audio – Eucharisty

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

The drawings illustrating this text presenting the day’s guidance were made directly during the talk. Thanks to the inspired artists.

Diversity of spirit, Myriam LEPORI


To establish a link between the Tour de France and the guidance received from the spiritual world would not have occurred to me. The guides, for their part, have taken the step, no doubt to remind us with a smile how much the Unity between heaven and earth is an undeniable reality, how much what is above and what is below is permanently connected.



The guidance begins with a reminder of the need to stop calculating the value of humans, in favour of the awareness of the beauty of our complementarity. Myriam’s drawing beautifully illustrates this reminder.The guides then return to their often repeated request to put an end to the rivalry between thought and the Spirit. It is up to us to play and put our magnificent thought in its place as a human tool, without confusing it with the Spirit. Adrien’s drawing of the “V” perfectly represents the vision given to me.

Drawing of Adrien BADEDJI

An initiation is then proposed by Melchizedek who makes us join the solar consciences of Arcturius and Antares so that we can in turn incorporate the consciousness of our sun, incorporate Christ, and thus act in humanity. The objective of the day is to produce a flash of light that will break for a few seconds the darkness in which humanity is still immersed. To achieve this action, we experience the confrontation at the egregore of the forces that oppose love, formed by our own resistance. The accompaniment of the great initiating suns allows us this confrontation in all serenity and we can then emit the flash of light that will cause a healthy stop of humans on earth. The stop is a few microseconds long and is intended to create a small breach in hearts so that Love can do its work.

The sacred moment of the Eucharist can then be, each human being can drink, if he so desires, from the cup that contains the divine nectar and thus quench his thirst for the Spirit, for Love.

Finally, a red carpet is deployed in honour of the humans, and there, the link is established with a loop that is looping and the Tour de France that ends today.

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Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I have the pleasure of being there, connected to what I AM from all eternity, accompanied by those who, too, have chosen to be there live, but also with those who will be there, later, on a deferred basis.
I associate all souls who are mobilized, by the will of the Masters that you are, to be connected to your I AM, to our I AM and thus, to welcome the forces of the Spirit on Earth, the unconditional forces of Absolute Love here in humanity.

Connection protocol
I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life.

I momentarily leave aside all my human, earthly concerns, which would like to occupy the field of my consciousness, to offer my inner space to what I AM from all eternity.
I unify myself, I welcome here, in my human consciousness, in my body of flesh, the Spirit that constitutes me and that, through the human that I AM, has manifested itself. I bring the creator and the creature together in his creation.
I want to express my joy of being there, of choosing to be there to hear the Spirit, to be love. I also want to express my joy in living the will of I AM, which allows me to bring people together in the name of the Spirit, in the name of Christ living on Earth.
Let the will of I AM be done. May the will of the solar consciousness be fulfilled through us!

I receive the strength of Michael, the Archangel, who strengthens me in my presence here on Earth. I receive the power of the Crystal Master whose energy is inscribed in me, so that my body vibrates on a high frequency, so as to favour the link with the Spirit. I welcome Mary, divine Mother, conscience of the Earth, and I connect myself to her as she is connected to me, through her kindness, her generosity.
I receive in me the goodness of Jesus, my brother, the one who shows me the way, who invites me to the Truth, who expresses Life.
“I am the Way
I am Life,
I am the Truth,” he said when he was among us on Earth.

I feel the frequency rising, rising. I feel my vibrations accelerating and I feel the space of my consciousness opening up wider. I feel that the forces of the Spirit are radiating on us, here on Earth. I feel the mobilization of the Spiritual Beings who are preparing the transmission of which I propose to be the relay, among those, human, who are also mobilized to act.

