisedek, surrounded by solar consciences and I feel that we are being offered a communion, that is to say it is not a Eucharist, it is an invitation to be together, to commune, to put together what we are.
Melchisedek proposes to welcome us in its register, in its frequency. And, he invites us to recognize ourselves in this frequency that we retain, that our I AM contains but that we do not see from our earthly consciousness.
He tells us: “Open your eyes, open your eyes from within, open your eyes inside you, for all the planes of consciousness of your I AM are present within you in your human condition. You have carried everything here on Earth and you must now know that you have the ability to capture your own light, that your eyes will not be burned by your light, that your consciousness will not be exploded by consciousness.
Your human condition has every capacity to contain the wonder that you are. Your human condition is perfectly adapted to the perception of your divinity.

I feel that something in the body is opening and that there is a release that is being asked for. I let go and let it go. I let go, that is, I put no control over what happens. I say a total and unrestricted YES to what I AM. I’m not trying to find out, I’m just saying YES. I’m not trying to put words in, I’m saying YES. I am not trying to reason with my reason, but I am willing to resonate with what I AM.
I feel that something is happening here. There is an electrical phenomenon, I don’t know if it’s the word, not magnetic anyway, but it’s a wave phenomenon, a vibratory phenomenon and there’s something that shifts, that harmonizes.
I am humanly in resonance with what I AM spiritually. I accept that my body, my personality, my consciousness are perfectly in resonance with the Spirit that I AM. It works hard, hard, hard, hard. I accept that my body, my personality, my consciousness are in resonance with what I AM from all eternity. That’s it, in computer science, it looks like we’re downloading something. We’re installing information. When I say “we”, it’s ourselves. I install and I AM installing. There is really no longer any difference between what I AM from all eternity and the manifestation here on Earth. I feel the body expanding very strongly, vibrating. I feel my body extremely vibrant. It requires me to reposition myself physically, to relax my legs more, to feel my sitting.

I now feel that an axis of diamond and crystal light passes through me from the top of my head to the sacrum, well planted in the ground. I feel that this crystalline axis and I give thanks to the Crystal Master who is there, whose presence I feel very strong, this crystalline axis is transmitting to all my cells, the information I need so that my body becomes what it is called to become to accompany the Earth in its mutation, in its transformation.
Here again, it is not a question of understanding with my reason, but of feeling in my body the waves that propagate from this crystalline axis and that inform all my cells, that also inform my blood, that inform the bone marrow. All my organs are visited one after the other, all of them. It is said:
“This is not the first time we have suggested that you install in yourself the new frequencies of your body. They are new because they correspond to the future form you will give to your I AM on Earth. This, for the time being, is not understandable by science which sees only matter and you may be a little fearful when you hear this process being named for yourself.
We understand that you are a little reluctant to accept this information. Yet the world is on the move, your world is on the move. As you know, the Earth follows its own path to become the sun, that its personal program invites it to be the sun, you have with it, taken the option of also becoming suns without going through the death of your physical body.
For many of you, it seems that the death of the body would be preferable to the acceptance of the mutations that are currently taking place and being prepared. However, it is quite possible to experience this mutation without any difficulty, because everything is now installed in you and it is enough to let the process take place without you having to make any effort.
Hear that most humans have not yet perceived this notion of the body of tomorrow and that the main difficulty you face is waiting for the human family to be ready to receive the information and let transmutation take place. Your position at the forefront of these changes is a source of your difficulties. But if you are informed, as you are now, it is intended to facilitate life on Earth for you under these conditions.
The particularity that is transmitted to you today is that of being able to assume the position you occupy. Certainly, you have already accepted many aspects of your mission, many aspects of your position, but today, it is an officialization of your position, of your place in human fraternity.
To draw a parallel with what you know on Earth, I Melchisedek, I tell you that today you receive the formal contract that I invite you to sign.

