audio – The world from above

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

It is one thing to know that we contain the divinity within us, it is another to experience it. This morning’s guidance invites us to enter our state of pure consciousness, “before” its manifestation in creation. Following yesterday’s guidance that took us to the heart of the great central sun, we have today taken our place within the Creator Principle, in this absolute solar consciousness to see our earthly life from our ultra high frequency. This is how we can see I AM in all its manifestations in the cosmos, see the plan of terrestrial frequency having its place in this whole.

The celestial creation
Drawing of Myriam LEPORI

The Elohims accompanied us in the installation of the competence to communicate from the earth, with the other planes of consciousness that constitute us. Thanks to this competence, we can now be enlightened by the light of the experiments carried out by I AM on places in the Universe where light and consciousness are more intense.

Railroad in the middle of the waters
Drawing of Adrien BADEDJI

We can also perceive the world from the consciousness of the Creator that we are and no longer only from our human plane.To enable us to welcome this competence, the Great Council of the Wise, which manages the solar system, has taken care to inform us of its action aimed at guaranteeing us that from now on, we will no longer be placed on the index of our human societies when we witness the reality of the Spirit in us, when we affirm our faith. Jesus, by his crystalline sword, opened the way, separated the waters so that our journey could proceed with joy.

The time of the hunt for witches, “heretics” and other mystics is no longer and we who recognize the Spirit that we are by living it every day, we can only rejoice.

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Note: the published drawings are made live, while listening to the guidance. Thanks to the artists.

Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I propose to you if you wish to make your conscience available to your I AM, to the plan of the Spirit, as I am doing myself at this moment.

I am what I am,
I am a divine presence,
I am Love,
I am light,
I am energy,
And I swim in the movement of life.

I offer myself entirely to what I AM from all eternity, I place at his disposal, at his disposal, my physical body and all its cells. I place at the disposal of what I AM my totally open conscience, I place at the disposal of what I AM, my soul of which my I have the management here on Earth. I use the property of dilation that is his to elevate himself, to find the plane of the Spirit that composes me, that constitutes me.
So I can welcome here Archangel Michael who intensely offers his presence to our presence, who radiates powerfully what he is so that each of us who listen to his words, may be filled with our own power. Archangel Michael does not give us his power, he allows each of us to reveal his own power, by resonance phenomenon he invites us to be in the consciousness of our power, our greatness, our capacity. It invites us to recognize ourselves as the master of our lives, the sovereign master of everything we live, of all the choices we make.
Facing him to the south, I welcome the master Crystal and I notice as soon as my spine straightens up, that my verticality is strengthened. I feel the crown opening, the crown chakra acting, opening and I feel the sacrum extremely present with my anchoring to the very real Earth. The Crystal Master informs us of the crystalline body that exists within us and emanates from the body of flesh to which we are accustomed.
I welcome to the west Mary, aware of the Earth, full of love, full of light, full of enthusiasm for our collaboration, for our cooperation.
I welcome to the east Jesus my brother, the one who chose to come to Earth to welcome Christ, the one who chose to continue to live in the sphere of the Earth without a body of flesh, to pursue his mission accompanying the humans that we are in our elevation, in our experience to become Man-Spirit, unified Spirit-Man.
By explicitly welcoming these four presences, I feel strengthened, I feel that my confidence is greater and the image immediately given to me is that of these oriental statues of great sages in the Buddhist tradition.
It is therefore given to me to connect myself to the wisdom of the East that permeates my whole body. The ancient spiritual tradition comes to be placed within me so that I can remember how humanity lived its relationship with the Spirit in ancient times.

