audio – The Melchizedek tool box

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

Very operational guidance this morning. The Melchizedek guide adopts a frequency very close to ours to provide us with the tools useful to the accomplishment of our mission as guide healer of humanity.

Drawing of Élodie LAGOUY

Thanks to its proximity, it transmits its qualities and skills as a guide by resonance phenomenon. We just need to take a conscious breathing time as the transmission progresses to physically integrate these tools.

Among the assets distributed this morning, there are:

– pride in having the responsibility to guide humanity towards greater awareness
– the ability to see simultaneously in any observed system the whole and the elements of the whole
– the ability to love unconditionally
– self-confidence, strengthening our human structure and bone structure
– the maintenance in our consciousness of the information that we are Spirit.

I was impressed by the proximity of Melchisedek and surprised, in the moments following the guidance, by the very powerful effect it had on me.

Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

We are gathered to receive information from the spiritual world. I am with David and Sandrine who are at my side to receive with me the instructions given to us for the accomplishment of our mission for this day.

I place myself at the disposal of what I AM from all eternity, I open the space of my consciousness so that it is imbued with what the Spirit desires to give me, with what my I AM asks me to accomplish today.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life.

Intentionally, voluntarily, from my human consciousness, I place myself at the disposal of Christ incarnate in my flesh, of the creative principle, of absolute Love, I open my inner space so that the light may settle, so that the crystalline sound may vibrate in me, so that my frequency may rise and so that I may see and hear what I am told from the plane of the Spirit.
I feel the presence of those who are physically by my side or far away and whose channel is added to my own channel.
I feel the welcome given to me by the Great Council of Wise Men and I also feel the presence of Archangel Michael, the Crystal Master, the consciousness of the Earth and Jesus my brother.
All together we are surrounded by the Great Council of Wise Men who are delighted to see us again, to see the team of volunteers being there, mobilized and proposing to act for the Earth and the conscience of humanity.

And I see that it makes me cough, something hesitates in me, something reluctant to be present, something that is of the order of doubt about the effectiveness of what we can do by being together for the Earth and for the conscience of humanity.
The Great Council of the Wise reminds me how much light can be transmitted through us, how much it is through us that the Love that is given, through all the galaxies and all the solar consciences that constitute the universe, can reach the Earth.
I say yes, totally yes to my presence at the centre of this assembly. I say yes to everything that the plan of the Spirit of Absolute Love wants to offer to humanity and I recognize myself and myself as capable of being receivers and transmitters of this infinite Love, of this vibrant Christ who will inspire the construction of a human society where love is the law, where the Spirit manages the material, where the laws of the Spirit are lived here on Earth.
And then I feel my consciousness stretching, I feel on my forehead a small sensation that starts with the third eye. I also feel on my crown small shivers and I see that the channel of light settles in me, that my body is a channel, that everything in me becomes a reception of the power of the Spirit. Everything in me is divine presence, everything in me says yes to the acceptance of what is given by Melchizedek who has been guiding what I receive for some time, who proposes to guide humanity by giving those who agree to receive it the teaching that humanity needs to move forward on its path.
He tells us, “I am delighted to see you again in our daily meeting, I am delighted to see you advancing on your own path because it is your own progress that allows the progress of all humans. Your membership in the group of humanity, in the body of humanity is the very thing that allows the whole to grow, to develop, to open up to its own truth.
For as you know, forgetting the spiritual nature of humanity is in a way his disease. Amnesia is the disease. So you, who have chosen to remember, propose to be the healers. Healers are those who proceed to the awakening of memory, healers are those who recall the infinite light that constitutes the body, the personality, the whole being that is incarnated.
Even if the eyes of the flesh no longer see, even if your hearing is cut off from the sound of the Spirit, the reality of the Spirit is still there. I, Melchisedek, propose, as I have been committed to from all eternity, to accompany this experience that is carried out between the Earth and humanity.
I propose to help the healers who are here today to be inspired for the actions that are to be carried out and that are relevant, adapted to the needs of humanity for its healing. I am not going to talk to you about the disease of humans, its suffering, the suffering of humanity. I will not dwell on the situations you are familiar with because your conscience is filled with them by all the media that transmit human information.
Instead, I’m going to talk to you about how you can proceed to get the light back on. Today in particular, I will propose to you to make sure that your physical body aligned to your personality, aligned to your soul, aligned to your I AM, that this whole that constitutes you becomes a channel of light.
I am sending you information about this channel of light at this moment and if you listen to your body through resonance, through awareness of our presence, our juxtaposition, our connection, you can feel in your body the channel of light that you are.
If you do not perceive the sensation of the light channel, it does not mean that this channel is not installed, it simply means that you do not perceive it. And generally speaking, I want to stress this phenomenon. When you do not perceive the Spirit, it does not mean that the Spirit is not there, it means that you do not perceive it and that something in you hinders the perception of this spiritual truth of your nature, of your being.
This is not bad, for from the point of view of the Spirit nothing is wrong. This is an experience and it is up to you to know if it generates suffering or joy in you. This is the exercise to which I invite you for this day.
Can you, if you wish, train yourself to put in your consciousness if you perceive the reality of the Spirit or if you have been cut off from it? For the perception of the Spirit that you are is the key to your ease of life on Earth.
As soon as you no longer perceive the Spirit, as soon as you no longer perceive the infinite light in you, then you suffer, then you lose the meaning of your existence. That is why I invite you during your day today to practice this little exercise of putting into consciousness the Spirit that you are or the realization that you do not perceive the Spirit that you are.
The guides of the world of the Spirit are often accused of lacking a sense of earthly realities, of lacking knowledge of the condition of the incarnation. There is nothing about it, as you know, your brother Jesus came to Earth and he has in his body of flesh experienced everything that you humans, you experience in your earthly life.
Nevertheless, he welcomed Christ, he lived the Spirit, he accomplished the union between the Spirit and matter, between his divinity and his humanity. And many are today the beings who are in the light and who have come to Earth. I myself made an appearance on Earth and I was thus able to experience the conditions of your incarnation. That is why I know, oh how tempting it can be to forget the Spirit and see only the visible aspect of the body of flesh, to perceive only the movements of personality, emotions, feelings, thoughts.
I know all this and that’s why I can adapt my teaching to your needs as closely as possible to what you are going through. For my coming to Earth many times has allowed me to be aware of the reality of humanity, the reality of density, the reality of blindness and the deafness that can be generated by the life of the Spirit manifested on Earth.