It makes me clear my throat, yet these are things that have already been told to us, but I feel that this is happening at another level of reality. So what I see is Melchisedek handing us a scroll, on which are written the terms of the contract that unites us to him and to ourselves of course, to our I AM. And it shows us every commitment we made on the plane of the Spirit before we came to incarnate, before (we can say before because for us humans, there is a need to put a chronology), when we had the impetus to manifest ourselves on Earth, to be Spirit manifested on Earth. He shows us for each of us, he shows us, line by line: “Look, you are committed to this, look, you said that, there you have given yourself tools, you have given yourself special talents to act in the name of love, to make love live. Look, it’s all written down, it’s all there, inside you.
And he hands us the scroll and says to us: “What do you do with this? Do you agree to acknowledge everything you have committed to do? Do you accept to take back to your human account what your Spirit wanted when coming to Earth? You are yourself your employer and your executor because no one other than yourself is accountable to you. I am here to show you the way, not to judge or evaluate you.
I’m here to help you remember what you decided, what you chose. I’m here to update the information about you. Then it is up to you to decide what you do with this information that emerges from your consciousness, whether it is your human consciousness or the global consciousness of yourself, the one in which you are at this moment.
And on the scroll he hands me, there is a line written in red. So obviously it’s analog, it’s not a reality at all. But there is a sentence that is written in red and he points out to me that here I have a particular attention to pay to this sentence that is in red. So obviously, I brake with all four irons to see the information to which he draws my attention. Then he said to me:
“It is written: and then you will be careful.” So it is a call to vigilance, a call to maintain consciousness in all circumstances, a call to always come back inside me before acting, never to let gestures take place without the Master’s decision. It is the reminder to be vigilant, this sentence written in red on the scroll to attract my attention.

It requires me to reposition myself physically, to relax my legs more, to feel my sitting. I now feel that an axis of diamond and crystal light passes through me from the top of my head to the sacrum, well planted in the ground. I feel that this crystalline axis and I give thanks to the Crystal Master who is there, whose presence I feel very strong, this crystalline axis is transmitting to all my cells, the information I need so that my body becomes what it is called to become to accompany the Earth in its mutation, in its transformation. Here again, it is not a question of understanding with my reason, but of feeling in my body the waves that propagate from this crystalline axis and that inform all my cells, that also inform my blood, that inform the bone marrow. All my organs are visited one after the other, all of them. It is said:
“This is not the first time we have suggested that you install in yourself the new frequencies of your body. They are new because they correspond to the future form you will give to your I AM on Earth. This, for the time being, is not understandable by science which sees only matter and you may be a little fearful when you hear this process being named for yourself. We understand that you are a little reluctant to accept this information.
“Yes, it is very personal, but don’t try to hide behind false modesty and admit that what you say for yourself also applies to those around you, because what is personal, intimate is often universal as you know. And, humanity as a whole, has come here to keep control of its life and not to let itself be carried away by the current of emotions, by the movements of its personality. That is why, what is said for you, also applies to the collective. That’s it, it’s a little lesson I welcome with joy. Indeed, this story of modesty, of false modesty, which would always make us say “yes, but it’s only me, it’s only me”. While in reality, it is important to see that in the position we have chosen to take on this Earth, in this period of human evolution, it is important that we see the significant aspect of ourselves, the aspect, we could say, the leader in the sense that we personally embody the things that concern the community. That is to say, we live individually, all the parameters of the collective. That’s right, he said to me:
“This is what places you in the function of the healing guide of humanity.
And Jesus intervened and said: “The same was true for me. I contained in my human being all the parameters of the whole of humanity. I had in parallel with all these parameters, the divine fire that dwelt in me and it is the same for you. You are made up of absolutely the same elements as the whole of human brotherhood. You have the same aspects of your personality, the same fears, the same resistances, the same doubts and at the same time, you have the fire of the Spirit that reaches your consciousness and allows you to act according to it.
But you are not out of touch with all the parameters that other humans contain in them. The other humans, if I may say so, simply have a fire of the Spirit smouldering in them while in you, it no longer smoulders, it is active.
The embers in you are no longer under the ashes, they are real flames and they are at your disposal to act. While in your brothers and sisters who are not yet awakened to the dimension of the Spirit, the embers are under the ashes and await the breath of the Spirit that you will bring in order to be ignited in turn.

