medmo 2019/05/16
medmo 2019/05/16


Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

The guides follow one another and their power is confirmed every day. For those who listen to them by getting involved, profound changes are taking place smoothly, without any impact. I feel that our I AM are concerned with training us to be the healer-guides of the humanity they have committed themselves to be by manifesting themselves on Earth once again, at this particular time. The time is particular because it is that of awakening, of revealing the Truths that remained buried in the density, the time is also that of Christ incarnate in each one, that of the new human species whose body becomes more and more vibratory. A cure for human amnesia was given this morning and it is up to those who wish to be the active relays of this operation.

Automatic translation of Fabienne Jouault’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

I let the light of the Spirit come to me, I let infinite love enter me. I am divine presence, I AM what I AM. I call I AM to fill my human consciousness. From the earthly form that I have been from all eternity, I act in humanity through the voices of the Spirit.

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy
And I swim in the movement of life

The master Crystal, behind me, invites me to be more vertical, more anchored, more solid.
Archangel Michael, in front of me, commands me to be the master of my personality, and I say yes to him with joy. YES, Archangel, I decide to be the master of my personality, to be a human being in control of his earthly condition.
Jesus my brother, on my right, offers me his guidance, his presence, opens the way and invites me to follow him. Oh, Jesus my brother, it is with great joy that I take the path you have traced for me.
Mary, conscience of the earth, close to my left shoulder, constantly gives me her love, her protection, her abundance.
Thus surrounded, I, human consciousness, can welcome the power of the spirit, the infinite space of what I am from all eternity.
I feel my body expanding, I feel the axis of my spine strengthening. I AM what I AM and I unify myself.

I feel a subtle space opening up in me, from the back of my head, from the occiput, I feel my whole body opening up to the reception of a high frequency. From my occiput, an immense V opens towards the sky, I welcome in me the solar system and the wise men who relay it to accompany the Earth.
I welcome the advice of the 13 who interact with each other, that the experience of free will in density be carried out in harmony, in serenity. The whole solar system takes place in the infinite which I am interceding for at this moment. I am given the opportunity to meet here and now the conscience of humanity.

A huge web of fabric that does not exist on Earth, in which every element is constantly in motion. This immense tablecloth represents the image of the consciousness of humanity as a whole. This fabric web is traversed by movements, waves, displacements. I do not see the contours, I see only a fragment and I feel that this consciousness of all the humans who inhabit the Earth is immense, that it is connected to a higher consciousness of itself, that it is nourished by a subtle substance that sends it its rain of prana, of luminous food.
“The equivalent of the prana that humans on Earth can capture in the air exists at the subtle level and is the food of human consciousness. Just as you can absorb the nutrients of the light, the air around you on Earth, your personal and collective consciousness receives from the celestial spheres, a particular prana that nourishes it, that nourishes it. We use the word prana so that you understand that it is an extremely subtle substance that allows the consciousness of the humans of the Earth to be nourished by the celestial ways, because what nourishes it by the terrestrial way is of an extremely low frequency, which would endanger that consciousness if it did not simultaneously receive the subtle food of the celestial spheres.

I feel that it is a group of celestial teachers who are welcoming us this morning and giving us this teaching.

“What allows this web not to descend vibrately, to regain more density, is precisely this subtle food that it receives from celestial planes and it is what allows this human consciousness to be maintained simultaneously on Earth and in the sky. Humans never give up their celestial consciousness. Even if they strive to see only their earthly reality for themselves, their consciousness remains nourished by this subtle manna that continues to flow even in the worst moments of your density.
Your human organization, the collective consciousness that results from it, allows through the posture of certain humans who remain stubbornly connected to the Spirit that they are, to maintain this celestial food in everyone. Today we are talking about healing, we are talking about proposing to humanity that we finally heal from the disease of disease.
Illness is the consequence of oblivion, the consequence of the division that has taken place between man and his Spirit, between the Earth and its creator. Today we are talking about reviving the memory of this subtle manna that nourishes your consciousness, we are talking about creating in each of us an organ of receptivity to this subtle manna, this celestial food necessary for the survival of your consciousness.
What some humans allow to maintain on Earth from the link with the divine plan must now be possible for everyone.
And, in fact, of this web now, I do see brighter, more sparkling spots, it is like a starry coat, the web is a little grey and there are some places where there are points of light and I understand that it is these humans who maintain the consciousness of the Spirit that they are during their incarnation and therefore, we can say at this moment, I see these humans who are pushed to go and spread their light, their glitter everywhere on the cloth so that every element of the cloth is in contact with the glitter, with the memory of the spirit that they are, that everyone is. It is said: “the great weaving takes place, the great information is given, the great distribution is in progress”.

