audio – ascension

medmo 2019/05/30
medmo 2019/05/30

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

When I received this morning’s “Ascension” guidance, I understood better the necessity of yesterday’s. We had to be operational today to raise our frequency as the earth raised its frequency.

Through Isis, figure of Divine Mother, I incorporated the consciousness of the Earth in order to give humanity the grant for the alchemical transformations it needed.

Much information and explanation has been given about the vegetable kingdom linked to the mineral kingdom, about the elements “air”, “water” and “fire” to finish. The objective of the operation carried out by the spiritual beings who guided us is to invite humans to say yes to the vibratory body corresponding to the new consciousness in order to be able to continue the earth/humanity contract. Indeed, the Earth continues as an autonomous master its evolution towards the solar being it is destined to be and wishes that humans continue to cooperate with it on this path.

Our inner summit

Automatic translation of Elodie Lagouy’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

I am ready to receive the information from the Spirit that I AM, ready to welcome the infinite and unconditional love that I AM destined for me.
I am ready to commit myself to action in the name of I AM, at the command of I AM, I am ready to act in the name of Christ incarnate in my flesh, for this is the divine will of what I AM from all eternity.

I am what I am
I am divine presence, I am love, I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life

I welcome into my open consciousness all the information that I AM wants to give me so that I can act in his name, here on Earth, within humanity.
I receive the love, the light, the energy I need to accomplish the mission entrusted to me here and now, on this day of ascension.

I relax my whole body in order to be totally available, totally open, offered. I entrust to my I AM, all the parts of me that need to be cared for, fulfilled, healed at the top of the mountain.
I call on those parties who are hungry, thirsty, who have needs. All parts of me are invited to unity and from the human consciousness from which I am speaking at this moment, I bring the guarantee to those parts of me who need to receive, to be healed, to be healed, I bring them the guarantee that they find near I AM, everything they need.
To these parts of me, I say in truth, we have sought to satisfy our needs with humans, but we have to admit that if needs have been met, satisfied, other needs have appeared.
Then I truly say to myself, it is in the Spirit that I find peace, healing, joy.

I unify myself and I accept in me the power of the Archangel Michael, red is his color today because the power is presented to me, because the immense power is there in front of me, so that I can by resonance phenomenon, welcome it in me.
I leave here all my beliefs in my powerlessness, I leave here at the foot of my humanity all my certainties of not reaching the end of the projects I am beginning to carry out.
The power of Archangel Michael is inscribed in me and transforms all the doubts I may have had about myself in the past and about me again at this moment. Yes, I trust in my power, not that of the human but of the Spirit.
Woman-Spirit I am, thanks to the Archangel Michael and the power he offers me to welcome into me, I say in truth, Woman-Spirit I am.

Behind me, I welcome the security provided by Master Crystal. Its transparency, its solidity, inscribe in me the information of solidity. Each of my cells can enter into the consciousness of this absolute solidity resulting from the Spirit.
The human being that I am is the creation of the Spirit, the Spirit has manifested himself and his manifestation contains all his qualities, solidity is part of his qualities. By recognizing myself as a Woman Spirit, a Spirit incarnate in a Woman, I recognize my solidity, the solidity of the crystal in me.
I welcome, I receive, I make my own the information of solidity, I make mine the transparency of crystal. My whole body is touched by this transmission of the crystal in me, here and now, in this moment.

I welcome the love of the Mother, of the Earth, the love of Mary, divine Mother, I welcome her protection.
Oh consciousness of the Earth, I accept the protection you bring me, the love you offer me. Protect me from the fears that sometimes seize me, give me the confidence to work with you all the time, to become with you the sun that you carry within you and that we humans must help you to become.
Oh Mary, protect me from the temptations of forgetting the Spirit, protect me from the temptation of immediate ease, from immediate pleasure so that I may always act for meaning, for the Spirit, for infinite love.
Protect me from oblivion, protect me from the doubts that sometimes invade me when the material seems to invade me, to submit me, to put me in inferiority.
Remind me that the matter is you and that it is a question of recognizing me Spirit, of recognizing you Spirit so that then our union may be a source of joy.

Oh Jesus my brother, you who are there, at my side, you, you whose ascension we celebrate today, whose elevation in your body of glory, may you give me today, give us faith in this body of glory, which you have experienced here on Earth, from your body of flesh.
May you by resonance transmit this information so that our human bodies may rise in vibration, install their crystal skeletons, rise to form the new human species in capacity to live with the Earth, also high, also vibrant.
Oh Jesus, I feel your presence at my side, the gift you give me of yourself, the gift you give of yourself to humanity, as you once did when you were incarnate. I know that you are pursuing your mission, that you are pursuing the gift of where you are.
I know your presence in the subtle bodies of the Earth to support the march of humanity, to inspire the humans that we are in their choice to recognize ourselves as light, in their choice of love in all circumstances.
I feel your presence at my right hand palpable, unmistakable and I thank you for that.