“It’s not about you taking a history class. Rather, it is a question of strengthening your foundations, of remembering that humanity has always lived in symbiosis with the Spirit and that it is the modern age of today that ensures that all traces of the Spirit are removed from your lives. Your doctors today, your materialistic scientists have the arrogance to deny the evidence of the Spirit that humans have always recognized in matter.
We know that there have been many abuses on the part of all religions that have wanted to impose on their followers a way of living the Spirit that was hardly sacred but often interested in those who preached respect, who explained the sacred. All this is being repaired because the Spirit is coming out of the temples and churches that have been built, the Spirit is living in each of you.
Certainly he had lived in each of you since the appearance of humanity in the universe because it is an absolute truth, the Spirit lives in humanity. But it took all this time of involution, all this time of darkness in human consciousness, all this time of strengthening your individualities so that finally you, each of you, each human being, are in the capacity to live in density and to see the Spirit. This time has come. The wisdom of the past, the ancestral wisdom of humanity that has been stifled, buried under mountains of theories, dogmas, principles, precepts, is now resurfacing and becoming visible, perceptible again.

I realize that I am being taught by the Great Council of Wise Men who are watching over the solar system. It is a teaching that is given so that we humans remember that we carry within us the reality of the Spirit of wisdom, that we carry within us that wisdom which includes the Spirit in our lives and that this is a basis for humanity since the dawn of time. It is only very recently that the Spirit has been banned by today’s sciences.
And I feel that we are given the ability to free ourselves from the fear that this official materialistic vision generates in many of us when it comes to recognizing the reality of the Spirit.
It is the being who carries within him the sun, the solar consciousness that speaks and says, “In the name of Christ whom I AM in truth, I tell you, you have the right to claim in your lives the Spirit that is in you, the Spirit that you know, the Spirit that you feel, the Spirit that you recognize as the source of your own life. You have the right and I give you the guarantee that under no circumstances will you be worried because the time of the decadence of this civilization has begun and the paroxysm of the materialist vision has arrived. Thus, at its peak, the movement will be able to decline and the wisdom of the past will be able to return to the consciousness of most humans.
I tell you the truth, you do not have to worry when, in all sincerity, you affirm in the world your perception of the Spirit in you, your awareness of the subtle plan that you contain and that constitutes you. Your faith has the right to be expressed. We, here on the plane of the Spirit, open the way, we open the way to the free expression of each one of us of our faith, of our truth, of our unique and true experience of the Spirit in us, in us. We are opening up this path.
I am shown the image of the Red Sea retreating, opening up, the separation of waters. “There is therefore a way for people who have faith to walk without being worried, to move forward without being concerned about mocking smiles, the irony of pointed fingers. Because all this can still happen, but you will not be worried.
At all times, beings who have had a direct link with the Spirit have been a source of mockery, suspicion and sometimes rejection. At times, they were accused of heresy and burned and sentenced to pillory. This time, I tell you the truth, is over because we are putting on the plane of the Spirit a device which is capable of stopping any condemnation of those who would be accused of madness or heresy by those who claim the right to say that they hold the absolute truth, that of matter without the Spirit”.

I feel something inside me that opens up, a weight that frees itself. I believe that I was not afraid of this benching, of this banishment, but I believe that I was being cautious in order not to aggravate the case of the current of authentic spirituality, of the consciousness of the Spirit in matter.
And in fact I am shown that all those who have the power today to ridicule the seekers of the Spirit, the conscious of the Spirit, all those who have the power today will be led to review their way of being.
I am shown people who have shown arrogance and humility, who will have to learn to reconsider their points of view, which is very complicated for them. And so it is proposed to us, if we so desire, to have absolute confidence in the Spirit who is in us, especially for all that is healing, all that is healing.
It is said that we can activate within ourselves the healing forces for any kind of dysfunction in our body. This dysfunction came from the separation between the body and the Spirit but as soon as you make the body-spirit unity, as soon as you make the human-divine unity then the illness can no longer take place in you. In the same way, the one who had settled in can be cured.
You do not have to worry about mockery when you said that you were healing yourself by the forces of the Spirit. This today is a reality, this today is an opportunity for you, if you wish.