The diversity of talents
I was shown a cloud, a little grey, with streaks, a cloud in the sky that is not a cloud composed of water vapour but a cloud composed of metal plates. So you could say that it is an object that is suspended in the sky, in the form of a cloud, but which is composed of different sheets of metal, grey in color.
I understand that it is shown to me in this form, the presence of Beings who are not terrestrial, who are not incarnated on Earth and who are nevertheless present in the sphere of the Earth.
The different leaves represent the different planes of consciousness that are brought together to intervene. Each plan of consciousness has its action to carry out, its way of transmitting information to us. Each plane of consciousness has its purpose.
The action is global but the way of doing things is distributed by strata, and each spiritual stratum is linked to the diversity of humans, to the human strata.
It has shown me that every human being has a way of acting on Earth that corresponds to who he is, to his temperament, to his personality, to his tastes, to his impulses, to his talents.
I am shown that each human being has made a commitment that corresponds to the stratum on which his soul was built. The soul has been constituted since the I AM. The soul was formed by the will of I AM, in a certain way and this soul gave rise to a temperament, a personality and each human being was constituted by the will of his I AM with a certain capacity to act, a certain number of skills, talents to act.
We humans are reminded that we are comparing the possibilities of each other and that, in reality, it is a question of seeing the complementarity between each of us.
There are some Beings who, on Earth, will live in nature with great ease, while others will live in cities with greater ease.
There are Beings who will be artists of the material, while others will be brilliant designers by thought, by inspiration.
There are Beings who will enchant the world with their artistic talent and others who will bring well-being to the world with their practical talent.
There are Beings who cumulate, and I am shown Leonardo da Vinci, a great figure who has already come into the guides and who is shown as the example of a human Being who cumulates a certain number of talents.
And there are others who are experts, specialists in one of their talents. Melchisedek is there and says to us:
“It’s no longer a question of comparing your respective talents. On the contrary, it is about admiring your own talents and those of your brothers and sisters, because all the talents chosen by humans are important. It is obvious to repeat it today, but it is worth recalling it so that you can extract yourself from the way your societies were constituted, since this way includes a scale of importance between humans, a scale of value of temperaments, capacities, talents. As you can see today, we are one.
Stop the rivalry between thought and Spirit
And the cloud that was shown to me earlier in grey became bright, it’s more like a gold metal now and it’s much more vibrant. It’s as if the metal has turned into steam.
But there are always layers, always these different densities in the subtle, a level of density in the subtle, a higher level of subtlety, in fact. It is shown that each stratum of cloud is linked to a stratum of human temperament, human talent and everything is driven, if we accept to be attentive, by our I AM.
Everything is driven from the cloud, from the whole, from the whole, from the globality, from the vision of the whole, because each action only makes sense if it is part of a global system, in a reality that takes into account the diversity, the difference, the capacities of each person.
“The supremacy of thought in today’s human civilization has relegated to the lower plane the Beings who are experts in the field. Consider this as a consequence of the need to develop thinking. This was necessary to go so far as to forget, almost completely, the light, the Spirit in humanity.
But you know, the changeover is in progress, the changeover has begun and today it is proposed to you to see the presence of the Spirit in the matter. It is proposed to you to make sure that your thought is at the service of your creative dimension, of your divinity. It is a question of ceasing the rivalry between thought and Spirit. Oh yes, hear that! It is a question of the thought no longer disputing power with the Spirit, of the thought itself recognizing itself as a daughter of the Spirit and not as a competitor of the Spirit.
There is in your consciousness a place for the Spirit, intuition, inspiration and a place for thought which is a properly human faculty, which has been given to creation and its creature to experience the apparent separation from the Source.

The importance of free will
I was shown a V, with on one side one of the branches of the V which is the Spirit, another which is the thought. So the left branch of the V, the thought, is black, dark, dense and the right branch is an axis of light. But everything starts from the base of the V, the source of the Spirit and the luminous Spirit, we could also call it the soul, that is, the divine presence in the body that allows us to be always connected to the Source. While the branch, rather dense, darker, is a tool that the Spirit has endowed himself with to experience free will.
“We still want to talk to you about the importance of free will. Quite often, this notion is denied, this notion is rejected by those who explain to you their representation of the world, their vision of the world. And yet, here, on the plane of the Spirit, we are the guardians of your freedom.
As you can see, we let you act and only intervene in cases of extreme necessity when, for example, the Earth, your planet is in danger. For the rest, we let you do, we let you live the consequences of your choices, we let you decide what actions you take, what thoughts you express.
This is important because it is the contract that the Great Sages who initiated the experience of incarnate human consciousness planned. To leave to the Beings who will constitute the manifestation of human consciousness the choice of their lives, their options, their creations”.