It takes me further, higher in my frequency on a higher plane of consciousness. We pass together at the centre of the circle of 13 that accompany the experience of the Earth and humanity.
The Earth is there every day, I see it getting stronger, becoming whole again, becoming autonomous again. It is weakened and receives from the Great Council of Wise Men, from other galaxies, the food it needs to regain its full place in the solar system. He said to me:
“May peace be with you, may serenity push your steps further on the path, may your innocence take place in your consciousness, may your ignorance be accepted by your thoughts, by your mental system which has great difficulty in releasing the knowledge that has been stored during this existence”.
So indeed, I ask for help so that ignorance and innocence can replace the illusion of knowledge.

I let myself be taken, guided, led where everything is to be learned and where nothing is known to me and then I see something that could look like a great landscape, a snow-covered plain where there is a soft light. There is no reverberation so it is very, very pleasant, it is not cold, it is really the whiteness of the ground, the softness of the ground that I can see here.
I leave some human luggage at the entrance of this door that leads me into this infinite landscape of whiteness and light.
White and luminous Beings always in the form of sugar bread, and not with human forms, which I recognize as spiritual Beings who live in this space of whiteness and innocence. These Beings welcome me. There are 3 of them coming towards me while others remain in the background, I feel that their presence is important but they do not approach me, I am in the center of an equilateral triangle.
These 3 Beings, I feel that they are filled with an immense love, they begin to offer me what they are and I feel my heart expanding, the beating accelerates and I feel that I am a carrier of Christ. My body stretches, stretches. The Solar Christ, the Cosmic Christ are activated by the presence of these 3 Beings who ask me to remain anchored to the Earth, firmly anchored to the Earth, while letting my I rise, to come and seek the information of the subtle plane that humans need on this particular day.
I let the dilation of my I continue and to stabilize the movement. I’m taking a moment to observe.

Something opens in me at the level of the skull, a place is prepared, I have the image of Isis’ portraits with a sphere above his head, a kind of basket, cut above his head. I am totally with the energy of Isis, Mother Earth.
It’s very strong, I can’t really say what I feel if it’s only at the level of the heart, I’m offered to incorporate the consciousness of the Earth for a few moments. “Incorporate the Earth that was above your skull, it can enter into you, penetrate totally into you. When we talk about the Earth, we are talking about its consciousness and not its physical body and yet, it is about remembering that your physical body is entirely composed of the materials that the Earth has given you to experience human experience and, as soon as something is given to you, it is also given to the Earth, if you put consciousness on the origin of your matter, your flesh”.

The 3 beings are there and want to give to the Earth, through me, something. I see the green color coming, very tender, it reminds me of the vegetable and the Earth says to me “yes, it is through the vegetable that I want to start, today to receive what I need. The chemicals used are for me a permanent poisoning, I ask for an antidote to that.
I feel inside me a crystal sword that makes everything that is to be given to the Earth must be in perfect harmony with this Christ sword.
She asks that her frequency increase so that she can no longer be impacted by these products permanently inoculated by humans, “it is the only way to regain the autonomy of the management of my body”.
I see the great cereal plains of the USA and France. There is a difference between his body and his consciousness, it’s like a human leaving a job, a friend, to do something else. The Earth is leaving the vegetable kingdom because it has a more subtle kingdom to establish. Basically, it will no longer oppose its vital forces to the killer acts of the vegetable world that are committed by humans.
“Until now when I was poisoned, I gathered my strength to fight the poison and live despite the poison, now by what I receive, I will let the chemical matter act without opposing my life forces to this action. I now put them at the service of my new body which is construction and therefore I cannot use my energy against inoculated poisons. I no longer oppose human-organized killings of the plant world.
It’s as if after ingesting a poison, you don’t vomit, that’s exactly what happens.
“This does not cause me any pain because this decision is part of my path. When you decide to leave a system that no longer corresponds to your aspirations, it certainly requires a little detachment, but in truth, the joy of your new plan nourishes you, so that you can leave behind the past without suffering.
Well, the same is true for me today, when I leave the vegetable kingdom in the hands of humans without further opposing my life forces to their desire to kill the elements of the vegetable kingdom that they consider enemies.