Sandrine: from the very beginning of the guidance, I have felt a pressure on the third eye and a pressure on each side of my skull.
David: I feel a good anchoring. Since the beginning of the guidance I have been putting down a lot of resistance, fear and at the level of the third eye for me it is also well open andI feel that there are still some weights on the chest, that it’s still a little tense, closed.

It is said by Melchisedek “that you are thanked for being here and for being true, for listening precisely to what you feel inside you. That is your nobility. Your nobility consists, see yourself offering yourself to the world as you are and not as you believe it should be and this applies to all those who hear what is transmitted here today.
It is important, see yourself that you accept to be what you are in the present moment and not to complain that you are not what your spiritual ideal might invite you to be. There is no ideal, there is the truth of the moment. By being in the truth of the moment your channel of light is open by being such that you are there, now.
Your ability to receive the inflows of the Spirit, the rays of light, your ability is complete because nothing restricts your ability, your potential to be the relay of the Spirit’s plan to act on Earth.
Because as you know, time has just come to meet humans who have forgotten. Time has just brought your channel of light to where the darkness reigns, where humans gather who ignore the sacred meaning of their existence. My presence at your side today consists in strengthening you, if you so desire, to accomplish this mission of scouting humanity.
For the channel of light receives information from the Spirit and emits the light around it. You can simply welcome this information, your commitment to the plan of the Spirit is to receive the information from the Spirit and emit light. Light takes shape through the verb, light is transmitted by your simple presence sometimes.
You may be called upon to speak, to name what you feel, what you see, what you hear. But it may also be that your presence alone is enough to illuminate the beings who are in darkness. To do this, you must recognize this light that I propose to you to see, that I propose to intensify and that I propose to you that it be in your consciousness permanently.
Quite often you see yourself as little mice circulating between humans, hoping to go unnoticed. This is not adapted to what you have chosen. Remember, oh beloved ones, remember, O vibrating beings, powerful, eternal beings, remember, the will of your divinity in coming to Earth is to be visible, to bring light.
Not to draw any pride, any human satisfaction from it and well to accomplish the drawing that emanates from the divine plan. There is a plan, the plan is, as you know, to experience free will here in density, in semi-darkness and this plan you have chosen to contribute to it by helping humanity as it reaches its most nocturnal, darkest, most amnesic phase.
My presence at your side this morning is intended to intensify awareness of the light that you are, the light that you have chosen to bring to the world, the light that you have desired to make shine in humanity.
Quite often beings who remember their mission experience a form of shame or the belief that they are pretentious when they perceive that they are there to bring light. This is the effect of the shadow in which humanity has immersed itself and not the effect of excessive pride within you.
It is because the common tendency of humanity is to remain in the shadows that you perceive your luminous mission as inadequate. It is nothing in truth, it is the result of the pressure you feel from this dominant trend of humanity. You have the right to recognize yourself as beings of light.
It provokes, how to say, a smile, it makes him laugh, in fact to say it. Because he says, “it is very surprising for us to see the shame that the healing guides of humanity feel at the awareness of their mission. For the opposite could be understood by the world of the Spirit, but why blush at the responsibility you have taken in coming to Earth. You could be proud, couldn’t you? And it is this inversion that I propose to live with me today.
I have come closer to you, I have made sure that my being can resonate with your beings. This morning, I am making sure that I am as close as possible to you so that you can establish in yourself the pride of your mission, the beauty of your mission, that you are no longer afraid to recognize your mission.