I was shown the sign of Tao, with Yin and Yang, to effectively remind me of duality, white and black.
“White in black, black in white. Duality that has been the means given to humanity to have choice, because if there had been only white, then no choice would have been possible. There was a time when humanity was in the Holy of Holies, was still bathed in the Spirit, could not see well the densified things and acted by its spiritual nature without other choices being given to it.
Gradually, the densification, the vibratory descent into the material, generated the opposite situation. The things of the Spirit have appeared to you blurred, if not non-existent, while the matter appears to you with clarity. From this clarity of the perception of matter, it is proposed to you to find the vision of the Spirit, the perception of the Spirit, the power of the Spirit.
To do this, your thought must be at the service of your life. We know that we have already informed you a lot on this subject, but we notice that within humanity there is a strong resistance to abandoning the power of thought in favour of the inspiration of the Spirit.
It is not a question of abandoning the thought itself, it is sovereign when you have a reasoning to do, when you have a calculation, when you have a logic to put in place. It is a problem when it is imposed on you, in your conscience, for your choices. When your thought gives you good reasons to do so, and it opposes the inspiration that comes into you, then you are in difficulty. And that’s what we want to talk about right now.
A necessary reminder so that each of you who participate in this transmissioncan see how you can proceed to unite your thought with the Spirit and no longer experience the tension of rivalry between the two.

The confrontation in the shade
So I am told that the message has been passed on and that, now, we can continue further. I see an orange, vaporous, solar sphere and I feel that I am welcomed by Arcturius and Antares, always accompanied by Melchisedek. I can say that Melchisedek leads me between the consciousness of Arcturius and the consciousness of Antares.
I am on a line between these two solar consciences. Melchisedek is behind me, he supports me. I feel that, if I am put in this figure, it is because another consciousness wants to present itself and that in reality, the Beings who surround me, are a support.
As a result, it generates a little fear in me, whereas I shouldn’t be afraid because I have the support. But here I name this fear and I leave it to I AM, which is safe.
Then immediately my thought said to myself: “Oh yes, I will be in front of an extraordinarily luminous Being and therefore I am prepared vibratorily”. Not at all, it’s a dark being who appears.
This morning we are confronted with the egregore of the forces that oppose love, that is, the aggregation of all the parts of us that refuse unity, all the parts of us that want to keep us in duality, in combat, in rivalry between Spirit and matter, in rivalry between divinity and thought.
There is a Being, a bit like a robot. Obviously, the image is something I inherited, something I have seen in movies, in images, but I know it is not a reality. What is important is the consciousness in front of me.
This Being stands at a reasonable distance and I can see it thanks to the presence of Arcturius, Melchizedek and Antares.
I am asked to look at it with love, not with judgment, but with compassion. It gives me chills. I am asked to withdraw any defence. And I feel that there is like an armor that settles at my feet, an armor that I had, that was linked to my fear.
Suddenly, I am in total confidence and I can look at this Being not with pity or condescension, but with compassion. I recognize it as being, in part, my creation, an emanation of the part of me that opposes love, that opposes light. And I see, as I accept it, this Being that diminishes, that is much less mechanical, much less metallic, and that becomes a Being of flesh, a little grey, half animal, half human, but that can sometimes regain a little of its mechanical side as I return to my disapproval of this part of me.
“It is a question, you see, of each of you encountering the power of opposition to Christ. Each of you can find here what Judas embodied, what Peter was able to do when he denied. All this you carry within you.

Attachment to the human form
I am also reminded of the myth of Sisyphus with this rock that has risen to the top of the mountain, released, descending and teaching us a lot about our hesitations, our abandonments and all this is manifested by this dark, mechanical Being.
I am shown all the reasonings, all the justifications, that convince us not to follow the Spirit, that give us good reasons to follow the path of human society instead of elevating ourselves into the spheres of the Spirit from our body of flesh, from our human consciousness.
In particular, we are shown our subjection to our density, to the laws of gravity, to matter as it is perceived by our fleshly eyes. “And it is often your perception of density, gravity, matter as you see it, that prevents you from giving credit to the perception of the subtle.
I see that part of this Black Being stands out. He lets a part of him go and he becomes much smaller, he becomes much more humanoid, he comes to life and it is shown to me that in this confrontation we have been enlightened about what binds us to the human form without the Spirit.
At this moment, it is possible to let go from within us, those aspects that persist in seeing only matter, in seeing only rational logic, without the Spirit, today’s rationality not including the Spirit.
It is said that we are invited to keep rationality by including the Spirit in our vision of the world because: “It is important that you have rigour and logic when you live on Earth. Simply, it is proposed to you to add the spiritual dimension to the world as you perceive it.
The three dimensions of space, the fourth dimension of time and the fifth dimension, that of the Spirit, invited today. In fact, the fifth dimension should be the first, the basis for your representation of yourself and the world. You could say that time is the fifth dimension, that the Spirit is the first dimension, the base, the base dimension from which the other dimensions were born, from which humanity was born, where the plane of experience was decided for the plane of consciousness, for the growth of the Spirit.

