audio – Engagement letter

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

Technical note on this recording: the background noise that can be heard is that of the beneficial rain that arrived after several weeks of drought and hot days.

The spiritual world continues to transmit highly operational information to help us accomplish our mission. The time has come to act actively so that the individual consciences of humans open themselves to the reality of the Spirit that underlies all forms of life.

Today, the mastery of galloping thought has been the starting point for teaching, including the mobilization of our conscious breathing. It is then proposed that the healing guides of humanity, responsible for restoring the memory of Home, should see all the humans they encounter capable of being a master. By resonance, our own control will then become a reality for everyone.

My mind still contested much more what I was receiving, considering this teaching too banal, already transmitted, without much interest. I welcomed and took his remarks into consideration and, as always in this case, his resistance subsided.

The last part of this guidance invites all those who are listening to it to receive their mission letter. The mission, if it is common to all healing guides, takes a specific form for each according to their uniqueness, skills and talents. Melchisedek proposes to confirm us in our commitment and to give us the psychological resources necessary for our courage.

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The birth of the new Earth

The drawings illustrating this text presenting the day’s guidance were made directly during the talk. Thanks to the inspired artists : Myriam LEPORI.

Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

Hello all of you, we are gathered at a distance by the Spirit to receive the guidance we need today. I thank you for being there and I remind you who are listening to the words spoken, your presence is precious to me, helping me and greatly facilitating my connection, my availability of the Spirit of my conscience.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life.

With what I AM from all eternity and what I AM here, humanly speaking, I form a whole, a unity. I remember the Spirit that I AM and who wished to manifest himself on Earth to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness, to contribute to offering the Earth its presence in the evolution of the planet, in the evolution of earth consciousness.
I remember that I wanted everything, my body, my personality, my conditions of incarnation. I remember that I AM organized to perfection, which allowed me to talk to you today, to be here and now. I remember saying yes several times in my life to these conditions of incarnation, to my body, to my temperament, to my personality, to my history.
Even today, I reaffirm my agreement to be in this human form from which I act, from which I observe the world, from which I have a place in the universe.

It is therefore entirely and in agreement with myself that I welcome at this moment, Archangel Michael who offers me the power of his sword, who offers me the recognition of what I AM, here in humanity and constantly reminds me of the Spirit that I AM.
It is therefore in my totality, my unity that I receive the power of the Crystal Master who prepares my body to evolve, who acts in the evolution of my body, who makes it vibratory for the human species of tomorrow.
It is therefore in my unity that I connect myself to the consciousness of the Earth that takes the form of Mary, mother of Christ, divine mother, so often appeared among humans that we remember her, that we act with her, that we know that she is a consciousness, a living being.
It is in my unity that I receive the strength of Jesus my brother, the one who supports my steps, the one who invites me to the truth within me and in the visible manifestation of what I AM.
My body expands, my consciousness expands and so my I, the authority to steer my life, can reach the subtle planes of my being, can reach the highest frequencies, hear and see what is said and shown on the plane of the Spirit.
(Small throat clearance to free the voice that was being obstructed, to clarify what was being scuffed, to make the blurred clearer).

I am attracted by the sound of rain which brings sweetness and well-being here. I feel it is important that I take a moment to hear this reassuring noise, this noise that probably reminds me of the one the fetus hears in its mother’s womb.
It is recalled that here on Earth, we are in the womb of a mother, that the Earth itself is our mother. And that if it does not contain us in a closed space, it welcomes us into itself, into its subtle body to nourish us, carry us, protect us, give us everything we need to experience our incarnation, our dive on a human level.
To have said this is a help to continue the journey, to continue the ascension of my consciousness and to meet the Great Council of Wise Men of which the Earth is a part. It is composed of spiritual beings who each carry the consciousness of a planet.

I see that my voice is sagging again, need to clarify, need to unify, need inside me to bring transparency, clarity. And now I can again perceive what I feel in my encounter with the Great Council of Wise Men, those spiritual beings who have at their disposal the different planets of the solar system to transmit to us their information, their energies, their impulses.
And I feel that it is good for a few moments to be at the centre of this assembly of thirteen to receive, so that each of us can receive the beam of energy emitted by these beings who know perfectly well how to rely on the planets that surround the Earth of the solar system to emit the information we need, to spread the energies that are necessary for us.
May we each of us, welcome into our hearts what emanates from these beings, from these immense consciences. May we in particular receive what is emitted by the being who presides over this assembly of sages and who is the relay of the Great Central Sun of the universe and who uses the solar star to act with us, so that we may receive with power the information of Christ and thus make him live. I feel that I am impregnated, more and more impregnated, that each cell of my body is more and more impregnated with the presence of the wise.