Your mission, you see yourself, is to be who you are, to be fully your I AM and therefore to be the light that you are and to offer it to humanity. Your mission is to be the Love that you are, that you know how to be when you forget your thoughts for a while and recognize yourself in your truth. And your mission is to love, to make love live in the midst of your humanity. Your mission is to be yourself in the consciousness of the love and light that you are.
If you are familiar with these guidances you hear every day the sentences that say, I AM divine presence, I AM love, I AM light, it is perhaps possible for you to hear these words as a recitation, as a donkey prayer in churches in the past. These words are actually keys to activating the memory of who you are. These words are spoken so that in your consciousness the reality of your divine nature, nature love, nature light, nature energy, takes hold so that in the movement of life, among humans you are there in action, in presence, in mission.

I feel how Melchisedek agreed to adopt a much lower frequency than usual to get as close as possible to the humans who want it. I find it very touching, how he comes down from his floor to come to us. I really feel his presence on the earthly plane. Usually I see it on a much higher plane and there it is really, I would say almost densified.

David: During this second phase, I felt an opening in my chest, in the solar plexus, still some tensions coming from my head but his words are like a balm that come to open me and soothe what needs to be, what is still a little afraid or ashamed. So that’s very good and then I got the image of a butterfly taking off.
Sandrine: I find it really extremely comforting, encouraging. It’s really good to receive. I had shades of white as well as shades of very, very white, light clouds. Here it’s brighter all of a sudden, that’s it.

In fact, he says that he comes to offer us what he is, he comes to invite us to be Melchisedecs. “In the same way as I Melchisedek, I am mandated to be a guide for the experience that unfolds in humanity from the very high planes in the company of the Archangel Michael who is in the sphere of the Earth, together we work so that this experience unfolds in the direction of love, in the direction of fraternity. In the same way, I am approaching you today so that you can integrate the parameters of what I am and that you too can be that guide that I am.
I propose that you be my fellow man in every respect and acquire by resonance in this welcome you are giving me today, to acquire those qualities that I myself need to accomplish my mission.
Qualities of global vision, vision of the part and all in simultaneous. It is this quality there that you need to be an effective healing guide of humanity. To see a human in all humans, to see a cell in the whole body, never to see the body without considering the cell, never to see humanity without considering individuals.
But at the same time, never see the individual without repositioning him in humanity. It is this dual vision that I propose that you adopt. Because this double vision, this simultaneity of the two fields in consciousness is essential to be a healing guide.
Of course, as I told you earlier, there is also impermanence in your consciousness of spiritual presence with matter. Here again, it is a question of overcoming duality, of always moving towards unity. And it is important that you can remember that you are a manifested Spirit, that the Spirit is there in you, that you are a Spirit even if you perceive yourself from density, even if you perceive yourself from your human consciousness.Another quality I would like to convey to you here, at this moment, is perseverance. For obviously, myself when I look at the advances and setbacks of human consciousness, I could despair of what I observe if I refer to what I have experienced in humanity. From where I am, on the very high plane of my frequency of being, I can observe the ebb and flow, as a single movement, a global movement that makes there is progress and retreat but that on the whole it is growth that I can observe and this allows me perseverance.
That is why I am giving you here at this moment the information of perseverance so that you can install it in yourself, so that you can overcome the stage of despair that you can sometimes feel when you believe that there is regression in the consciousness of humanity. In fact, if you climb to the top of yourself, you can see that overall there is progress and that each regression is an opportunity to become aware of the dissatisfaction of a situation.
And that each regression is therefore an opportunity to strengthen the positioning towards growth, not economic growth, spiritual growth, growth of love, of the whole of humanity.