Put more emphasis on the Spirit
I continue to be in the face-to-face with this Being who is becoming more and more like a human Being, always dark, of low vibration, but a much more human form, much less mechanical, much less metallic, much less robot. I feel that something of myself must be deposited, perhaps agreeing to renounce, no, agreeing to bet more on the Spirit.
It is not a question of giving up thinking but of really deciding to recognize the Spirit as the basis of my life. Of course, my personality says: “But, it’s been a really long time since all this has been done”. Well, yes, it is done and it has to be done over and over again all the time, because every step of the staircase that is crossed leads me to the same question: “Do you recognize yourself as a spirit or do you see yourself as human? ». Every step of the stairs leads me to answer this question.
And, I see the sphinx with its enigmas, whose formulations I have forgotten, but which can be summed up as follows: Who are you? Who are you?
On this step of the stairs today, accompanied by the consciousness of Antares, of Arcturius, supported by Melchizedek, I say: “I AM SPIRIT from the human consciousness that the Spirit, that I AM has created. I recognize myself as a Spirit from the apparent density of the human form that the Spirit created.
I feel a great warmth. I recognize that in me there is the power of the Spirit, there is the possibility of being the Master of matter, in respect and love of it.
I recognize in myself that there is Christ, the Absolute Love, and that it is for Christ that I am on Earth.
I recognize myself in my divinity and I remember, at this stage of the great staircase of my consciousness, that I AM what I AM, that everything in my humanity is the expression of my divinity, that everything in my body and in my personality is the manifestation of the One, infinite Spirit. I offer my human free will to the will of my divinity.
In saying this, I feel that a cross is being drawn and that the Being of opposition to love is very small, like a little mouse, which at this moment is totally under my control. I can really be the Master, because unlike the mice that run away, this one is tamed.

I am Unit
There, when I say it, she disappears and right now I am Unity. I live the perfection of Unity: Humanity/Divinity. I feel like I’m like a bubbling bubble. There is something proliferating from me, like a stream of water, but very calm, I can’t explain it. Moreover, it doesn’t make me want to describe it because what I feel is very pleasant, very powerful and it makes me want to stay with my feeling.
However, I know that the will of my I AM is that I describe, because my I AM wants more than anything else, to be at the service of humanity. And I can see that the human dimension wanted to tell me: “Take your pleasure and leave the rest alone”. And that’s exactly what this is about. “Yes, I can be in the pleasure of feeling and put it at the service of humanity, because the temptation was to keep to myself what I felt, instead of sharing it with the human community.
I realize that while talking, while putting at the service, because that is theway that is mine to put at the service, by word, well, I continued to live the pleasure of this abundance that emanates from me, of this proliferation of love that is there, present in my body, in my consciousness.

I am given to see, always in the middle of these 3 Beings, Arcturius, Antares and Melchizedek, (it requires me to clear my throat anyway, to clarify my voice) and I understand why it is necessary to clarify, that what I experience has an impact on humanity.
What we are experiencing at this moment is acting on humanity, what we are experiencing there, in the present moment, by resonance phenomenon, acts on humanity. I see as if humans, all of a sudden, stopped, frozen, to receive this frequency on which we all vibrate together and that an opening of the heart occurs in each of those who stop.
I see human hearts having a small gap, it is a symbolic image, which indicates that love is touching every human being on Earth. There is like an earthquake, but it is very subtle and it is not at the level of the Earth but at the level of humanity. We could say a tremor of humanity that creates a wave, or there is a wave that creates that, and all of a sudden there is a moment of stopping in all humans.
Incorporate solar consciousness
I have a very severe pain in my left ear. I hear the sounds of the house cracking, slightly. There, I feel myself to be solar, I feel that I embody in this moment the consciousness of our sun. We incarnate, if we desire it, if our thoughts do not forbid it, we can incarnate our solar consciousness, just as Jesus incarnated it in his body of flesh.
Moreover, Jesus is there, as if he were bringing this solar consciousness on a tray so that I could say yes to him, that I could incorporate it, that we could incorporate it. And for that, it is enough to be the Master of our thought who obviously tells us, that it is not logical, that it is not possible, that we are not up to the task, finally, the whole litany of all oppositions. So it is up to us to decide whether we revive the opposition that has been reduced or whether we stay on the steps of the stairs where we are now.