Definitely this morning, it is the timbre of my voice, the clarity of my voice that tells me what I need to clarify to move forward, to raise my consciousness. A step of clarification that now invites me to a greater relaxation, to a relaxation, to a deposit of all the tensions that emanate from my identification with the human being whose form I have taken to be on Earth.
And now my body expands and I find myself in an infinite space, now familiar. The space of the Spirit that has no limits, my consciousness is this limitless Spirit. My conscience is open, offered and I accept the peace that I am given to meet here in this place, peace, serenity are offered to me to consolidate this plan of consciousness in which I am.

I see a lotus flower that comes to be placed at the level of the heart and allows the opening of this energy center in me. I feel the whole top of my body becoming this lotus flower, this cup, this receptacle. The base of the receptacle is the heart and the base rises to the top of the head, includes the shoulders and so I am open, receptive and I immediately see a shower of photons coming into this cup, this receptacle.
And I feel that I have a little difficulty letting the photons penetrate me. As much as they fill the cup and I am immersed in these photons, so much so I notice a small resistance to let the penetration take place, to let these photons enter inside me. The fact of naming it is enough to remove the resistance as every time I welcome a resistance, that I do not deny it, then honoured with my conscience, it sets in motion and ceases to be a resistance.

I see a green carpet, it’s not very clear yet, they’re little humans. A group, like a group of hikers on this green field, this green carpet. A group of hikers dressed in rather colourful clothes who walk backpack, well grouped, they walk well determined to follow the path of their hike, well determined to go to the destination they have chosen.
There is a leader, there is a person in the front row who seems to guide the whole group. I see this from a distance and the image seems rather pleasant to me. But when I approach, these beings turn red and I see that the leader who seemed rather sympathetic to me is actually a dictator. And that other people are subject to it.
So I am asked to observe this group where there is finally one person and four others who are in fact in terror, under the domination of the one who leads them and in reality they are not backpacks but burdens that are carried on their backs. It was explained to me that with this image I was shown a reality of humanity. Beings who believe that they are walking, hiking in nature and who are in reality under the domination of their personality, under the domination of a part of themselves that subjects the other parts. This personality is itself filled with thought.

And there my mind says no, not once again a lecture on the misdeeds of thinking about human life. So dear mind, you have the right to say that and you know very well that I do not consider you to be the author of misdeeds as long as you agree to be a tool at my disposal and on the contrary I recognize you in your beauty, in your power as long as you do not try to take power over me.
I come back to the teaching that is given. Everything is square in fact, that’s it, the one who leads has become a red square and the four people who were there have also become red cubes. They are not squares but cubes.
Of course, the one who leads is much taller. There are therefore five elements, a leader who is a cubic thought where rationality, mathematical logic has only place. There is no possibility of derogating from the rules established by the humans who deal with the material. It is a materialistic thought, a scientific thought that includes only matter and excludes the Spirit.
And the other four cubes represent the body, personality, soul and Spirit as seen by the mind. In fact, what we are given to see is how thought has enclosed all the components of the human being.
Then we can say that the leader is totally on my left and that there is an axis that starts from him and would go at 10:10 a.m. and therefore on either side of this axis, there is on his right the one closest to him, at 6:30 a.m., there would be the personality, on his left therefore 9:00 a.m. minus a quarter, there is the body on his right, therefore at 9:15 a.m. there would be the soul and at 10:10 a.m. there is the Spirit. There is an axis that separates everything. I am asked to install this image, to see that everything is straight, everything is angular, everything is cold, lifeless.

Thought not controlled by the human being, because thought is a crazy horse that cannot be controlled and when it is so this crazy horse takes power over your life, over your reality. So it is important to see that thought has the capacity to make the soul and the Spirit cubic. Thought can go so far as to confiscate the life force of the Spirit.
Indeed, if a human refuses by his rational thought to receive the forces of the Spirit then they do not penetrate into him, even if his soul is well present in his cells. The closing of doors belongs to the human being. Your freedom allows you to say no to the running forces of the Spirit in you, to the activity of your soul in your cells.
It is important that you know this, because you who are there have a vocation to go out and meet the humans of the Earth so that they unlock the doors they have closed and you will have to confront the horse crazy for the thoughts of those you meet. To tame the mad horse you should not start running after him because you know he will be faster and stronger than you in this chase race.
So you have to feel the way you proceed to bring this horse back to the meadow where you have the management, where you have decided that it was the meeting place with the person whose soul came to get you. You know of course, all the encounters you make are indeed encounters of the soul, encounters where your soul has been recognized as being able to nourish the person you meet with the Spirit. Just as your soul has recognized in the other its ability to nourish you with its I AM in order to make you grow and awaken. There is perfect symmetry in your human encounters.
So then you have to feel inside yourself how you can do so that the indomitable horse manages to enter the meadow of the encounter, manages to come obediently inside the being you meet. For it is not a question of you being the master of his thought but of your partner, the person with whom you are in relationship, becoming the master of his thought again.
To do this, you first have to simply recognize the master in front of you. You recognize yourself as master and by resonance phenomenon the partner in front of you will be able to recognize himself as master. As soon as you see in the other his ability to tame his thought, as soon as you see in your brother or sister his intelligence, his power, his beauty, then you offer him the possibility to tame his thought, to bring back the mad horse in the field and even to the stable.
So as soon as the thought has lost its autonomy and found the master who is in charge of it, then you can enter into a relationship with any person you meet.
We give you here some keys for the realization of your mission because the time is coming, know it, from these meetings where you will have, where you have because the present is now indicated, where you have to allow the awakening of consciousness, the return of the information of the Spirit in the beings you see.
The time has come to offer what you are so that humans who have forgotten remember the Spirit they are and stop living their lives from their mad horse, from their thoughts that have no one to control it. When the master is not there to control his thoughts, then it is his instincts that take over the power in him again.

