audio – Changeover and baptism

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

Nice teaching received during this guidance. The meaning of earthly existence is recalled as well as our deliberate choice to participate in the experience of free will in density. The reminder of the bases on which we can act allows everyone to reinforce the feeling of their legitimacy and capacities. Under the aegis of Christ, those who desire it can baptize themselves so that Human/Divine unity may be an effective reality.

We are living in this period the end of involution and, consequently, the ascent of consciousness to the Spirit. A new evolution that means that the memory of our spiritual nature returns, that means the actualisation of the potential of love that we contain. It is therefore a question here of reversing the curve of involution towards evolution, of changing the global consciousness of humanity.

The magi who welcome us on the plane of high consciousness to which we go during this transmission teach us about the consequences of this changeover and in particular about the change in relationship with our environment: an invitation to leave behind the quest for jouissance linked to our five senses in order to move towards “the joy of faith”. It is proposed to live during the listening an experience of communion with the Spirit, accessible to all volunteers, to replace the legend according to which one must show merit, perform heroic acts, to reach a state of joy. Those who so desire can, moreover, during the listening of this guidance, experience the fact of being simultaneously the particle and the whole, the matter and the Spirit, the creator and his creation.

After this experience, the great Melchizedek guide comes to offer to those who desire it a confirmation of baptism, a consolidation of the faith that brings joy. The guides show great compassion towards us, seeing our earthly life enamelled with doubts, despair and boredom. This time can be over for all those who choose to give themselves to the global consciousness of humanity, to offer their whole being to the ongoing evolution.

This guidance seemed very simple and accessible to me. At the end of the process, I saw the immense impact of what we experienced when I saw that beyond the magi who presided over the celebration, the assembly of galaxy representatives was held. I had the impression that this assembly was in a way the one in charge of organizing the universe. It has been discreet so that we are not intimidated and only appears at the very end of the guidance to thank and encourage us.

Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life.
I offer myself totally to I AM.

I propose to manifest, here and now, in my body, through my personality with my mobilized I, what it is, what I AM from all eternity. The Spirit that constitutes me can take place totally in the cells, in my consciousness and thus I can welcome the divine presence of Archangel Michael who offers me his power, who strengthens my anchoring and allows me to have confidence.
I can also welcome the divine presence of the Crystal Master who gives my cells the information of my vibratory body. I also welcome the presence of the consciousness of the Earth, the divine Mother with whom I reaffirm my desire to cooperate, to act, for our common evolution, for our mutual growth and of course, I welcome with great joy the presence of Jesus, my brother, my friend, my companion, he also strengthens my trust. He constantly reminds me that he places at our disposal his experience as a human being, adombered by Christ, having gathered in him Spirit and matter, human dimension and spiritual nature.
I feel that after uttering these words, my frequency rises. I feel the warmth that does not come from the outside but from the inside, that manifests itself in my body and I recognize, through this warmth, the increase in frequency, the access to higher planes of consciousness than before beginning this guidance, before shaping this meeting of woman and Spirit.