There, I see a sword that is the sword of Christ, which is not Michael’s. As much as Michael’s is in verticality, it anchors in the ground, Christ’s sword is a sword of diamonds, a crystal that offers discernment and is therefore rather a sword that separates the true from the false, that sorts through stories.
I see that each of us is invited to position ourselves on one side. Are we going to the side of truth, where the Spirit is, even if a majority of humans are still in doubt about this truth, even if a majority of humans are still in mockery about this truth or do we choose to go to the grey group to have peace with humans, I am told, in the group where the light is not? This is a choice for everyone.
I feel like things are being asked. The teaching that the Council of Wise Men of the great solar system wanted to give us, has been given and therefore we can continue the path, go further, higher in our register of frequency and arrive in this infinite space of the pure Spirit with our own principle, our Source, our sun.
In fact, we are being offered to return to the sun we met yesterday, to return in symbiosis with the sun since we now know that it is possible to remain ourselves in the whole, in this sun.

I feel the body expanding, expanding, becoming more and more subtle and I feel that here it is a question of having total vision. It is a question of the great central sun of the universe, where we are invited to be at this moment, so that we can have a vision of the whole universe and no longer a vision of the universe from Earth.
“It is a question of inviting you to change your point of view. Until now you perceive the universe from the Earth, you will perceive the universe from your densified human perception in your limited consciousness. It is proposed to you today to come and observe what is happening on Earth from the great central sun, it is proposed to you to come and observe the whole universe from your total consciousness, from your solar consciousness, from your consciousness of the great central sun. We invite you to be gods and goddesses.
Then the us is all the Elohims, seven Elohims. I am very moved to see the Elohims again, it makes me feel very strong. “We are beings who allowed the changeover, who caused the explosion that allowed the universe to manifest. We are the beings who have been mandated by the creative principle to shape the universe as it is and as you can perceive it by being in your center, by being in your heart, by being in your sun. We are the ones who have allowed the transition from subtle to dense.
We have under order of the great creative principle, of the Love of the creative principle, we have proceeded to the unfolding of the manifested Spirit. We proceeded to the different planes of consciousness that remained connected. We have built this pile of planes of consciousness that you often hear about and we propose to you here today to feel that the plane of consciousness of the Earth is one of the planes of consciousness among the planes of consciousness that constitute you.
In this way, by seeing all the planes of consciousness you can see the whole universe, you can observe yourself in the different manifestations of yourself, of the Spirit that you are. For in these different planes, you are alive, in these different planes of consciousness you are present, in this stack of planes of consciousness, you are.
We are in a way, we the Elohims, the fathers, the mothers of the universe to the extent that we allowed the explosion that gave rise to the visible manifestation of the principle. Your scientists talk about big bang, the word is not appropriate. It is more truly an explosion, a burst, a jet that allowed the demonstration. In your vocabulary we can inform you that we have made sure to move from nothingness to manifestation. The nothingness being the invisible, the unmanifested, the subtle. While the universe has become visible, observable by those who inhabit it, by those who constitute it. While the moment when there was only the subtle, only the principle, there was nothing but the principle. And you who are in principle, you could only feel yourself without being able to observe. You could only feel this principle from the inside because there was no outside.
So here we are, they propose to experience this, that is to say, to feel that from within without even having a body. I feel like I’m in this state, it’s very fleeting. But I feel this moment when I perceive myself only through consciousness and there is no existence, there is no visible, there is no density. And I perceive myself only through my inner consciousness. There is nothing, neither inside nor around, there is only consciousness, it is the state of origin.
What was intended was for this consciousness to evolve, for this consciousness to be creative, for it to proceed to a creation, for it to emerge from itself. “Conscience wanted to manifest itself, to create and that is how you proceeded with us, the Elohims who are there. We have organized this exit from yourselves, this emergence of yourselves.