I feel that this causes me a kind of excitement because it is an authorization to recognize myself as I have been feeling for a long time. It is an authorization to no longer hide behind modesty, but on the contrary, an authorization to go in humility, which consists in recognizing what I AM has chosen. It is the human being that I AM who, out of pride, would like to reduce the scope of what I AM has chosen. This is what Melchisedek shows me, “it is human pride that would like to reduce what the Spirit has decided to say. It is your desire to control through your personality that requires you to redraw the contours of your Being, that rewrites the mission letter that you gave yourself when you were born.
And so Melchisedek offers us a kind of solvent for this human pride, this human control. He says:
“You no longer need this mask of modesty that hides the proud desire to decide humanly in the place of the divine. He proposes, if we want, to put down this mask and burn the carnival man. He says:
“It is the end of the carnival, you can burn all your herds and masks so that the truth of who you are can finally be born in you.
I am shown an image of an eagle spreading its wings and rising.
“That’s it, the eagle can finally be born from the carnival. The carnival is over. And will you accept to recognize yourself in the eagle? ».
I have had the image of the eagle twice in one week to invite people to recognize themselves in spiritual power. Last week, it wasn’t for me, it was for someone else. I accept this image of the imperial eagle:
“For a long time, you have heard that you are kings and queens and now, I Melchisedek today, I invite you to feel like an emperor, to be at the head of your empire”.
I’m not sure what the difference is between an emperor and a king, except that the empire is larger than the kingdom. And that probably, the emperor is not of the royal lineage but rather someone who proclaims himself without necessarily having legitimacy, but I am not sure. And here in this case, what I am told is that:
“Legitimacy is not given by a lineage, legitimacy is given by yourself. You had to recognize the royal blood that flows in your veins, you must now recognize yourself as emperor or empress. And I am told to keep emperor, because the empress would only be the emperor’s wife.
“You must recognize yourself as emperor, the one who chooses to rule his empire, the one who recognizes himself in the function of the absolute Master of his life”.
There, I feel something inside me. In fact, if I look closely at what was happening, I think there was a little girl inside me who was challenging everything Melchisedek said. I didn’t want to see her because in front of him, somewhere, I didn’t want to be a rebel, but in reality, that’s why my voice, several times, got scratched.
There was protest from the wounded child inside me, the neurotic child. And so, I can say that I say yes totally. There is no part of me that rebels anymore. The little girl, who was stuck in her human condition, came out. And it’s the whole of me who says yes.
It still causes a little pain in the left brain, a little higher than the temple, above the left eye, it still hurts a little, so it means that my rationality is not happy. So I observe that my rationality is not happy. And the fact of saying it, puts back into circulation the energy that was stuck, the little bubble, the little pocket that was stuck is gone and has started to circulate again.
I feel a lot of happiness in me, a lot of joy. It’s not the same joy as before. The joy of earlier was quite localized inside, it’s a small place inside me. While there, I feel joy from my toes to my head, my whole body is joy.
I can say: “I am Joy, I am Joy”. I feel that this joy comes from the perfect harmony between what I AM in Spirit and what I AM in human. I feel that this joy is the perfect alignment between the divine will and the human will: “O, I AM, may your will be done, through my body, my personality, my consciousness”. And to say that puts all my energy into circulation and brings freedom, openness. I feel that by saying that, I feel competent to do what is noted on the scroll that was shown to me earlier. All the commitments made are up to my expectations. All the commitments chosen by I AM are perfectly achievable by the human being from whom I am speaking right now.

