audio – Healing of the injured child

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

Healing the wounded child that we are because of our birth related to a departure from biological paradise, is undoubtedly one of the aspirations that I have met most since I speak to anyone who wants to hear it from the inner child. Today, ring oboe, ring musettes, the day of healing has arrived! But here it is, at the moment when the ultimate pain can disappear, my resistance is rising and I am afraid that I will no longer be able to complain about my fate as a human being. By seeing this brake, by naming it without judging it, it can be absorbed and true healing occurs.The repairing care of the trauma of childbirth begins with an immersion in a bath of safety, abundance and soft warmth that gives birth above us to a five-pointed star topped by a crystal.

Drawing of Myriam LEPORI

We are then massaged by the colours, each adapted to the personal needs of our organs. It is the presence of the ara, a colourful bird, that shows the outcome of this process.

The next step of the treatment consists of an invitation to let a crystal pyramid rest on top of us, which will deposit the flower of life in our body through its top. Our spine will then learn about this sacred form and the power it contains. At the end of this stage of the treatment, the eagle appears and suggests that we move to a higher frequency of ourselves.


The harmonizing feather,
Picture of Aurélie LANDAIS


We then arrive in a “place” populated by children where Jesus is also present. He invites us to commune with him in order to receive the serenity necessary for the changes in preparation in our body. Its action reveals a dove, a symbol of peace, which offers us one of its fluffy feathers to caress our bodies in order to harmonize them.

This last intervention leads us to the luminous paradise that replaces the biological paradise for which we longed.

The care was powerful, responded to a deep need of many humans and the guidance of spiritual therapists of infinite gentleness….

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Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life.

With these words, I connect myself to what I AM from all eternity. I unify myself, I become One with the Spirit and I open my consciousness to all the information of the plan of the Spirit, the plan of absolute love, the plan of infinite light, Christ incarnate in my flesh, Christ, solar consciousness, Christ, consciousness of the Great Central Sun of the universe. I deposit all the concerns of my daily life in order to be fully ready to work for the Spirit.
I welcome Archangel Michael here and receive his power. I also receive the crystal power of the Crystal Master. I connect myself to the divine Mary, consciousness of the Earth. I receive the light from Jesus my brother and thus surrounded, my I can expand, my consciousness can stretch and while being anchored on the Earth, rise on the high spheres of my I AM.

We are welcomed by the Great Council of the Wise who presides over the management of our solar system, under the aegis of the Being who welcomes the solar consciousness within him. He proposes that we imbue ourselves with their wisdom, their energy, their love, so that we may be nourished. They tell us:
“Children of the Earth, you who are willing to act for the light, accept to be nourished by the subtle emanations of our Beings:
– Accept to let yourself be filled with this absolute love of which we are the transmitters for you,
– Accept to let yourself be blessed and to recognize the blesser that you are yourself, the sacred being who lives within you,
– Accept to let yourself be loved, recognized, considered and approved in the totality of who you are, regardless of what you do,
– Accept our support,
– Accept the forces we address to you so that you may be propelled into your highest consciousness, into your own paradise, where human and divine are united without any separation creating division.

I feel a great peace, a great sweetness in all that is given. I omitted to mention the presence at my side, David and Sandrine and I name them now, they are physically there with me. And I feel that your presence, David and Sandrine, is conducive to the peace and sweetness in which we are currently immersed there, because it is truly a bath, a bath that is absolutely adapted to everything we need. All the foods we need are given to us in this bath.
And I feel that in this subtle bath, whose heat is strictly adapted to my Being, whether in my body of flesh or in my subtle bodies, I feel that in this bath, I can let my consciousness expand, I can let my body expand. I can be light, I can be love, I can be abundance, I am the Spirit. I feel that we are receiving, in this way, a care related to our birth.
“I am told that this is about repairing the trauma of birth, because the way humans arrive on Earth is often a source of brutality, a difficult experience, a trauma. It is a question here, in the bath in which you are immersed, of repairing the feeling of violence you experienced during your birth, physically.
Indeed, you have gone from a liquid medium to an air medium and this has caused a certain burning in your lungs, a certain rupture of softness, of heat. All this is inscribed in your cells, all this has created the feeling of separation, of rupture, all this has inscribed in you the belief that you would be separated from the source, since your body itself was separated from the bath in which it was immersed.
Today, by immersing yourself in the bath, in which we invite you, we propose to offer your cells a form of repair of the injury caused by your feeling of brutality, of violence at the time of your birth. You can breathe, intensely, deeply and offer the nature of this Spirit bath to your cells by the oxygen you inhale, by your blood thus regenerated, by your cells, in this way, repaired.
You can access total security, you can put an end to the feeling of insecurity, linked to the feeling of being cut off from the safe environment that your body left when it was born.
Breathe, inhale the air around you because it is filled with the benefits of the Spirit that we emit for you so that you can install in yourself absolute security, your own self-confidence, that you can install the information of abundance. Outside the placenta, food comes from the outer world in which you arrive, densified food is there given to you as you need it and beyond, there is the light that you can breathe and that nourishes, that already nourishes the child you once were. The nutrients in the air are captured by all those who need them.
Here, at this moment, you are reminded that you can feed on this light that constitutes you, that surrounds you and that even if today you use densified food, the fact remains that, at the same time, you feed on light. In this bath, in which you are immersed this morning, this subtle food is accessible to you and the memory of the possibility of feeding yourself in this way is reinstated. Feed yourself, at this moment, with your inspiration, with the air you breathe in, with the light you ingest.
In this bath, you can also find heat because, today, as you know, heat comes greatly from within yourself and not from your radiators, your chimneys or even totally from the sun shining on Earth. Warmth essentially comes from your Being within the Spirit within you, from the sacred fire you contain.
Your birth, your dive into your air environment made you forget the sacred presence of the sun inside you. Now, at this moment, if you wish, you can restore this divine presence in your body to your consciousness, at the place of your solar plexus.