I feel that something is opening, I feel it at the level of the crown, therefore at the energy centre that is at the top of my head. I feel the presence of the solar system, relayed by the Great Council of Wise Men who are watching over the experience that is lived here on Earth and in the entire solar system. I receive their support, their support, their upward strength.
My heart opens and joy settles in me, the joy of faith, the awareness of the unalterable bond between the human and the divine, the joy of the memory of the Spirit that I AM and its continuity with life here on Earth.
I rise higher in my planes of consciousness and I am welcomed, surrounded by Beings, pure Spirits, who watch over all galaxies, who watch over all the experiences that take place in the universe and who, in so doing, watch over the experience that we live on Earth. And they say:
“We have a special focus on what is happening on Earth in your solar system. Indeed, perhaps you are unaware that this experience is very specific, singular, that it has no equivalent elsewhere in the universe, because the level of density at which you are located by your body of flesh on this mineralized planet, this level of density is not reached in the other spheres.
It is a choice you have made, you humans, brothers of human consciousness, that you have made and that has led to the formation of a planet to the challenge you have given yourself. We speak indeed, of challenge, because you have chosen trust in love, you have bet on the power of love to the point of taking the risk of forgetting it, of relegating it, of putting it aside, considering that the call of love in you would be so great that then you would remember, you would choose it.
It is essential that you know what you yourself have decided, in this experience where you have endowed yourself with freedom, free will, where you have recognized yourself as Creators. You have carried the Creator that you are in a plane of densified consciousness or the Spirit that is your true substance could disappear from your consciousness and you have thus bet on the voluntary return of your consciousness to the love creative principle, to the subtle substance that lives in your cells throughout your body with your senses.
The presence of your five senses allows you to grasp the matter but it is these same senses that have gradually distanced you from the truth of your essence, of the Spirit. You have been blinded, deafened, intoxicated by the five senses that have given you ever more desire to seek pleasure, to seek jouissance, to the point of forgetting joy, to the point of denying the evidence of absolute happiness that resides in the Spirit consciousness of the divine plan of your consciousness.
You have arrived in humanity at this extreme point of sensory life, life based on the search for jouissance and pleasure. Oh, we don’t mean that it’s about being ascetics, that it’s about being sad Beings who deprive themselves of the pleasures of life. That is not the point. Your religions have led you down this path and you know that this path is in vain and risks creating frustration, restriction and abuse in you through compensation, compulsion and reaction to deprivation. That is not the point.
It is, you see, today, after you have fully experienced what your five senses have allowed you to experience, after you have experienced pleasure and jouissance, it is about learning to live joy, to learn to awaken your sixth sense, the one that allows you to live with the Spirit, while still being in your human form, in your plane of consciousness that believes that space and time are the only possible reality, the only truth, in this plane of consciousness where you only see matter and you no longer see the Spirit that governs it. The moment of the turnaround has arrived, the moment of the turnaround of consciousness has arrived.

I feel that I am being asked to take the measure of what is being said, and I see a curve of involution and I see the rise of this curve towards evolution. It is clear to me that the incarnation of Christ in Jesus marks the beginning of this ascent and that, more than two thousand years after this experience lived in humanity, there is now an acceleration of the ascent.
I see the image clearly, it is not the first time it has been shown to me and here I feel that putting it in words publicly, sharing it again with those who are there, who listen to these words, is very important because each of us can feel in him, in his body, this upward force of the ascent. After involution, the immersion in matter, here is evolution, the awakening of consciousness to the Spirit.

“Here you are, some of you feel the call to joy in you, because that is what it is all about. Hear in you the call to joy. Joy, as you know, is not an emotion. Emotions are part of the experiences you have had in your incarnation that were closely linked to your five senses.
Joy, on the other hand, has no sensory origin but comes from your ability to be whole, to unify, to be simultaneously present in your body and present in Spirit, conscious of the Spirit. Joy comes from your faith, from your awareness of the Spirit that you are and that is manifested in you, through you, here in density.
Don’t be fooled by appearances, don’t be fooled by your senses alone. Add to your five senses, this sixth sense that allows you to see beyond the visible, to hear beyond the audible, to smell beyond the olfactory, to touch beyond the sensitive, to taste beyond the pleasure of the mouth.
Your sixth sense is the very one that allows you to speak with inspiration, to say sentences without having thought them, to let your mouth speak while your thought is at rest and your highest consciousness inspires your words.
It is time for you to know how to use your sublime abilities, sublime is the word voluntarily used to speak of a reality beyond the sensitive world, the visible world, the world perceptible by your senses. There is sublime in your sixth sense and this sublime is now, within your reach, in your body, as you are now.
Because, you see, there is a legend that we would like you to look at so that you can decide whether or not to join the story being told. Legend has it that you would have to be a hero who has overcome many obstacles, fought many wars, undergone the necessary trials to be worthy of faith, of communion with the Spirit.
This is a legend because we tell you the truth, you can, as you are now, without heroic action, without trial to undergo, without a complicated initiatory path to live, you can now be in communion with the Spirit.
It depends on your decision and not on your merit or the efforts you make. So you can say that we suggest you believe in another legend, it belongs to you. But if we propose that you abandon the ancient legend of the need to be a hero in order to commune with the Spirit, to enter into the modern experience of communion with the Spirit through your own decision, then we leave you the choice, for, indeed, always, free will is installed on Earth and your sovereignty, for us who guide you, is unalterable, unbreakable.
But, if you wish, instead of holding to ancient beliefs, you can, at this moment, experience communion with the Spirit.