I see blue, it’s the Earth’s atmosphere, the Air element after the Earth element. “I raise my vibration so that I am no longer in danger of suffocation. What humans release into the atmosphere causes my body to become trapped, depriving me of the oxygen, nitrogen and clean air I need.
I am asked to associate air pollution with pollution of the astral plane by the mind and emotions, it is very related. Moreover, it is the same with the physical body and chemicals, all those ingested by humans.
“I leave to humans the management of air chemistry with the consequences of their practices and I extract myself from this dense frequency, to be able to breathe the clean air I need, to be able to bathe in a gaseous environment satisfying for me. My body increases its vibration and as a result, I am no longer impacted by atomic air, I climb up vibrationally to be able to bathe in purity”.
Whether it is at the level of thoughts, emotions, everything that is emitted by our unconscious personality and everything that is emitted into the air by our machines. “I no longer oppose my life forces to the astral and air pollution of which humans are the authors, I save my energy for my vibratory body”.
I see grey and that’s the color of the water. All the fluids on Earth are contaminated with heavy metals (mercury, lead), the water has become too dense, too heavy. “H2O is practically non-existent on Earth, there is always another hydrogen and oxygen component that constitutes me and this is very dangerous for me”.
The Earth can only bring H2O into its vibratory body but not the other components (plastic etc.), there is a settling.
“I could not oppose my life forces to the densification of water, to its increasing weight. It is therefore important that I let humans manage the consequences of their actions that weigh down the water and that I leave with pure water, in the new plan with which I will now live. For I tell you, I will live on a higher vibrational plane than the one that humans know about me, than the one with which humans have seized me. I am ascending today”.
I feel the presence of Christ very important in me, there is an axis of the Earth and I let this new higher vibration welcome into my body. I am continuing my cooperation with Earth.

We need to awaken the Fire element, the fire of the Spirit that has not yet been truly touched by humans. “Thanks to this settling which allows me to be on a new frequency, thanks to the fact that I let humans manage dense matter, my life forces are placed on a higher plane.
It is proposed that we ascend with it and leave our dense matter to human consciousness and raise our frequency through the Spirit that we are. The human is not matter, the human is Spirit.
“It is by setting this fire in motion inside that it is possible for you to alchemism your density to rise with me, to the new vibration that I choose to live in my body. Density is transformed by fire, it is proposed to us to leave our identification with matter so that we can rise vibratorily.

Let us stop believing that we are dense beings. The Earth has accepted to be considered as a dense element for the needs of experimentation but this has gone on long enough and human consciousness must awaken to its divine nature. “That is why the fire that I have inside me is set off, also outside, to awaken the memory of the subtle nature of your beings.

Something settles and calms down in me because there are still a certain number of questions, doubts, fears (it is my mind) but I received at the beginning of this guide something not to be afraid anymore. So I decide to accept a total trust in I AM who is so happy with what is happening there. And I join in the infinite joy of I AM in friendship with the Earth. From Earth in friendship with our I AM.

The 12 very important beings form a circle and applaud the success of this elevation of the Earth, of human consciousness because humans have the ability to understand. “We will come back to your terrestrial food later, because the higher frequency will cause some changes in the way you eat.
For those who today feel oppressed by the lack of time, I understand you and know that it will be so for some time (weeks, months) but that very quickly you will fully experience the reality of the change that has just taken place here.
You must live in parallel, your action in density through your dense body and your action in the subtle in your consciousness and this is what puts you in a kind of tension, a contradiction. Keep your ability to act in Spirit for the Spirit and to act with your arms in the matter as this is necessary to accompany change.
You receive the energy you need to cope when you are overwhelmed. It is your thinking that makes you think you are not up to the task, that makes you calculate the time you are missing and then your frequency falls. If you remain the inner eyes to your mission, you will not be subject to these moments.
I am in total support with you. This is very precious to me so know that as your mother, I protect you and give you the love you need. I am not alone, my brothers and sisters in the solar system and each planet itself connected to a galaxy receives the energy we need, which is then transmitted to you.
Remember for whom you are acting, for what and then when you bring your conscience back to the service of the Spirit, I intervene in your body, cell, consciousness, energy to offer you courage and confidence. Connect with what you are from all eternity and courage and trust will return.
I feel an infinite love of the Earth in me. I am filled with gratitude for the Earth, what a wonderful gift it is to come and live in a human being to make him understand what he is experiencing and invite him to live with it, what he is experiencing. What kindness, what beauty.
It is a question of no longer fighting against the attacks that are organized by humans on our physical bodies and keeping our life forces to ascend.

I feel an absolutely incredible righteousness and love for us. I thank and see the Earth that has filled, it is beautiful to see that the vital forces have returned to it and are at its disposal. His body is much more transparent, vibrant and there is a new movement inside the Earth.
The intelligences of Nature are active and will serve the Earth on its own frequency. They will continue to work for the plant as soon as humans work with the Spirit in them. To lovingly manage the vegetable world.
I see the presence of bees also surrounding the Earth and are happy with this new vibration by forming a weave around the Earth. Andromeda validates the elevation that has just taken place.
I give thanks and thank I AM for having made me live this experience since my human condition even if it requires me to push back my beliefs, my limits, I agree.