I feel like I’m in cotton.
Sandrine: it’s as if I was bathed in a very soft light, neither yellow nor white but something very soft, extremely peaceful. The interior heat is also very soft.

David: I also feel a lot of sweetness. This image of the bath is really perfect, it creates a lot of openness throughout the body, in the head, right down to the feet, everything is impregnated with this cottony light, it’s very nice.

It is said that we still need, for a few moments, this reparation action related to the birth trauma. It is said that, in this way, it is proposed that we no longer have nostalgia for the mother’s womb, for the amniotic fluid, for the placenta.
It is proposed to us to be 100% in the joy of being the human that we are, the Spirit manifested as human that we are. It is proposed to us to let our cells be in the joy of autonomy, sovereignty, the reign of ourselves in ourselves.
I see now, above us on a point, I think it’s a diamond, in any case, it’s an object of geometric shape that would be like a slightly elongated cube, so I don’t know what it’s called a bit with diamonds.
Actually, the veneers are diamonds. There are six sides as in a cube. There is also a five-pointed star and in the centre, this geometrically shaped mineral. There is a star of light that forms a floor above us.
I see us, the three of us who are in this room but beyond that, I see all the Beings, all the people who listen to the words that are spoken. So there is an assembly that is creating repaired children. It makes me clear my throat, because there’s anostalgia in the injured child who would still like to stay a little hurt, because after all, that’s what we all know. And what to say that being completely repaired means that you no longer have to complain. Yes, that’s it, “I won’t be able to complain anymore”.
Now, here it is, “I am safe, I am safety, I am abundance and I am warmth and I am carrying myself”. This is the motto of the repaired child: “I am security, I am abundance, I am warmth and I carry myself”.
I feel good, it’s strange, there’s a big part of me that’s very happy and another part that says “oh, anyway”. This manifests itself in an image of an energy flow and there is a small wall at the bottom left that does not let go. There is like a flap of skin that would like to continue to be able to complain, to be able to be a victim, to be able to rely on the wounds of the past to justify a certain number of behaviours, choices, to justify a lack of alignment.
In fact, there is something inside me, a part of me that would still like to have the right to cry. However, I see that there is no reason to cry, everything is fine. But I’m afraid to deprive myself of that right and once it’s said, I see the unfounded of this situation. This situation is unfounded because the right to cry is linked to the suffering I could sometimes experience, but if there is no more suffering, there is no need to cry now. Okay, here we go, here we go for non-suffering.

Something opens completely and there is a bubbling, a gentle boiling, a bubble bath. There is much light in what I am given to see and I feel that we are welcomed by a host of Beings of Light, Spiritual Beings, Love Beings, totally Christic.
It is an assembly of Beings who are there to love, to radiate light, to help the humans who rise on their plane to dance with them, to unite with them. It is proposed to be initiated into joy. It is proposed to be initiated, it is not well-being, it is joy, but there is another word that is not there, another feeling that I can’t yet name, to put in word.
It is a state of perfection, a state of totality, a state of total wholeness. The word that is closest is a state of totality, a feeling of being the totality of ourselves, of total acceptance, of rallying to the evidence of who we are.
There are colours, purple, violet, pink. These are colours that are in motion, that change. There’s green now. And I know that these colours have a beneficial effect on us. These colours make massages of our body, of our subtle bodies. That’s it, the colours massage us and each of us receives the massage of the colour he needs or the colours because that can change. So each of us receives in the subtle bodies but respecting the human form that our I AM has borrowed, receives a massage of a color, of colors.
My vision is completely blurry because the movement of colours, the movement of massages by colours causes blurred vision. My body is totally expanded.

