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medmo 2019/06/26/
medmo 2019/06/26/

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

Little by little, I integrate the technical gestures and am more available from the beginning of the reception of the guidance. I suppose it will become more and more fluid as I integrate the procedure. In live broadcasting, there may be interruptions, probably caused by everyone’s Internet systems. They do not seem to affect the recording.

I strongly feel the effect of the presence of live listeners and the impact of listeners who listen offline because their I AM is already present at the moment I channel the message.

The day’s guidance begins with a short course on perfection and the fact that we are the supreme authority who decides on it. More pre-established morality, but an inner listening that allows us to discern the perfection of the present moment.

After this clarification, we were raised to the plane of absolute Truth in order to receive the ability to communicate from consciousness to consciousness. I perceived each human being as information that wanted to give itself entirely to others. The total gift, without restriction, is then a source of joy and richness. At the same time, the receipt of donations is also a source of joy and wealth. All human souls have been invited to receive the aptitude for truth and gift that has been transmitted to the earthly plane through a field of wheat on earth.

On the higher vibratory stratum, we were welcomed into absolute Love. In this subtle “environment”, I see that the spiritual beings that we are are perceived by the effusion that emanates from them and not by their substance, because there is no substance. The term used to designate what we are in this plane of consciousness is “an assembly of gods”, each god carrying within him the quintessence of a golden drop. The transmission to humans took place by depositing the quintessence of the golden drop in the centre of the labyrinth of the cathedral of Charters. The famous stained glass window “Notre-Dame de la Belle Verrière” represents our view, while the centre of the labyrinth is our heart. An aniseed scent of alchemy embalmed all this guidance.

For information, yesterday’s guidance took us to San Francisco where a replica of the Chartres labyrinth was built. Thank you Isabelle for the info which shows that these transmissions from the spiritual world are following a progression aimed at forming us, leading us to a higher plane of self-awareness.

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Colourful and inspired drawing Élodie LAGOUY

Automatic translation of Elodie Lagouy’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

Thank you for being there, thank you for being connected to your I AM, as I am myself. Thank you for being connected to the spiritual world, for expanding your consciousness, as I expand mine to receive information about what I AM from all eternity.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy
And I swim in the movement of life

Here and now, I witness my joy in being totally at the service of the Spirit, connected to my human brothers and sisters who also commit themselves to live on Earth what they are in light, what they are in Spirit.
Human fraternity is being built, love is becoming more and more the law, even if on the surface nothing seems to change in reality. In the subtle, great movements are underway, great changes are being organized so that the new fraternity may be born, so that all humans gathered by Christ incarnate in their flesh, recognized by them, may be born.

In the same way that I greet the humans who are there, receptive to light, to love, I also greet Archangel Michael who greatly contributes to strengthening my anchoring, to accessing my power.
I also greet the conscience of the Earth, the divine Mother who offers me at this moment her love, protection and kindness.
I also greet the Crystal Master who supports my spine to keep me upright, to maintain transparency so that I can hear and see with ease, what I am given to hear and see, and what is emitted by the Spirit.
I joyfully receive the presence of Jesus my brother, the one who shows me the way, the one who before us, before me, accomplished the path of the unification of Christ incarnate in his flesh, of the divine being conscious of the presence of his Father in him.
I repeat my joy at this present moment, at this communion organized to honour the world of light, the world of the Spirit.
I join the Great Council of Wise Men who watch over the earthly experience, who watch over the solar system. I receive from the planets everything they have to give me, we receive from the planets everything they have to give us. In their rightful place, they are now issuing their information, they are proceeding with their gifts so that we may be nourished by their gifts, so that we may be filled with their infinite love, their aspect.