I see like a cone, I am in the opening of the cone and the cone is slightly pierced at the end and allows to see, a little like a telescope, but the idea is not to see outside the cone, it is to receive in this cone the light of the Source. My head is in the opening of the cone, it is a white paper cone and therefore at the end, I only see the light and I let the light of the Source fully enter the human that I AM.
And everything opens up in me, I am in total harmony with my environment. As a result, I no longer know if this environment, it is spiritual or human. The two are perfectly together. There is no longer the notion of separation. This is both what I can know in very broad planes of consciousness and at the same time, it is there in my body. This broad consciousness, this consciousness of the Spirit that I AM is here on Earth in my body.
It’s strange, I don’t know if I can say the perception I have. It is as if I had carried the consciousness of the Spirit here on Earth. Until now, I can say that in order to be able to access the consciousness of the Spirit, I must use the elastic property of my consciousness and elevate myself, there I have risen and the fact of saying “yes” totally to the mission, the fact that it is rather “I” allows the Spirit to be on Earth.
Obviously, as I am not alone, this is a good thing, because the more we allow the Spirit to be on Earth, the more the atmosphere we will create will make the presence of the Spirit obvious to the people around us. This requires me, to maintain this vibration, vigilance.
So now I know it’s related to the red sentence earlier. It requires me to really stay inside myself and not want to blend into the crowd. “Yes, you can go into the crowd, but, you must go into the consciousness of the Spirit you are carrying on Earth.
I’m still being shown the story of the ashes. “The crowd could be the ashes that smother the flame. The embers do not go out, but the flame can suddenly disappear and must then be revived by the fire of the Spirit, by the breath of the Spirit.

And it still clears the throat. So I see well what needs to be done for us who are there, is to always maintain the awareness that we are Spirit and that we manifest it on Earth. And not that we are human beings trying to find the Spirit. That’s it, that’s very strong. I feel that information is taking hold of me.
I see a terracotta amphora like the one that archaeologists can sometimes find when they dig and that brings me back to ancient knowledge. I feel, with a certain emotion, a link with ancient civilizations, with states of consciousness where humans were aware of their divinity, aware of it, were aware of their divinity.
That’s it, I think this link was necessary. So I wonder if it’s not necessary to write this information down somewhere on Earth. Once again, I was taken back to the caves of the Périgord. The other time was the Eyzies. And indeed, there is something from ancient times that needs to be rediscovered and updated. “To find it again in order to make it live with the consciousness you have acquired of yourself today, with your present civilization”.
In any case, there is a loop that closes there. “The consciousness of the Spirit in you was much stronger in those distant times but you were not individualized. You were still very glued to the divine plan and therefore, very grouped. It is a question of rediscovering this awareness that you are divine Beings and living it in the individual that you are each.
This is the loop that closes. “To regain the consciousness of your divinity, but to adapt it to the world as you live it today, to adapt it to the current human consciousness and therefore to the individual human consciousness”.

I can say that it has been laborious and at the same time, easy. I did not feel any resistance in the process that was played out this morning. I felt something very “tooling”, very “practical” and at the same time, I can see how my voice was broken several times, my voice was scratched, lost its clarity. And so, I can see how human resistance has gradually interfered and that, at the same time, the will to say yes has always been present. In other words, these resistances have been erased one by one as they have progressed.
I feel that it is over, that what was to be done today is done. I can tell the feeling I get. It is at the same time, we went into details and at the same time, we were in something extremely general, in something that looks like a dotted line and that in reality is essential for the advancement of human consciousness. There is a paradox, there has always been a paradox in this guidance today, where at the same time, I was in a very high state of consciousness, and at the same time, very present to human reality.
I will thank the spiritual world, Melchizedek and the solar consciences that were with him. It is a very individualized training. I also thank Jesus and bless him. I remember that I can bless him and that he needs my blessing. I thank of course, Archangel Michael, Master Crystal, Mary. And I thank of course, the humans who are there, I also bless you as I feel blessed by you too, in the same way.