David: I feel good, I experienced a very beautiful expansion with the child’s healing, it was very beautiful. In the autonomy of the cells, I felt connected to Mother and her work, which was precisely to free each of the cells and make them autonomous and free. I felt this form of cell freedom. I experienced a few colour baths when I trained in chromotherapy and it connected me a little bit to the benefits of colour.

There is a colored bird that appears, it is a macaw, beautifully colored birds, that cling, that climb, that have very intense colors and it is always the same thing: the bird appears above the assembly, as at one moment, there is a synthesis of the assembly that is made and symbolized by this bird and therefore, it means that there we have received what we had to receive in this way and that we will be able to raise ourselves a little higher, in the subtle planes of consciousness where we have arrived.
I now see a very beautiful crystal pyramid, on an extremely clean, extremely off-white floor, a little light sand, white sand, but it is not sand, it is a white marble, something that could look like it.
There is this crystal pyramid that is inhabited by extremely powerful Beings at the level of their Spirit, extremely spiritually elevated, extremely vibrant. And in this crystal pyramid, they tell us that we can come to stay, we can come for a few moments to receive the information of the flower of life. Obviously, I have the image of the flower of life, but I feel that it is beyond that image. In the word “flower of life” there is a vibration that activates all the energy that circulates along the spine.
It is proposed to us to enter this pyramid, or more precisely, if we agree, that the pyramid should move and be placed around us. That is how it works more accurately. The pyramid moves and as soon as we agree, then the pyramid comes over us, we are inside it. And there, we can receive the information of the flower of life that emanates from the top of the pyramid and integrates into us from top to bottom.
So, each of us will say yes or no to this invitation. Because the pyramid moves above us, so it is an individual initiation, it is an individual journey, it is a reception of information that can only be done in the individual. There is something to do with individuation. We could say that this flower of life will allow us to finalize the individuation process that will allow us to go further in autonomy, to leave all the links that connect us to clans, to groups that create obligations for us. It is said:
“The flower of life offers you the blossoming of the individual, a necessary step towards fraternity, because as long as individuals are still attached to ancient forms, then they cannot create fraternity. Fraternity can only be lived with free individuals, fraternity can only be envisaged with totally sovereign humans. The flower of life that is proposed to you this morning and that will be inscribed all along your spine, if you wish, this flower of life will bloom you. This is the invitation we extend to you. This is the invitation to which your I AM invites you.

When I am under this pyramid, suddenly the edges of the pyramid become transparent blue and it is a yellow light that emanates from the top. I see it red too and I finally see it take on all the colours of the rainbow. It is as if it were a rainbow that penetrated inside me, through the top of my head and descends all the way down the spine to the ground. I leave a time of silence so that the integration of the information of the flower of life can be done quietly. And, I feel that this forces me to deposit a lot of human weight, a lot of human parameters.

Sandrine: I feel a stretching of the spine, a straightening. It is very peaceful and I have the image of a massive crystal throne in the center of this pyramid when it is above me.
David: I feel very well. I invited the pyramid to receive this flower of life and there I really felt my body expand very strongly. And this symbol of the flower of life touches me very much, it is really beyond the symbol and it is as if, because it is encoded in our cells that by recognizing it and receiving this care, it is activated, it is already there.
“It reveals it,” says Marie-Odile, activates it, potentiates it. And David adds: because it is a bit like the constitutive form of the cell in fact.

After this operation, above us, it is the image of the eagle that appears to me, the sacred eagle, the eagle of the emperor, the eagle of sovereignty, the eagle of total vision, the eagle that rises at every moment to see the human situation from its height. The eagle that invites us to climb, even a little higher in the frequency, that invites us to rise, to approach the Great Central Sun of the vibratory universe.
It is said that the eagle does not have vertigo and that it can rise in total safety. It is proposed to us to benefit from the upward force of the eagle for ourselves, to elevate ourselves.
In what I see now, we arrive in a place where there are children playing, little children who are four, five, six years old in human form. They are children who are gathered in a flower meadow and play, who play without having a toy. They play because they are in joy, they show joy.
The figure of Jesus appears to me, our brother is there and the phrase he once said “let the little children come to me” makes sense, because he is there, with these children filled with joy, carelessness, innocence. They propose to all the children who are there to commune with you.
“I invite you to commune with me, I invite you to merge with me”, that is, he invites us to enter into such a resonance with him that we can, we can acquire all the qualities that were his in his human form.
“I offer myself to you, I put myself at your disposal, I put all the information of my Being, all the information of my human experience at your disposal. Your body and my body can, at this moment, unite and the transfer of information can be done.
You understand it, my brother, you understand it, my sister, it is a vocation to allow you to live your human life with Christ, it is a vocation to allow you to live your human life as a king or queen. This outpouring of my Being to you is there so that the individual that you are, so that the king or queen that you are, may fully live the joy, the joy of Christ in you, the joy of the radiant body that can emanate from you”.