I feel my solar plexus which is very present, there is like an emotion and it is not an emotion, it is something that invites me to be totally present, to deposit here, there at this moment, what relates to my human dimension and which cannot be carried on a higher frequency. These are my thoughts, these are my attachments, these are my identifications, these are my needs to be approved and loved that are specific to my human condition, that have a place to be but cannot be taken on the plane of the Spirit where I am, completely fulfilled, complete with myself and the spiritual bath in which I am immersed.
I have the image of a green foliage with red veins, it’s a plant, I see three branches with three leaves, it looks like Japanese anemone leaves that I know, since I have some in the garden. Here, I am at the heart of this plant, I am at the centre of this plant, I am asked to receive the solar consciousness, I am asked to do photosynthesis like the plant does.
But it is said to me, towards the sun itself or in any case, by the being who carries within him the solar consciousness. In the Great Council of the Wise, the one who carries Christ in him tells me: “Just as the plant receives light to grow and flourish, so too those who listen, those who are present, those who will also listen, will be present to themselves, will be able to receive sunlight as the plant receives it, with as much simplicity, naturalness as the plant itself receives it.
Breathe through all the pores of your skin, whether you are outside or inside, it doesn’t matter because sunlight has no boundaries, the information of the sun star enters your homes, goes through walls.
Light information should not be confused with ultraviolet rays, for example, which are blocked by the walls. This is about light in its most minute form, in its purest information.
Just be in the moment without thinking, without thinking, without thinking, just to feel what is there in you and what is perfect. I ask you to recognize your perfection, the perfection of what you are experiencing in the moment, nothing better than what you are experiencing can be experienced since thus, you have chosen to be there in this moment, recognized by yourself, filled with yourself.
The moment is perfect and it is proposed to you to know it, to remember it, to take note of it. At all times, in your human organizations, you have been lectured, you have been disapproved, you have sometimes also been approved because you did the right thing.
I now ask you to break the habits that have been adopted, to judge that you are good or bad, good or bad, there is nothing that indicates good and evil, good and bad. There is what satisfies you, there is your own joy, you are yourself the measure, you are yourself the measuring tape, you are yourself the decision-making tool of your perfection.
No rule, no dogma, no scale can replace your own authority at this time. I tell you the truth, you are perfect and I ask you to feel the perfume of perfection. I invite you to capture the feeling of your perfection so that you can, whenever you need it, feel it in you.
It is no longer time to judge you, it is no longer time to evaluate you, it is no longer time to check that you have done in accordance with the prescription given to you by an external authority. You are asked to be yourself the authority, to be yourself the king, the queen that your I AM invites you to be, here in your incarnation.
The king and queen do not conquer new territories, they live in their territories and cooperate with the other kings, the other queens who occupy their territories themselves. This is how joyful life goes, this is how life is rich in your diversity, your differences, your singularities.
It is important to extract yourself from these old formats that reassured you to know that you were a good person, it is up to you to decide what good you are and it cannot be decided on the basis of your human behaviour assessed by your neighbours, your family, your environment.
This good that you are, you have to feel it in yourself, by the joy that exults in you, by the joy that wants to be transmitted, by the joy that wants to be said. I ask you to breathe to digest. »

This teaching was necessary to continue the journey, to raise our frequency in order to go further, to receive instructions for today’s mission. “Very often we take advantage of a small stopover in your ascent to give you some information, to invite you to review old positions that are no longer adapted to the new fraternity you are building. Do not hear in our indications any reproach, any reprobation, it is rather a question of encouraging yourself, of telling you things you already know and that it is good that you hear again to be reassured about your choices to live according to your I AM and no longer according to the rules established by the humans who preceded you, by the humans who surround you”.

Here, I now feel that, rich in this development, I am accessing a transparent sphere of light. I am invited to enter this sphere, I am invited to take my place and I can assume that this invitation applies to all those who hear, all those who listen present live, on a deferred basis because the time where we are now does not exist. It is even a question of saying that the presence of those who will listen later is already operational, here and now, to strengthen the ascension forces of our consciences.
I take a moment to feel the atmosphere of this sphere, it is a luminous transparent personal vehicle to travel through space. There are a few preparations to make, a few breaths to take to smell the ambient air in which we are immersed.
I am asked to exhale well to leave all kinds of emotions, thoughts, human behaviour here, before benefiting from the performance of the vehicle we have entered.

I feel a light aniseed scent very light as in fennel this morning. This helps the human brain to make connections, the aniseed fragrance when it is slightly pronounced to facilitate understanding, facilitate access to new information. The aniseed fragrance opens the consciousness when it is light, when it is barely perceptible.
I breathe, I hear the wind outside, something happens in my heart, something opens in my heart and I feel that the vehicle in which I have taken my place is moving, making a movement. ThisI myself am an information and I am immersed in an ocean of information where I am placed. Information communicates with each other without the need for informal media and yet information units are transmitted.
In fact, it seems to me that here we are being offered the opportunity to enter into the experience of communication from consciousness to consciousness: my consciousness receives information from other consciences and I transmit from my consciousness, information intended for other consciences. What happens with individuals is exactly the image of what happens in our brain, with the neurons interconnecting.
What happens between consciences is exactly similar to what happens biologically in our brain system with neurons. So here we are being asked to observe this, to let it live, not to try to understand it with our human rationality, but to let ourselves be imbued with this capacity that is already there, in all humans since it is part of our essential being.
It is part of our I AM, this ability to communicate from consciousness to consciousness, it has been part of our baggage since the very beginning of our human existence, but human formatting and the priority given to the rational brain has buried this ability. Today, it is a question of digging it up, exhuming it so that it may finally be at your disposal, so that you can joyfully and freely use this ability to communicate from conscience to conscience.