So I see twelve magicians, I don’t really know what the magicians are, but in any case, twelve magicians who position themselves around us, I could say around each of us and who, in fact, proceed to our baptism, baptism of the human being on the plane of consciousness where we are at this moment.
They proceed to our baptism, that is, they adorn us, they shine upon us, they emit to us an unconditional, absolutely intense love, how to say, a perfect love.
And, they tell us that they give us, for our benefit, attention, this perfect love so that, ourselves, we can be in a perfect love for ourselves. That is, they give us the opportunity to experience, for ourselves, unconditional love, the total acceptance of who we are on the human level, because they say that we are absolutely perfect, absolutely ready for the path of evolution that presents itself to us now. They tell us:
“This baptism is the baptism of unconditional love of you for you. There is no one else but yourself who can perform this baptism. It is a self-baptism, in a way. This baptism, you can proceed by letting yourself be penetrated by the love that is given to you, in this moment, by the recognition of the perfection of your Beings, such as you are, there, now, without having to change anything.
You can, by welcoming this radiance of love that is destined for you, be the priest who takes holy water and pours it on the child’s skull. There is no water, there is love, there is no priest, there is you.

The word baptism could be another word. It could be said: unification moment, junction moment, reconnection moment. Everyone will be able to find the right word to name this communion with the love with which you are invited. What is said by the Magi:
“In the name of Christ, this is communion. Receive, O you who are there, the energy you need to be gathered in yourself, to be complete, to be enlarged by yourself. Receive, O you who are there, the means to enter into love, the absolute love that you hold within you and that you can now awaken, activate. In the name of Christ, you are King, in the name of Christ, you are Queen.

Something obviously becomes very, very big in me. I feel a dilation of the body. I feel a new harmony within me. I feel a state of perfection, of total alignment, between what I AM from all eternity and the manifestation here on Earth.
“The Creator has experienced his creation. The Creator raises the creature that he is here on Earth, on the throne of his divinity.
I see the sky opening and I see my body opening towards the sky. I feel that there is a junction between my body and the sky, that while being here, in this densified form, in this human body, I also live in the sky, in the subtle plane and life, on the subtle plane, I do not perceive it at all in the same way, since in the subtle plane, I am a particle of the whole.
But, this particle is present in the Whole. There is no space, it is information that has no form and there is therefore no place to occupy, since this information composes the Whole, just as the Whole composes the information. The image is that of the diamond, the diamond of the divinity, each of which is a facet, and which allows us to see that we constitute the diamond as much as it constitutes us.
It is proposed to us to live this consciousness there, to be a particle of the Whole, which composes the Whole, and at the same time to be the Whole. In other words, we know the other particles, we welcome them, we integrate them. And, for all that, we are responsible for our uniqueness, our specificity.