There is a diamond that has formed with me who is to the south, Melchizedek to the north, Arcturius to the west, Antares to the east. It’s actually a cross shape. And I, from where I am and perhaps where you are too, it is proposed by Jesus that we incorporate solar consciousness. “This celestial figure is the same one, which is likely to stop human movement, the human parade, for a few microseconds,” I am told.
If we agree, indeed, this figure can at some point stabilize at a subtle level and cause the human race to stop, just a few microseconds for love to settle in the flesh.
It’s very beautiful, I see that all this is possible. Now, with the plane of consciousness in which I am, it seems totally obvious to me, even if I know that later on I would say to myself, “Well, maybe, but still”. Well, this “Good, maybe, but still” he is there and I invite him to be Christ with me.

A flash of light on humanity
That’s it, it’s settled, totally settled. We are asked to stay a few moments in this configuration and I am given to see. It’s as if we were a photographer who was going to take a shot, a still image, with a flash.
Humanity showed me in the darkness and we, in the configuration where we are, in this diamond where we are, will put a flash to take a picture of humanity in the present moment. And in fact, it’s this flash that will alert humans. So each of the people listening at the moment, whether live or delayed, is asked for the same thing, their explicit agreement to turn on the flash, to turn on the flash that will impact all humans walking in the shadows, in the night, in the night of consciousness, of course. We can say that this is an important day, after the day of the sun that was experienced yesterday, it is continuity.
For me, the flash has been triggered and indeed, every human, walking in the darkness, will do what he wants with this sudden light that has appeared to him. Each human who runs to his business in matter, will do what he wants with this invitation to stop for a few microseconds, to feel the Spirit in him, to feel the love living in his heart.
We have done what is necessary here and, as was said earlier, the freedom of every human being on Earth is respected. It is up to us, with you who are volunteers, to give the means and then, humans have, do as they see fit, the means that are there, sometimes in their hands, sometimes next to their hands, sometimes in their back.
So it is not possible, right away, to see the effect of what we have done. It is precisely important to remember that we triggered the flash so that the heart would open, that love would settle in each human being. But right now, we know we have done it, but we don’t have the opportunity to see the consequences. The consequences belong to everyone. It is said:
“We can simply rejoice that we have responded to the thirst for Spirit of many humans. As you know, many people today are thirsty for the Spirit, need to quench their thirst at the heavenly cup filled with infinite love. Each one, at the moment when the cup is stretched, will do as he pleases with the divine nectar, for nothing is imposed.
Every human being from the smallest to the greatest, from the weakest to the strongest, has the choice of saying yes or no to the invitation to quench their thirst by drinking the divine nectar of the heavenly cup presented to them on this day.
The Eucharist is the word given to you to signify the invitation made to the people of the Earth, to the humans who live the extraordinary experience of their bodies and their personality and consciousness to find their truth.

After the Eucharist, fraternity
Now I have the image of a white cloud rising from the Earth, a cloud of light, a very beautiful golden white cloud emanating from humanity. I could say that it is a representation of the state of current consciousness, after this moment of the Eucharist, after this flash that alerted human consciences.
There is the formation of a golden white cloud that joins the cloud that came at the beginning of this guidance and therefore the different planes of consciousness that help all humans. There is an overlap. We can say that the Beings of the spiritual world who help humans, have loved human consciousness to them.
There is a word given to me, it’s brotherhood. The fraternity was formed. Obviously, this is the same as the teaching at the beginning, where it was proposed to see a profound equality between each other. And it is really the constitution of the fraternity that took place today on a subtle level. It is said that humans at war are now siblings where each child has his or her place, without the need to compare himself or herself to the other.
I see a great red carpet, rolled out by the spiritual world, to welcome humans in their honour, to honour humans. These are the 4 Beings who accompanied this ceremony, so Arcturius, Melchizedek, Antares and our sun, give thanks to us who have been there, who have been the relay of the accomplishment that is in the plan to accompany humanity.
“Just because we don’t interfere with your free will doesn’t mean we don’t accompany you. On the contrary, we accompany you, we help you to see clearly because it would be very perverse to leave you in the dark without lighting you up. We do not make decisions for you, but we enlighten you.

I feel that the guidance is over, that we have reached the end of a process that constituted this step today. It’s funny because I think it’s the arrival of the Tour de France too and it’s a bit like a loop is closed. There is a link between this French national celebration and indeed the loop that is closing on this day. But if the cycling tour de France stops today, the international tour de conscience will continue tomorrow. All right, nice formula from the spiritual world.
So, thank you, thank you very much. What a joy to be so close to ourselves and therefore so close to the spiritual world. Thank you to us, thank you to the spiritual world, thank you to all the humans who are there, who have gone to the end of this guidance and who have actively worked so that the loop can be closed, so that the Eucharist can take place, so that humanity can drink the divine nectar.