“It is necessary to cultivate in each of you the truth because if you can control your word, sometimes disguise it so as not to say what you feel totally, when you communicate from consciousness to consciousness, it is indeed the totality of your being, the consciousness you have of yourself that is offered to the consciousness of the other person with whom you enter into relationship. In the same way, when you receive information from your brother or sister, you receive the totality of what he is, of what he is.
It is beautiful from where we are now, from the plane of total truth where we are now. The communication thus organized is a splendour that shines throughout the entire universe. I hear a great breath of wind and I recognize the breath of the Spirit who comes to sign the phenomenon we are experiencing.
I feel my heart filling with joy. I see a lot of light emanating from these encounters from consciousness to consciousness that I am offered to observe, to live. Every being, every I AM who wants to connect with another I AM, with another being and well, suddenly, this information becomes greater. That is to say, this unit of information expands and this expansion makes it possible to touch the other consciousness which, itself, is expanded, like two soap bubbles that meet and interpenetrate each other and that it is enriched.
I cannot see an image that is satisfactory to say that because once the information of another consciousness is received, then my own consciousness is strengthened and the consciousness of the other is also strengthened. That is, every time I give information, I strengthen myself and allow the other to strengthen himself.
Every time I receive information, I get stronger and the person who gave it to me also gets stronger because the gift is a source of wealth. “When you give, you enrich yourself, when you offer your truth to others, then you enrich yourself at least as much as you allow the other to enrich himself. This is the case in terms of pure truth where you have propelled yourself today, at this moment. And I see in fact, that on this level, this communication from consciousness to consciousness produces an absolutely wonderful, iridescent light. A light that does not burn but that rejoices, that nourishes, that really develops the joy as soon as two consciences manage to communicate, to exchange information, to give themselves.
It is not an exchange in fact because there are sometimes consciences that give without necessarily receiving from the same consciousness to whom they have given. It is really specific to what we call here the gift economy that is also beginning to emerge on Earth.
It is about knowing the joy of giving and knowing the joy of receiving, not necessarily from the same person to whom we have given. And here, it is exactly this model that we have come to seek, that of the spiritual relationship to be established on Earth.
“The model you have come to observe is destined to be experienced also on Earth, from your human condition since, as you know, your human condition is becoming more and more united to your spiritual nature. Your human frequency is increasingly focused on your spiritual nature and you can therefore organize new experiences by accepting that your frequency is placed on a higher degree, that of your I AM.
You cannot obviously approach these experiences from your human consciousness, from the level of your personality without adding the I AM frequency. Your personality, like your body, will serve to formalize this level of information, which is formless.

There are many rainbows emanating from this plane where communication from consciousness to consciousness takes place. The gift of information is organized and while there were only a few of us, the more we gave our information and received the information from the other, the more people are there and I see what happened. By doing so to a few and well the spiritual world has invited all human souls to come and bathe in this atmosphere of gift, of communication from conscience to conscience, of gift without ulterior motives, of gift without limitation, without restriction and I see that in fact it is the whole of humanity that is invited in this bubbling of light, in these rainbows.
All the human souls who are there and who also receive as we first received it, they receive the invitation to the feast of the gift, the feast of communion, the feast of the reception of information, the feast of the gift of information.

This propels me on a field of wheat, that is to say, this humanity gathered together, raised on this plane, the stratum of absolute truth, of the total truth which is a plane of consciousness of our I AM, of a plane of consciousness in the universe, the one on which we are here, now, the whole humanity is invited to enter this plane of consciousness to be imbued, nourished, to be noticed.
Afterwards, each human being will do what he or she wants, but in any case, the fact that we see some of us agreeing to rise to this level allows humanity as a whole to benefit from this experience, this joy, this celebration and therefore the link with the Earth is made through a field of wheat. A field ready to harvest, a huge field of wheat a little golden, blond wheat that is now maturing at this season and therefore this wheat is slightly moving by the effect of the wind and when I am shown this field of wheat we want to show abundance.
A grain that gives an ear, a grain of wheat in an ear of wheat, the same is true for humans, enlightening a human who accepts the light in him, enlightens dozens of humans, who themselves will enlighten dozens more humans. We are shown the exponential growth to which we are now invited by faith, by the awareness of the Spirit who lives within us.