It is very strange to see the universe from this plane of consciousness and not from Earth. I clearly have the feeling that I can go back and forth but that I am more clearly positioned in the centre in principle than in its manifestation. And this is the experience that is proposed to us, to live our human reality from our creative principle, from our Source and not from its manifestation.
The Elohims are there, they are very careful with us, they keep us in a very high consciousness of ourselves so that we strengthen the consciousness of the Spirit that we are, so that we have the permanent possibility to see ourselves from our own creative principle and not from our manifestation. “It is a little game to which we invite you, we invite you to equip yourself with this ability to move consciousness. Moving your own consciousness to your own principle, freeing you from your body, freeing you from your human condition and that is when you can benefit from the contribution of all the other manifestations of yourself, all the other planes of consciousness that live in the universe.
You see, that’s what happens at night when you sleep. When you sleep your I is no longer limited by your thought and so it can reach your Source. Thus your I, your consciousness can embrace the whole of your Being, can reunite with the different planes that constitute you. How good it is, how good it is to be able to bring you together. How good it is to see you together.
For we who watch over the manifestation of the creative principle, we ensure that humans who are forced to be absent from their Source to live their earthly condition, we ensure that humans continue to be nourished by the Spirit that they are. For your true food is Spirit. Your true satiation comes from the Spirit.

I see lots of little currents, little waves that spin in loops, very bright golden color and I feel all my planes of consciousness but it is a whole. And it is said that, “at night, therefore, it is given to you to be able to come back into contact with your different planes of consciousness, this is how you rise personally, this is how the different planes of consciousness interact with each other and that you give answers to the questions that are asked, especially those that are asked by your earthly plane, by your life as a human on Earth. Your other life plans perfectly meet your needs for a greater consciousness on Earth.
That is why your nights are precious and little by little, as you get rid of duality, you can consider benefiting from the contribution of these different planes of consciousness during your vigil, during your daytime life. It is no longer necessary to wait for night life to be taught about the riches you contain. It is no longer necessary to wait until your human consciousness is asleep to have the information of the Spirit and the most vibrant, highest planes of consciousness of yourself. Little by little, as you strengthen yourself in the consciousness of the Spirit that you are and in your authorization to live it permanently, you will benefit from the contribution of your other planes of consciousness without interruption. This is a possibility and you can already facilitate this progression.
You can already in your days, in your daytime periods, in your waking periods, open your consciousness to the totality of the planes of consciousness of your I AM, of your Spirit-being. We will be at your side, we stand by you. We are currently mobilized for the solar system and the Earth’s plan because in this region of the universe great changes are taking place. Great changes that were desired at the time of the manifestation because this change you are experiencing is part of the plan that the great central sun, the central consciousness of the universe, has designed and we are here to ensure that this plan runs smoothly.
And you can therefore in your day life open your consciousness to this stack of planes of consciousness so that, where you live in the universe, you bring yourself solutions to the questions you ask yourself, that you bring yourself answers to the problems you are trying to solve here on Earth and which often finds limits because your reasoning alone is not enough”.

So I am shown Ws, I very quickly understand that I am shown a series of Ws and I am offered this opportunity to be taught permanently by our different planes of consciousness as the possibility that we find in the Internet, to find answers to all our questions. It is said that “what you find on the Internet is indeed very interesting because today the knowledge is available, the knowledge that humans have brought to light is available to everyone. But the database of information circulating on the Internet is just a pinhead in a haystack. That is, what you find on the Internet is an infinitesimal amount of information compared to the infinite amount of information that you can capture through your personal stack of consciousness planes. Certainly the information you collect through the Internet is useful information for living in the midst of humanity. But the information you have been receiving since your collection of personal planes of consciousness is information that helps you live in the universe and not only on Earth.
That is why, by perceiving yourself today from your source consciousness, you can feel how important it is to be informed of other events, other news in the universe. Because if you limit yourself to the Earth’s field then very quickly you will be handicapped to continue to move forward in your life, because your life is not human life, human life is only a very small part of your whole life. That is why we invite you today to put into perspective what you are experiencing here. This is very important. It is very, very important that from now on you can decide to have a broader view of your life, extended not to earthly life and human life but to universal life, to the life of the whole cosmos. You are a cosmic being and the consciousness you have of yourself from Earth tends to limit your being to what you are in humanity. But the fact remains that the reality is quite different and that the reality of yourself is that you area cosmic being, a stack of planes of consciousness in interaction with each other.