I have the image of every human being who receives a ticket that gives them information about who they are. Every human receives information from his spiritual identity because it is important that every human being is a carrier of personal information.
“Often humans consider the Spirit’s plan to be an ocean in which you could drown. That is not true, that is not the case. Each human being is the manifestation of a specific Spirit, a Spirit that contains unique, singular information and it is the distribution of the ticket that identifies each one that takes place at this moment.

It’s like, there’s a big storage space, a repertoire. Humans are listed by themselves.
“We can say that the I AM of each human being comes to remember the human, earthly memory of each one. There is dissipation of oblivion and there is contact with identity, even beyond the Spirit, because the memory of the Spirit has already often been given back to humanity. This is the memory of the specific Spirit, the information carried by the spiritual identity that each of you is. From now on, humans will be able to say:
I remember who I am. I remember the responsibility with which I came to incarnate. I remember the commitment I made when I came to Earth. I remember what I came to offer in abundance to humanity. This is the healing operation you are doing and we are doing it with you.

Now I see this great fabric of human consciousness that has received threads of light, that has received information from everyone, I see this great fabric becoming a colored fabric, with different points of color in constant motion. There is a lot of travel.

I am asked to connect with the Pope, with the man who now holds the office of Pope. What I understand is that the Pope has long been perceived by a large number of people as the king of humanity, the guarantor of human consciousness. And, at the same time as the Pope, I am asked to connect with Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook.
“One could say that these two beings are in a way the two kings of the world. One is the spiritual king of the world, the one who is supposed to keep morality, ethics. And, as you know, this mission has not been observed with great respect, with much scruples and it is time for you to let go of the need for such a function.
And the other being we present to you is the king of human relationships cut off from the Spirit. The Pope speaks of the Spirit but does not see it, Zuckerberg does not speak of the Spirit and takes power over the people who live on Earth.
These 2 beings, in terms of energy, must be removed from their positions, must be deprived of the energy they benefit from because of the belief that humans need them. It is about healing humans from the belief that they need a guardian of morality by the Pope and an organizer of human relations by Zuckerberg.

I have a lot of chills. Indeed, I feel that there are 2 incarnations of the forces that oppose love. One who speaks of the Spirit and does not see it is a false Spirit, a false light, that of the Pope and Arrhiman who absolutely wants to subjugate us to the Earth, to deprive us of our soul. And these 2 figures are truly embodied today in these beings.
What is being asked of us is indeed to recognize their true role, their true raison d’être on Earth. It is to ensure that human consciousness no longer feeds these beings and they are fed by the belief of humans that we need them.
It is the belief in our need that continues to nourish these beings. But, they are not nourished by this celestial manna, they are nourished by the low vibrations of humans who continued to forget who they are, and who believed that they needed “guarantors”, masters, models.

What we are being asked to do this morning is to give the human consciousness the information of who it is, its ability to feed itself on this subtle food and to know that it no longer needs the Luciferic Pope and Zuckerberg, Arrhimanian. I see what we’re going to dopersonal spiritual and as soon as you feed from your subtle source, your earthly consciousness becomes luminous, authentic. It is an explosion of joy and colour.

I feel that it is not over, their presence is not completely gone, he must have something else, he must have a 3rd being. It’s funny, I’m surprised by that, I see the presence of Barack Obama. Strange. It is as if he represented something of hope, as if he had embodied the hope of a better world but that all this is only an illusion in fact.
“He did not embody the illusion of a better world any more than a worse world, he was elected because he corresponded to this hope of a better world in the consciousness of humanity and the hope of a better world must be erased because the better world will not pass through a particular human but through the awakening of each human being to his identity”.
Obama, it was in a way an alternative to Christ, and so it is a question of leaving everything that could make man circumvent Christ, there is nothing other than Christ in himself, no external human being can bring a better world, each of the humans brings the Celestial Jerusalem.
Now, the 3 humans are erasing themselves and indeed, I see the Christ ray that sweeps away the human consciousness, like a laser ray, that baptizes every being of the Earth, that permeates every being of the Earth. It’s very powerful, it’s huge.