I feel that I have great difficulty keeping my consciousness and putting words into it because everything is open, everything is open to heaven and I feel that it requires me to mobilize myself to remain here on a human level, that the upward force, proposed by this communion with Jesus, could make my body take off from the Earth.
However, it is not the will, my will, the will of I AM that I stay here and that I do not use the qualities that Jesus has just given me to avoid me and to get rid of my responsibilities. On the contrary, I know and thank him that his gift is intended to facilitate my life on Earth and the accomplishment of my mission.
My cheeks are burning. There is an emotion in me that is not of human nature, that is a spiritual emotion. The fact that I have chosen to stay on Earth again brings me joy and well-being.
I realize that it is very joyful to be there, in my posture as Master and to decide to continue the work that Jesus began with all those who agree to continue the path he has shown.

David: the experience lived is precious, it is “close to heaven” and at the same time the feeling of anchoring is very strongly reinforced, to live this experience fully present on Earth while being, indeed, in high spheres. In any case in a very high quality of spiritual awareness. And it is very beautiful the communion of Jesus, it is magnificent.
Sandrine: I’ve had a hiss in my right ear for quite some time. I feel a presence… I don’t really have a word in fact, extremely peaceful, very anchored.

“The communion to which I invite you is intended to facilitate in you the evolution of your physical body. As you know, in my human life, I have lived the experience of the vibratory body from my physical body several times and I know that many of you are afraid of the transformations that are taking place and that suppose that you pass from the physical body to the vibratory body.
By offering you communion with what I AM, I give your body all the elements necessary for this passage in total serenity. When you watch a caterpillar become a butterfly, you may fear the stage of the cocoon, the pupa, the nymph. Your own evolution will not go through such a stage.
Gradually, your body is becoming a more vibrant body and what I am offering you today is likely to strengthen your awareness of the capacity within you for this transformation. To have an image closer to the reality of this transformation, you can see the young child I called to me for communion and you can see the adult body that merged with me, that communed with me. And you can see that the transition from this child’s body to this adult body did not require going through a stage of deconstruction but through a stage of growth.
Between the six-year-old child and the thirty-year-old adult, there is what you call time, there are those years that allowed growth, that allowed the adult body to arrive. The transformation you are going towards is exactly the same but in a compressed time. That is, the years that required the evolution from the six-year stage to the thirty-year stage, these years will be concentrated and your growth will simply be dazzling, but this will not require going through the deconstruction that you can observe in nature and that does not concern the evolution towards the future man.
What you have experienced here, at this moment with me, is a model on which you can base yourself to let live in you the forces of growth that lead you to your body of tomorrow, which is already present in you because this growth has already begun. It is already well underway.
I feel a big brother’s presence, very reassuring. Now, above us, I see a white dove that transmits us the information of peace and raises us a little more, so I will say in a place made up of clouds, but of luminous clouds, of white photons where it is said: “This is heaven. In other words, a place where there is no problem, a place where, one could say “everything is fine”, to use the image of the beginning.
It is the place of destination, the place of the diamond, where you constitute the diamond and you are constituted of the diamond, the place where you are the particle of light that produces light, the place where you are the bubble of life that gives life. It is always the story of the element and the Whole. You are the Whole and you are the element of the Whole. But each element is itself the Whole.
There is something very peaceful, very gentle and it is done by ourselves, by the plane of consciousness in which we are harmonizing our Being. That is, all the information that has been experienced, received here just needs to be harmonized. There’s like a kind of scanning. I have the simultaneous perception of the pure Spirit Being that we are and the densified Being that we are. It’s really very strong. There are these 2 realities completely united and yet I feel that there are these two aspects present. It is this harmonization that is taking place now and we are, in fact, swept away by a fluffy feather of the dove. The dove offers us its plumage, a very, very soft, fluffy feather to proceed to this harmonization, to this sweeping around us that will harmonize the juxtaposition of the Spirit and matter, the junction of the human and the divine.
The dove’s pen writes the word “Unity” throughout our body. The dove’s pen also writes the word “Joy”. And when, in this state of consciousness, I think to myself that I could call the injured child to heal him, I realize that there are no more injured children. There is the totality. And then I can say, “I AM what I AM”.

David: I AM what I AM

I feel that what we have to experience has been experienced. The gentleness, love, security in which we are are gifts for which I have immense gratitude. And I thank the Beings who allowed us to proceed with the installation of what was given, the repairs, the healings that were done.
I feel an immense gratitude. I also thank all the people who have contributed to the process that has just been lived together, whether it was lived live or delayed, whatever. Thank you very much.