I have always given the image of the thousand leaves but this is less sweet, it is a stack of planes of consciousness that constitutes the totality of our being and is an emanation of this pure consciousness without form, which has decided to project itself, to manifest itself.
And now we come back to the word explosion, it says, “we made you say the word explosion and we told you as soon as the word was not appropriate. This is true. You see, it is more accurate to see what you know on Earth and what you call The Source. When you see a deaf source of the Earth, it gives you a much more faithful image of what has happened when we, Elohims and you cosmic beings, have together chosen to pass from pure consciousness to manifested consciousness, from subtle love to love in its manifestation, when we have conceived the experience of duality and therefore density.
I feel very comfortable in this plane of consciousness that includes my body but is much wider than my body or sometimes a few micro-seconds, I can feel the planes of consciousness stacked one above the other. Stacking is the human image I give to show the different frequencies in fact.
We can say that there are low frequencies, it’s funny because I see that the human frequency is not the lowest. There is probably a plane of consciousness or planes of consciousness below it, vibratoryly inferior to our human condition and where there is not necessarily free will. “For to be endowed with free will and total resemblance to the Spirit, it was necessary to have a very accomplished, very sophisticated, very elaborate body, which is not the case in the planes of lower consciousness, which are, we can say, a support to the plane of consciousness of the Earth but which do not have free will, they are in support”.
It’s very strange, it’s the first time I’ve seen him. On the other hand, there are all the higher planes of consciousness which do not, of course, have densified bodies but rather much more subtle bodies up to the most subtle plane of consciousness which is totally connected to the great central sun like a lung, like an accordion which unfolds and folds up, which goes as it pleases from the central sun to the manifestation, without being altered, without being modified. While we on Earth, there are still many changes, especially in consciousness and because of personality, much more than because of the body. “The body is totally perfect, the body is totally spiritual. What separates you from the Spirit is your personality, it is your thought.

So I think that all this time they talk to us is a time of impregnation of this consciousness, of this gathering of planes of consciousness and of this link to the Source, to our Source, to our Source, the unmanifested one that still exists. Just because there was a demonstration does not mean that the unmanifested does not exist. The unmanifested continues to be, the Source continues to be. Its manifestation and I am given back the image of a spring that gushes out on the Earth, that supports, from the deaf verb must be used here. And so this water that supports the Earth, can only be welded if the water is present inside. The source stops appearing when the water table is dried out.
Well, rest assured for the Spirit, the Spirit can never be dried up because the Spirit is, from all eternity, and cannot be altered.

It’s very strange, I see Africans, I see African men, very handsome men with black skin, a tribe. So I wonder what could this tribe be that has kept in its tradition the knowledge of this gathering of planes of consciousness. There is an African tribe on this Earth, a very preserved tribe that has preserved in its tradition a kind of cult to the Source and its different planes of consciousness that it has manifested and in which the earthly plane of consciousness is included. And precisely this African tribe performs rituals around a source that evokes the Source, the primordial consciousness, the creative principle. It is not necessary to know the name of this tribe, it is simply a question of knowing that it exists because the fact of knowing that there is a pocket of consciousness that is preserved here on Earth, gives you the guarantee that you here, you can feed this pocket of consciousness, you can also be fed by this pocket of consciousness of the Source and its manifestation in the whole universe, by a stack of planes of consciousness including that of the Earth.
That’s it, it’s a tribe with chickens. It is very strange to see this great cosmic vision and at the same time to see such simple things. “Yes, because nothing is separate, in this tribe the chickens are looked at in their sacred dimensions and their eggs in particular”.