The other image I have is like a firefighter starting the fire pump to water the area where there is a fire. So that’s exactly what happens with the laser beam, it waters the Earth to stop the fire of the sleeping person, it’s to wake up, the alarm clock is ringing, it’s beautiful.
I hear a sound that would be the equivalent of what you hear when you make a crystal bowl vibrate and this crystal vibration harmonizes human consciousness. In other words, all these individuals who regain their spiritual identity could have difficulties in wedging themselves with each other, in synchronizing.
He could have dissonance. There are those who are very powerful, there are those who are less active and therefore this laser beam awakens and at the same time the crystalline sound makes that each individual can keep his specificity and live next to another who is very different from him.
“Diversity has the right to live in humanity and is necessary in human consciousness: You are the Whole by the addition of each of you. The laser beam distribution continues. I see that every human consciousness receives a covenant. The image is obviously on the left ring finger, which is used in the West to wear the alliance.
Indeed, each individual consciousness receives an alliance with its spiritual nature, with its divine self and once again, I have the image of the lemniscate that is imprinted in each human consciousness, with this flow of energy between spiritual nature and the human condition. And, the I, a decision-making tool for each human being who is at the crossroads of the lemniscate (8).
I see that human consciousness today has the capacity to take full account of both its human condition and its spiritual nature. It is not 2 things that are inert and that are found, it is 2 things that circulate, what is of spiritual nature descends into the human condition, what is of the human condition goes back to spiritual nature and it is crossed with the I.

There is revelation of true identity, revelation of the meaning of presence on Earth, revelation of the object of presence on Earth, revelation of the work to be done. And in addition, there is the awareness that there is no intermediary, that there are no incarnate human beings intermediate between the individuals of the Earth and what they are in Spirit. Human consciousness, through this healing work, has discarded its belief that there are intermediate individuals who would be able to guide, teach, give laws, ways. And so, there is an awareness of everyone’s responsibility. It is said:
“On the burned lands will grow the humans of tomorrow, on the burned lands will be sown the seeds that will germinate and give abundant and nourishing harvests because tomorrow’s harvests will be full of the heavenly manna that had continued to nourish your consciousness from your plan of the Spirit.
Here, you will be able to cultivate this manna by yourself, by the seeds you will proceed with. This prophecy should be heard in its subtle dimension because the grains you sow on burned lands will not have a density. The grains are subtle in nature, and their growth will lead to more than bright fruit harvests.
These harvests will come from what every human being has created. On the burned earth which is normally arid and barren, there will be germination because harmony, in balance. We can say what has been achieved to arrive at this new frequency, now needs to be digested by human consciousness. It is said:
“A great change has been made in the consciousness of humanity and a great healing has taken place. There are still a number of steps to be taken before changes visible through the eyes of flesh happen on Earth. But, keep trust in these operations of which you are the relay because there are a number of operations to be carried out before the visible transformation takes place on Earth.
It is not yet tomorrow that you will have information in your news reports to tell you that great changes have occurred on Earth. And yet, in energy, in subtlety, these great changes have already taken place and continue to take place through the care of humans who are active in their commitment to accomplish their mission and it is only after a number of subtle operations that the visible transformations will take place.

I am receiving great joy from this healing. I remember these 3 characters we thought we needed. They are no longer there. I remember that they were there, but they are no longer there. I have the vision of this lemniscate of the human being whose I is in the center to welcome what circulates from top to bottom, and from bottom to top. I have the image of the covenant, I have the image of the flaming heart of Christ and I give thanks for the trust placed in us to carry out those operations which are important and necessary for the evolution of humanity. It is said:
“The teaching of the land path is complementary to celestial operations. But that earthly teaching alone can in no way lead to change, because earthly teaching feeds mechanistic, materialistic thinking. And if the Spirit does not fertilize this thought, then no change can happen. But, by working only on the plane of the Spirit you can only touch those who are sensitive to the Spirit and therefore time has just come to work on both planes.

I give thanks, I thank, I say how happy I am to have access to this information and to be able to pass it on. Thank you.