Instincts are always related to survival and when a person is in a situation of survival, his or her mind starts to gallop, starts to go crazy. Often you fear your own madness as you have the mission to enlighten, guide, teach, heal. But I tell you the truth and I understand that it is Melchisedech who speaks and Christ, the solar consciousness is there too, “I tell you the truth, madness consists in not being able to control his thoughts. Madness awaits you as soon as your thought works alone, runs alone without the master inside you knowing how to control it. And it is your work that is coming now, that must be looked at. Your work first consists in recognizing the master in each person you meet so that this person can repatriate his thought back into him and thus make decisions from the totality of him.
You should see yourself helping the humans you meet to breathe. Breathing is a body key that allows through your blood filled with your consciousness, to activate the presence of the soul in each of the cells. As soon as you breathe, you leave the risk of being dominated by your instincts. As soon as you breathe then you install security in yourself and you leave the path of instincts which presents the risk that your thought will begin to dominate you, to gallop, to seize your I, your decision-making authority. Conscious breathing is a precious help for you as a guide. If you yourself breathe in consciousness calmly then you strengthen the consciousness of the master that you are, the consciousness of Christ incarnate. You strengthen the presence of your soul in the nucleus of your cells and invite the Spirit to inspire you. Your intuition then takes the place of your instincts and the Spirit comes to the forefront.
It is possible that this teaching may seem unimportant to you. That you already know everything that’s said there. This is recalled today because times have changed and your behaviour can now be affirmed in your mission, in your role as the healing guide of humanity.
It is important that you take possession of what your I AM came to do on Earth. The time has come to make the connection between your commitment in Spirit and your human commitment because the two are one. For a long time you had to wait to be ready and also for humanity to be ready to launch you into the accomplishment of your mission.
“We, Melchisedek, cosmic Christ, we tell you the truth, the time has come when humanity is ready or therefore you are ready. There is no longer any reason to wait to accomplish your mission. Each of you will find the form that suits you according to your temperament, talents and impulses.
Each of you as a creator finds the unique way to guide, heal, enlighten, teach. The forms of the past no longer have any reason to exist, the phenomena of resonance are indeed more important than any discourse or argument.
As soon as you are yourself in your unit then you allow everyone you meet to move towards unity. As soon as you yourself breathe in consciousness and you control your thought, then you provoke around you conscious breathing, control of the thought and memory of the Spirit that it is.
For that is the purpose of your mission, the disease of humanity is nothing more than amnesia, forgetting its true nature. Healing is therefore simply the rediscovered consciousness of the Spirit who is at the origin of life, of the Spirit who manifests himself in the form on Earth through humans, through matter.
If you wish, you can already access the joy of humanity’s reunion with the Spirit who constitutes its true substance. This joy is there because this reality has never been denied even if human thought has sometimes obscured this truth.

I am shown a rather dark disc with a centre, like a vinyl disc, rather a 45 rpm. I am told an old refrain, a refrain that is constantly sung: “You won’t be able to do it, the task is too big, so when people tell you it sounds very simple, but in reality you know it’s very different”.
It’s the work of my thought that brings out its refrain, its refrain, its refrain, an old single that runs in a loop. And I say that this is exactly what has just been described, how thought can sometimes want to take power in my I, in my consciousness and invalidate me, make me believe that I am not capable. It is for many people and for me in particular, it is part of the human conditioning, to believe that I am not up to the task I am undertaking.
And obviously the first thing that settles in me, I believe that I am not up to what the Spirit has undertaken by coming to Earth. My thought is not able to do what the Spirit can do and of course it is right. And I say to my thought, “You are perfectly right, you are not equal to what the Spirit has undertaken. I tell you the truth, you, my thought, the Spirit is equal to what he has undertaken and what he undertakes because the Spirit is present, the source is poured permanently into my body, around me, I breathe the Source, I live the Source, I AM a divine presence”.
That’s it, the 45 is gone. I am always impressed with the way the images are given so that I can understand, because in fact what I understand is that I am never directly told the problem, I am shown the image so that I can make the way to consciousness, so that I can become aware of the problem. And it’s much stronger than if the spiritual world told me that’s the problem because I could say no, I’ll rebel. When I name the problem myself from the image it gives me, I can see the reality of the problem.
I thank the spiritual world for its pedagogy, for its ability to teach us and I can also notice that thinking is always very muscular to oppose the reality shown.