I feel that there is something taking root there, this capacity that the Elohims propose to us to integrate and which consists in integrating into our earthly consciousness the consciousness of the different frequency strata, of the frequencies of our I AM in the universe.
“It is important to get used to this hygiene which consists in welcoming the information that comes from your different planes of consciousness, your different frequencies in the universe because many beings now arrive on Earth with a frequency that you contain but not in your body of flesh directly but in your collection of planes of consciousness. And to be able to facilitate the work of those beings who arrive on Earth for the new world, you must activate the frequency that you contain in your spiritual being and that corresponds to the frequency with which these new beings arrive on Earth.
I am thinking in particular of all those who arrive with the consciousness of the Pleiades, with consciousness from other galaxies that humans are far from having identified because you can only observe the universe with your flesh eye and you are extremely limited.
“There, of course, you have received the ability to observe the universe with your inner eye, with your third eye, with your sixth sense and in this way you can capture a lot of information that humans with their very sophisticated devices that observe the sky, cannot see at all, even when your glasses allow you to see beyond your galaxy.
It is important that you who listen, who are aware of your mission to bring love to life on Earth, are able to facilitate the arrival among you of these new beings who vibrate on their high frequencies, on a frequency that corresponds to one of your personal planes of consciousness that is not terrestrial but that is higher. You have that ability. You see, it’s like listening to a radio show, choosing the frequency with which you want to receive and transmit.
All these new children need so much to be recognized, recognized in who they are and not in their personalities because it is very complicated and painful for them anyway. They have many difficulties to be happy with their personalities, we must recognize them more at the level of their frequencies, the plane of consciousness they bring to the Earth. This can only be done from adolescence onwards. When they are children, when they are small, they can almost adapt. When they grow up, it becomes much more complicated. This is where you, human parents in a certain way, can intervene.

That’s it and I’m shown the crystalline grid, it makes me cough, with which the Earth is structuring itself now. And humanity is also organizing itself. I have the flower of life here again. So these are things that are brought by the Elohims. They say, “Through you, we confirm the installation of this information that has been given to the Earth many times before”. This is a confirmation, a validation, one can say definitive, an official validation by the Elohims for the future Earth, for the humanity of tomorrow.
My head is spinning, it makes me want to yawn. In fact I think it’s a very high frequency plane where we are and so it obviously causes a kind of torpor, like falling asleep. That’s it, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it, it’s less blurry. It was very blurry, there was something very blurry and now it is getting clear. I feel a crystal column in my body, parallel to my spine. And so this is what the Elohims set out for humanity, for the Earth and we have, if we wish, a representative sample of humanity.
It’s always a little slippery in the torpor but it’s clearer, I accept yawning because it allows me to raise the vibration, to raise the frequency.
There’s one more bird, the dove. In fact I had a little blackbird in the bottom right of my field of consciousness, and now this little blackbird is no longer there but at the top there is a dove. And above the dove, there is the eagle with its 360° gaze that sets in within us and which effectively gives us the possibility to perceive the world from our great central sun and not from the Earth. We can come back to it later. It is as if there is a giant telescope inside us that allows us to look at the whole universe.

I feel that the operation was delicate, not so simple and that we ended up with what was wanted today by the Elohims, by the central consciousness, by our central consciousness, because it is always about us of course. There is us and the assembly of us but it is always about us.
There, there’s something with a big smile on your face. So a big smile, you can’t say that I see the face of the Elohims because there are none, they are perceptions of being without forms if not like a sugar loaf of energy, of light. But I feel satisfaction, gratitude and joy. They say, “You have no idea how precious this moment is when we were able to make it possible for humanity to see itself from its Source and no longer from its manifestation. Certainly you can still perceive yourself since your manifestation but you have the necessary tool to perceive yourself and the world from the Source”.
And as I say it, I see this accordion that makes me see when it is folded from my human consciousness and when it is deployed to see me and feel the whole world, the whole cosmos from my divine consciousness.
The Elohims say that “it is a magical moment, an extremely precious moment that is linked to the changeover that has already taken place, to the baptism that you have received, to everything you have experienced in recent days because the great preparation is underway and every day you receive new talents, new skills, new tools to do what you have to do.
Have confidence, be at peace, be certain of your potential, of your abilities because they are very real.

Here, I give thanks to the Elohims, I give thanks to all beings for the subtle planes that have accompanied us, I also give thanks to all the planes of consciousness of us, of each of us, whether they are more subtle or more dense than the one from which I say these words. I give thanks for this cooperation of the different planes in me, in us.
I thank the humans who are there, who have greatly contributed to this particular installation for their ability to see the world from the centre of the universe.
Thank you for being there, for allowing our frequencies to rise as a result of our assembly.