“This experience has already been lived many times by many of you. Today, it is proposed to you so that you can take a stand towards yourself, towards your life. You can, in fact, continue to live your earthly existence from the point of view of your five senses, from the point of view of the search for jouissance, the search for your pleasures.
And, if you wish, you can continue your existence from now on, starting from your experience of communion with the divine, from your experience of belonging to the divine plan, as a representative of the divine plan. You can continue to live your life in faith and joy. This belongs to you. It is a choice. Certainly, your choice of this moment may later be called into question. However, if you wish, you can inscribe in your consciousness the reality of the experience you are living now. This reality, inscribed in your consciousness, can be a reference for you. Not a memory, but a bodily, cellular experience that you do not need to conceptualize. You can simply call it “experience of faith and joy”, without any other words for that. And when you question your choice in this way, if you have chosen this path, you will be able to update, from your self-awareness, at that moment, the reality of that state that you now know.
If you have not lived this experience, you know the modalities and your cognitive memory will remember what has just been proposed here, because your I AM will ensure that you remember, even if your oppositions, your brakes will do everything to take you into oblivion.
Thus, thanks to a particular experience that your I AM will lead you to live, it is possible that you can then activate the implementation of Unity, communion, sovereignty, realized in the presence of Christ, by the will of Christ. Then, everything will be in place, and you will be able, according to your rhythm, according to your desire, to experience faith and joy, because it is not a question of forming a new belief. The time of beliefs is over. This is the time for the truth. We know that your life system is full of beliefs and the Master that you are today can decide to review beliefs in order to confront them with the truth that lives in you. There is no effort to be made in this regard. There is, to decide that you want to end beliefs and that you want to live the truth. For this, it is enough to ask your I AM, to help you, to guide you to live any situation necessary for the installation of the truth in you, so that the beliefs of the past can be erased. Like the footprints on the sand, these beliefs will disappear in favour of an axis of truth, an axis of diamond within you.
We know that you are, in these moments of change, of reversal, confronted with forces of opposition, internal to yourselves, that these forces, very often unbalance you and give you the feeling of regressing, of returning to ancient times, in these moments when you were not informed of your divinity. We, the Magi who surround you today, remind you that two Beings are really at your disposal to face these difficulties that you encounter and that have their place in your evolution. These two Beings, we remind you, have been appointed to you: Archangel Michael can help you on the level of your humanity and the Melchizedek guide can help you on the level of your divinity. These two are connected by an arch, under which you can place yourself if you decide to.
We would like to say a word about the usefulness of this confrontation with your fears, your obstacles, your doubts. These fears, these obstacles, are indeed necessary so that you may have greater lucidity about yourself, so that you may find the smallest parts of yourself who would like to oppose the truth of Christ in you, of the Spirit who constitutes you.
Each time you are confronted with this opposition and you choose to continue your existence for your mission, for service to the I AM, for your contribution to the elevation of human consciousness, each time you strengthen yourself. You are realizing a potential of love that was there, inside you, asleep and in need of awakening.
Feel the joy, feel the joy of being able to choose the way of love, the way of Christ, the way of light. Have confidence in yourself, in those who accompany you, to be the Master of these confrontations, to live these confrontations in the highest consciousness of yourselves, for the highest consciousness of yourselves is a reality, you know it, as you see it now.
Among you, there are different forms of fear that arise: fear of madness, fear of treason, fear of imposture, are all fears that come from your wounds, from your human formatting. They have no other reality than in your own history. It is necessary to look at them from the top of your mountain, from the top of your Being. Do not go down into the herd at the risk of being carried away by him. Stay on top of your mountain and call the part of you that fears madness, call the part of you that fears betrayal, that fears being a traitor, call the part of you that fears imposture and illuminate it with your light, flood it with the love of your I AM for yourself. Offer him the truth of Christ and thus you will be healed, for these are indeed healings to be done now, at this moment of turning, at this moment when it is possible that human consciousness may finally open itself to its divinity, to its subtle nature.
We know that your societies are based on a materialistic science that wants to impose itself as the only truth, without energy, without the Spirit being present. And, we know, that some of you are concerned to see this power that science gives itself, that humans give themselves through this science that only sees chemistry and does not see the Spirit.
Everything has been done by the Spirit and many souls have incarnated in places where the science of matter seems to be taking hold. But many are the souls embodied by the scientists of your countries, who are able to awaken to the reality of the Spirit. Everywhere, among scientists, awake or awake Beings will soon speak. Their word waits until the level of consciousness of some is high enough to be heard, because the shift can take place when some offer their consciousness as awakened beings to the whole of humanity. This is what you yourselves are doing in this moment, this is what you yourselves have chosen to do.
Sometimes it may seem to you that your action is very modest, very vain. This is not the case, quite the contrary. By volunteering to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness, you offer yourself to the body of humanity, you offer yourself to the human soul as a whole and little by little, the light you carry illuminates the whole.
The digital aspect is of little importance, because, as you know, a small flame overcomes darkness. That is what is happening. This is why, turning is now possible, switching is possible. It is a great joy for us to tell you this today.
And this leads us to thank you for your bravery, for your courage, because weknow, how much for you who have chosen to incarnate for the work of light, the work of love, it has sometimes been difficult to walk in your human form. Tiredness, depression, boredom, a feeling of uselessness, have often invaded you. We understand this, because the preparation for the moment we are living now has sometimes been long for many of you.
But, here you can rejoice because the flowers are delivered today. The flowers of conversion, the flowers of reversal, the flowers of changeover, the flowers of the marriage of matter and Spirit. Flowers are laid to honour you. Flowers are offered to you and the fragrant lily opens your larger hearts.