There’s an old wise man who shows me a scroll and asks me to come closer. And he said to me, “See, here is your mission letter written. Your mission letter is just a reproduction of all the mission letters you took with you when you came to Earth. The mission letter took the form of the tables of the law, took the form of the scrolls of yesteryear and today your mission letter could appear to you as a computer screen.
But your mission letter still contains the same mission and the same goes for all those who are listening and who are there. Your mission letter is always the same, it can be summed up in a few words, participate in the evolution of human consciousness, contribute to the unification of the human being who experiences duality, make the Spirit live in matter.
These are the terms of your mission, these are the simplicity of your mission. For all of you it is identical but for all of you it is unique because it is up to each of you to give the form that suits you, to this content that has just been given to you.
Each of you has talents that will allow you to put into action the instructions given to you. Do not try to mimic your neighbor, do not try to imitate your sister or brother it would be futile, feel inside you, the way that corresponds to you to make the Spirit live in matter, to revive the consciousness of the Source in the flesh, to achieve unity in density, in duality”.
I feel a great peace enveloping me. It doesn’t come from the inside, it envelops me. This being who had the scroll drops it off and says to me: “I am happy that you heard me, I am happy that you agree to remember that you have always come with this same mission. Your mission is the same for all humans. The way you grab it makes you different beings. The objective of humanity since the dawn of time is to experience density while remembering its divine nature.
Some of your brothers and sisters have forgotten their divine reality as they have experienced it and you who remember it are there to bring back the memory. It may be that in your past experiences, you may have had the feeling that you were failing in your mission, the feeling that instead of bringing light, humanity is only increasing darkness. It may be possible.
Remember that involution was necessary for you to freely mobilize your energy, your power and then to ascend to a high consciousness of yourself. It is proposed for all those who are there, who listen to these words, to receive from Melchisedech and from the solar beings who are at his side a blessing, an encouragement”.

So I don’t know the word, it’s something that relaunches motivation, restores faith, restores the desire to pursue the mission and makes it possible not to feel tired, not to know weariness, to get out of belief, to be in the consciousness of power.

Melchisedech and the solar beings who are with him, said: “Oh you who are here, I call you near me if you wish. Oh you who are here, I invite you into my sphere in order to restore the momentum that is yours to act on Earth, I invite you to receive within you the love that is mine for you so that your momentum is preserved, so that the momentum ofyour heart is still alive and thus your heart carries the mission you have chosen by being here, in this time of healing for humanity.
I invite you to come close to me if you wish so that in your belly may be the flame that guides your steps, the flame of the Spirit that sends you to those who need you. I invite you to come close to me so that your thought may always be mastered by you and thus help you in the sacred action that you have chosen according to your own modalities, according to your talents.
This time is there, this time that you have been waiting for a long time, this time is there of the junction between the human and the divine and you who is there, you can only rejoice in the junction in you that you can offer to those you meet. I cherish you, I bless you.

I am really aware of all these moments in history when there were the great epics. There, in particular, I had in front of me the moment of the crusades when it is a question of going to reclaim Christ’s tomb and there is this more or less blind faith that seizes people. It is this motivation, except that there is not a pope or an army general who blesses the mission. It is each of us who receives, if he wishes, the opportunity to review his mission and who receives in him, the sacred fire that allows action.
There is no group formed, there is everyone’s responsibility. And this is what is really important and we can see how it was necessary to move from the collective to the individual so that then, individuals choose to group themselves together but not necessarily in the visible but in the Spirit.

I feel that what was to be experienced today has been experienced. I still feel that I am very full of everything that has been said even if my mind tells me, “it is quite classical, known etc… All right”.
I give thanks to the spiritual world, Melchisedec, who is decidedly presenting himself as the guide of humanity today with the Archangel Michael, obviously Christ the solar consciousness, consciousness of the great suns, absolute love.
I also give thanks to all the people who are present, who listen and who work to appropriate what is given, each in his own way, each with his own temperament, each with his own singularity. Thank you for being here, thank you for your trust.