The other quality, the other skill that I wish to transmit to you, that I propose you to install in you is the skill of unconditional love. I know that you already contain it, I also know that when the Spirit is manifested in human, on the human plane it is possible to let oneself be carried away by conditional love and to forget the invitation of the Spirit to love unconditionally. What does this mean for you? To love unconditionally is simply to remind you of the Spirit who is in everything, the Spirit who is everywhere.
To love unconditionally is nothing other than to recognize the Spirit who is, like the Spirit who is in you. Unconditional love is the invitation made to you to say, yes, to every being you encounter, to recognize in him the Spirit who is expressed, to recognize each one of you, in everything that is created, manifestation of the Spirit.
And I know how the affinities you have with certain humans can sometimes make you forget the unconditional love that is the basis of any relationship. When we speak here about the Spirit of unconditional love, we are not necessarily talking about a relationship. It is quite possible to love unconditionally without having affinities with the beings you love. It is quite possible not to have a relationship with the people you love. Because love is not the relationship.
The relationship is the link you establish from personality to personality. Love is the bond that exists from all eternity between souls and I install for you, if you wish, this discernment, this capacity to maintain unconditional love in all circumstances”.

David: it has caused a beautiful opening in the heart and Melchisedek’s words really continue to make a great opening in my whole body and it is very good.

And I really see how much Melchisedek is giving us a toolbox. It is strengthening qualities that are already present in us but that it highlights in a more spectacular way and that will allow us to strengthen our self-confidence.
He says, “It is exactly that, the other aspect of me that I wish to transmit to you so that you may strengthen it in yourself, is trust, your trust comes from maintaining your awareness of the Spirit that you are. You lose self-confidence as soon as you lose the presence of the Spirit in your consciousness, as soon as your consciousness is filled with your only human form, your only personality, your only thought, then trust fades, trust crumbles, trust diminishes.
And I come to you this morning so that if you wish, you can strengthen this trust by strengthening the Spirit that you are. This is given to you, here at this moment, by the frequency I am transmitting and which is intended for you, by the ray which emanates from me and which is addressed to you.
Breathe in and thus your self-confidence can be strengthened if you agree that it should be strengthened. For always your free will is at the centre of what is given, you cannot receive if you do not wish to receive.

And then, in the room where we are, all of a sudden the light intensifies. There is something that harmonizes, I feel a tingling on the top of the skull, especially on the right, I feel that the right brain is activated and therefore this perception is given to me so that I can see that it is intuition, the intuition that we are proposed to strengthen. Melchisedek now proposes to us to strengthen our intuitive qualities, our qualities to be inspired, to receive through all the pores of our skin the divine inspiration, the inspiration of light, the inspiration of love, the inspiration of Christ.
Melchisedek says: “Indeed, you are endowed in your body with organs, glands that are designed so that your intuition is easily welcomed by your consciousness. You are equipped with all the necessary physical equipment to receive information from the Spirit. But these inner tools, these organic tools have been abandoned in favor of your cortex.
Your cortex has taken a great place in your consciousness and conversely the pituitary and pineal glands have been diminished and it is a question here of receiving the activation of these two glands which allow you to have a high intuition, to have a total inspiration. And it is proposed that you be confident with what you receive. Because often when you have intuitions you cut them off with your thoughts. There, it is proposed to you by my presence with you today, to validate more easily what you receive by intuition, not to ridicule what you pick up by your pineal gland and your pituitary, epiphysis, pituitary gland. It is important that you can be in agreement with your I AM from the human plane, when your I AM inspires you, when it gives you an impulse, an intuition, a vision, a burning desire for love, for light.
He proposes to us again by breathing here and now, to receive the activation of the epiphysis and pituitary gland to activate intuition in us and facilitate inspiration.
He says that through inspiration we can strengthen our ability to be inspired, to receive intuition. He tells us, “Breathe me in, welcome me in. I am really close to you, close to each of you.