I am given to see a very great joy, one could say an explosion, which is not at all violent, but it is not an explosion, it is something that opens, it is very soft, it is very powerful but not violent, it is strong, it is very beautiful, it is a little like a firework display that would be very soft, it does not burst, it arises without surprise, it emanates with strength: emanation with strength, emanation with power.
I feel like we’re at the end of a stage for today. There is like a Great Galactic Council that surrounded the magi who were with us, with the usual guides, especially Melchisedech, Arcturius for me. There is a great universal meeting, a great meeting of galaxies, a great meeting of the different suns that are the highest in vibration.
There is something, it is a great surprise because I did not perceive that it was so important and solemn what we were going through, and here, obviously, it is said that we were allowed to do this work today, very quietly, without showing us the greatness and importance of what we were doing.
“The indications were very simple and ordinary so that you would not be impressed by the impact of the reality you had to live with.
But indeed, it is as if, at the end of this process, I discover that everyone is there, the greatest are there. It doesn’t mean anything spiritually, but it helps us to understand. One could say that, in fact, the greatest leaders of the universe, the Great Galactic Council, under the presidency of the Central Sun, is impressive. They were there and we didn’t know it. They assisted us, they supported us, they helped us, without showing up, without being seen, so that we could be quiet, so that we could be among ourselves.
What a joy! Now, I have the feeling that a plan has been implemented, something was planned a long time ago and was waiting for us to be ready. And that day came, something smooth, soft, silky is presented, like a very smooth, well stretched fabric, I don’t know why I see that. I can say it’s pink, ochre, salmon color maybe, in an inclined plane. It is said that it is simply a matter of finding rest here, of finding rest after the mission accomplished. I feel that I am invited to silence, that there is like a second baptism taking place.

It is no longer a baptism, I am told, it is a confirmation (as in church) and there is no bishop, it is Melchizedek. This is not true at all, of course, physically. But the feeling I have is Melchisedek’s hand confirming that I am part of his team. And you can feel that, each of you, where you are, this admission to the Holy of Holies, I am told.
What a joy, but what a joy! All Human Beings who desire it are invited to this assembly of confirmed. Confirmed means: those who have baptized themselves, and who choose to continue the work of opening up consciousness, the evolution of humanity. And there, when we accept this confirmation, this Melchizedek energy above our heads, we receive, once again, the tools, the necessary skills to continue the path. I see a beautiful blue color. I think that the color blue is really the color of our aura, a beautiful indigo blue color. All those who accept this confirmation from Melchizedek, who accept this entry into the Holy of Holies, which is not at all reserved for an elite, all humans are invited.
They happen to be a few of us, but tomorrow, all humans will be able to experience the same thing in a different form, but it is the same for every human being: to enter the Holy of Holies. I’m not sure what that means. It is linked to the temple of Jerusalem, it is linked to all those places where there is a covenant, an ark of covenant between the divine and the human plan.
I also, of course, feel the presence of Moses, I say obviously because he is a Being who is familiar to me, who often returns to my consciousness and with whom I feel close. There, they say to me: “The painting is painted”. I don’t know what that means. This must be a subliminal message to all the painters who listen to me and I know that there are many of them.

I feel that this is the end of this guidance. One step ends. I feel that there will be other stages but that today’s stage is decisive, unexpected but decisive. They let us continue. We can say that the greats of the galaxy, the galaxies, are withdrawing. They tell us:
“That’s it, you have accomplished well what needed to be done and we let you continue in complete confidence and we hope that the confidence we have in you is equal to the confidence you have in yourself. There is no longer any reason for you to doubt yourself, you are confirmed.

I give thanks to all this beautiful spiritual assembly, to the magi I didn’t know. I feel the presence of Christ very strong, the solar consciousness and the presence of Jesus too. Jesus is very present in everything we do now. It’s really Golgotha upside down. Yes, all of a sudden, it showed me that Golgotha has reversed, this summit is now at the bottom.
I see a lot of light and I offer my infinite gratitude to the world of the Spirit. I offer my infinite gratitude to all the people who are there, who participate, who contribute, who accept the transformations that are proposed by the Spirit, who accept faith and joy to be their way. Thank you.