Something is transforming, evolving, I feel a transmutation happening within me. It is a spiral movement, something that wraps itself around and grows. Here, I think that this leads us to another stratum of consciousness, another plane, it is that of absolute love. After the truth, love and there what we are is so subtle, that I would almost like to say that it does not exist!
Earlier, I was still seeing something, I was seeing information, it was subtle but this is not even a grain of light, it is very curious to feel that. That is to say, there are many beings, each being of love is very specific, singular but for all that, I have no word, no image to represent them.
It’s beyond information, it’s God but I don’t really know how to use that word and yet that’s what I’m told. It is the assembly of the Gods. Indeed, I am told that on this level, this stratum of absolute love, we enter the assembly of the Gods, we are Gods.
It is the permanent radiance, the bestowal, that is a permanent bestowal. There is nothing to do, there is an effusion and yet there is no source to this effusion. I know that there is a source of absolute love, the assembly of the Gods, the gathering of the Gods, it is us, we are the diamond with its facets but it is still far too dense.
It is a subtle magma, curious this expression, it asks me to deposit something, to leave all my human representations and to enter the sensation. I will try this, indeed, to no longer seek an image but to enter into the sensation of the God that I AM.
I invite you if you agree to do the same thing, to enter into the feeling of the God you are.

The image that came to me is a golden drop, not a physical drop, it’s not even a vibration, it’s too dense yet the vibration, it’s not a perfume either. I don’t know for the moment, I don’t have a suitable word, there is something about the gold drop, it’s the quintessence of the gold drop. Here, I let this word act in the cells, quintessence of the golden drop, I feel that now we are asked to take away this quintessence of the golden drop that really allows us to be in the consciousness of our divinity, that we are Gods, in this assembly of Gods.
It is a matter of taking this to Earth, to drop it off in places where humans can in this way awaken their consciousness of absolute love. As much as, just now, we were invited to welcome all human souls on the stratum of truth, so much so, there, love wants to go down, love invites us to land.
Now, I leave a time to feel where in this high stratum, it is relevant to transport ourselves to Earth. So in general, the images pass through my field of consciousness, I see images that pass very quickly, it’s like a kind of research that is done and I let my field of consciousness be swept away by these images.
I see the desert again, always this story of sand, silica that is always present. I see a small country church, a very modest Romanesque church that is on a small mountain. In fact, it is not a church that exists, it is an archetypal image that is given to me. Okay, so here we are talking about the cathedral of Chartres, this labyrinth and this beautiful stained glass window, which I believe is called the beautiful glass roof.
In fact, the quintessence of the golden drop, it is very alchemical, must be deposited in the center of the labyrinth. It invites me to stand up, to put myself in my verticality, I feel the presence of the Archangel Michael, very, very strong who really asks me to be the master of the personality in this moment, because it seems to be simple but finally, he says that it is something important what is happening. The quintessence of the golden drop is deposited on the Earth in a sacred place, in the center of the labyrinth.

“Hear that every human being is a cathedral, that the stained glass window that has been mentioned is nothing more than the look on oneself and on the outside, that the center of the labyrinth is nothing more than the heart, the charter that you pass with yourself, which is proposed here. Accept the hue, the essence of the golden drop of the God you are.
Here, I feel that suddenly, the sacred seizes me, I feel the blessing of Melchizedek, of Arcturius, I feel the presence of Christ. Suddenly I feel a solemn, not stilted side, that is to say that I am being asked to become aware of the sacred space that has just been created by this operation, by this analogy between the cathedral of Chartres and the charter to be passed, by each human being who wishes to welcome into himself, his divine quintessence, the quintessence of the golden drop.

Something is in motion, something is metamorphosing “I swim in the movement of life, the outer cathedrals are not meant to stand upright because the time is now coming from your personal cathedral, from the labyrinth that leads to your heart and from the luminous gaze you have on yourself and on the world”. The operation is accomplished, the blessing is given, absolute love is now present through you, on Earth while the truth has permeated all human souls. Donation is now possible for everyone in the transmission and reception.

I thank the spiritual world, I AM, I thank your I AM, you who listen because I feel that the presence of several people simultaneously with mine is an absolutely incredible and wonderful richness and that the opening of the canal is all the greater, that I feel the support of all those who are there on the subtle level. There is something that multiplies through human presence simultaneously with mine. I give thanks.