In fact, the image showed me Melchisedek in front of each of us and the Archangel Michael just behind us, to keep us in our verticality, to keep us anchored on the Earth while Melchisedek anchored us in our I AM. It is very beautiful to see them both and us in the arch they form, us, underneath that arch. Melchisedech anchoring us in Spirit and Archangel Michael anchoring us on Earth. Beautiful.
He says that here we are, our body is now equipped with the tools of the spiritual guide we have chosen to be.

It makes me laugh, it brings joy and maybe euphoria. There is something in my personality that would like to put me in euphoria when in reality if I am attentive, it is the joy that is in me. But it is probably also something I have been waiting for for a long time to be inducted by the spiritual plane into this function.
Certainly we have already been, but this is an enthronement that takes place at the moment when the changeover took place, at the moment when we are in the official phase of the evolution that follows the involution. And so far it’s been a little too early somewhere. While there, it is said that the time has come, the time for action is here. The moment to dare to recognize oneself totally in the function of the healing guide of humanity is here. This moment is really dedicated, let’s say.
David: I feel a very strong alignment, joy. I felt a tilt in my brain. The energy was still very focused on the front, the cortex and how it opened up on the top of the skull, really. And I am filled with the presence of Melchisedek. A lot of gratitude, yes.

Sandrine: I feel my skull actually it’s as if something was like with an osteopath, something was really moved. It moves, I can’t describe exactly, it makes micro movements and yes I feel something very special inside me. This is the very first time I’ve felt that, a very special presence.

So now they are telling me, because now there is Melchizedek, the Archangel Michael, there is also there in the sphere, Master Crystal. Melchisedek says that now he will proceed to strengthen our structure. He says that with the Archangel Michael and the Master Crystal, he proposes to address our skeleton, truly the physical skeleton. He says that in order to really accomplish our mission, we need our skeleton to be strengthened not in its old form, but in its future form.
For us obviously on the plane of the Spirit there is no past, no future and therefore it is in a particular plane of consciousness but which corresponds to what human consciousness can perceive tomorrow, finally the day after tomorrow. And so, it is proposed to us since we have dared to accept everything from the qualities of the spiritual guide, the healer of humanity, to also accept that our skeleton be informed of a higher frequency than that which we know today and therefore of a vibratory frequency which corresponds to the body which is in preparation with the new consciousness of humanity. We can quite welcome this in our body, that it can help us considerably to persevere in trust, to maintain the consciousness of the Spirit in us. Because in our skeleton the vibratory plane will be a reality.

In fact, I realize that it scares me a little because I realize that I don’t really understand what it means. So he says, “It simply means that there is information in the bone marrow about the crystalline body that is being prepared, in the bone marrow and therefore in the whole skeleton. It is through bone marrow that we act and therefore in the manufacture of blood and also in the nature of the skeleton. Because what is in the bone marrow radiates throughout the bone.
That’s it and the image given to me is a point of light that comes into the marrow of our bones. It’s practically micro-surgery. I don’t know how you do bone marrow collection, but this is not a collection, it’s practically a contribution to bone marrow.
We are talking here about the complexity of the human body and it is to this complexity that is not complicated, that is complex in that there is interaction between the different elements and there this intervention on the bone marrow will help us in that we recognize the complexity of our body.

I am impressed to see how close Melchisedek is to the material. This is the first time for me that I have seen his presence as the osteopath is present with his patient. And as the surgeon is present at the operating table and there I really have this feeling that he is there, with us in the room and that he operates like a surgeon operates.
He told me, “What surprises me is that you may be surprised by this because you know it is possible. You are not surprised when your brother Jesus is so close to you and I seem to be surprised when I am there.I admit it, absolutely, because I was putting it on, I was putting you away from me. “As I speak to you every day you thought I was far from you.”
Well, I say yes and I am delighted, really delighted to see his kindness, your kindness, your generosity that allows you to be so close to us, so familiar with what is human. Because once again, I was putting this great guide away from humans when it is not. This great guide is there in an infinite love for us, for the body. That is what is most amazing to me, is to see the knowledge of the body, the familiarity of this great guide of humanity with the body, with density.

Sandrine: I’m happy to hear her talking like that, it really makes me happy. It’s very good, very sweet. Thank you.

“If through my intervention today I have been able to make you admit the closeness that there is between you Spirit and you human, between me and you, then I have won. I won because humanity’s adversary is nothing more than its belief that the Spirit is far from matter, that the divine is far from the human. Everything is included, everything is included in everything. I can say that I contain the human, just as the human contains the Spirit. This separation is still for you a belief that interferes with your action. Are you interested in me giving you the tool that keeps the belief away from separation? »
“Yes, I would say yes.”

“I give you this tool with great joy, great pleasure, but it requires that you accept for a few moments to put your rationality aside.
And now I feel my left brain starting to swarm, it itch, it’s crazy. What’s he thinking? I should be kicked out. No, not expel him but put him away temporarily.
And immediately there is the fear of not being able to welcome the tool that removes the belief of separation. Once all this is said, Melchisedek being very patient, he gives me time to name everything that is opposed to receiving this tool. Then I see a circle, it shows me a hoop in fact, a hoop of light and it shows me the center of the hoop.
There is the center of the hoop, there is a central point that is of a more intense light. And he offered to make hula houp with the hoop. That is, to let myself be surrounded by the hoop, to make a circular movement. He said to me, “Let the circular movement I impart in you take shape and make this rotation by perceiving the hoop of light that surrounds you”.
I can see you all doing this. Very, very beautiful this hula houp dance with the hoop of light. It cannot be said that the spiritual world is not very operational at the moment. And he tells me, “by accepting this rotational movement of your body around the axis of your spine from your sacrum then you integrate the totality and you can get rid of the belief of separation.
And I see that my circular movement sometimes deteriorates and that it becomes an oscillation. So in fact I can see that I resist welcoming the circular movement that the hoop of light comes to give me. That’s it, it’s settled in. And he says that “thanks to this circular movement from the sacrum, because it is really important to make the sacrum aware of it and to effectively let the circular movement be imprinted on the body, then there, no separation can exist in your consciousness, the whole is there. The permanence of the Spirit in the body is placed there.
And in fact the image that is given to me to see are the turning dervishes and all of a sudden I see the link, because this rotation that is not done in the same way as us when we are sitting, but there is still something about this rotation that is there to foil any idea of separation. He says that we can also connect with this practice of the turning dervish to thwart the imposition of separation in our consciousness.
It’s wonderful to have all these teachings. He told me, “I feel that for today you are equipped, I feel that now you have at your disposal everything you need to really start your mission, to no longer blush about the place you occupy in humanity, to no longer fear being impostors and proud beings because the essential is there.
You can replace the belief in pride and deceit with humility here at this moment because you need to be very humble to accept your mission and recognize it as such.

Here we are and I see Melchisedek regaining a higher frequency and I feel that I too can accompany my consciousness in this higher frequency while remaining there in my body of flesh. I feel that there, the elasticity of my consciousness has grown. The plasticity of my consciousness that allows me to be both on the human level and on the divine level. This plasticity has increased.
There, I feel a beautiful unity. I feel my very high consciousness taking place here again with my human consciousness, both are simultaneous. I feel my body very expanded while during all the time of the proximity with Melchizedek I did not feel any expansion of the body. There I feel that I perceive my subtle bodies, my high consciousness of my I AM.
There is something that harmonizes, something that can be digested, something that takes root. I feel that everything that has been transmitted is being humanized, that it is taking root in the body so that everything is in its place, that everything is in harmony.

Here I really have to give thanks to Melchisedek, Archangel Michael, Master Crystal, Jesus, Mary. I still have to give thanks to all those beings who have accompanied us today for the action that was to be taken, at least for the tools that have been given to us that will enable action.
The light enters the room again in a more intense way. I thank all those who listen to this guidance, live or recorded. Thank you David and Sandrine for being here. Thank you for being there and contributing to what happened.