medmo 2019/05/15/05
medmo 2019/05/15/05

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

The Trinity “Creator/Creation/Creature/Creature” has been at the centre of today’s guidance. We still separate the Creator from his creation, and the creatures that we are believe that we are separate from all this. The separator, another possible name for the devil that our human mind has created, does its job perfectly. Fortunately, the Spirit and his cosmic ambassadors are also fulfilling their mission to perfection and the breath of Unity is sweeping our consciousness right now. I AM is the creator, our body is its creation and “I” is the creature who has the free will to lead the human experience. The path of unification brings together the 3 planes and it is a real joy.

Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

I am the totality of myself, I am whole, I AM what I AM, Spirit and matter united in me, humanity and divinity united by me, here on Earth. By activating the consciousness of my unit, I raise my frequency. I recognize myself in what I AM from all eternity, what I AM on a subtle, vibrant level. I recognize myself in my essence and its manifestation here in the physical, in the dense. And so I can say:

I am what I am,

I am a divine presence,

I am love,

I am light,

I am energy,

And I swim in the movement of life.

I open my consciousness to the forces of the Spirit, to the power of absolute Love. I am totally open to divine guidance to accomplish today, the action that humanity and Earth need for their evolution. The action I need to contribute to evolution, to fulfill the commitment I have made, that I wish to assume by being propelled here on Earth by the Spirit that I AM.

I feel my solidity, my anchoring, my anchoring to the Earth and I let the reality of my celestial anchoring, the reality of my communion with the highest frequencies, grow in my consciousness, where knowledge is total. Where no limits are set, where the whole can be captured.

I give thanks to the Archangel Michael, to his sword that helps me to be a master.

I give thanks to Mary, conscience of the Earth, Divine Mother for the unconditional love that fills each of my cells.

I give thanks to the Crystal Master for the infallible presence that strengthens my structure.

I give thanks to Jesus, my brother, my fellow traveller who illuminates the path I follow every day, every moment.

I thank you, the four of you, for being there to ensure my base, to ensure my presence in my body, in my earthly reality and thus allow me to raise my I to the summit of my Being, in my highest spheres, where pure light makes the truth live, where absolute Love fills my heart, where energy vibrates in a visible way.

I feel my body expanding, I feel an opening being made inside me and that as my consciousness empties itself of thoughts, of human concerns in order to be totally open to the guidance of this day.

I see some beings who come to meet me, they are troubadours, mischievous beings, joyful beings who introduce themselves by dancing, jumping, expressing their freedom and joy. They are mats, the mat card in the tarot, harlequins, that’s it, the buffoon.

There are four or five of them. As they hide a lot, they are happy, facetious, I don’t know, it’s five, a pintagram. That of mad wisdom and obedient freedom, free obedience, wise madness.

We propose you to put a little charivari in your internal organization. We propose that you reverse some of the beliefs, values and habits that are still with you. And of course, what we do for you, we do for the whole of humanity. And there is a lot to do, believe me,” said the representative of these five.

“We are five, like the number that represents the human in your numerology. Indeed, one of us is in the place of the head. Two of us are at the end of our arms and the other two at your feet. That makes five, doesn’t it? »

I feel them settling in these very places they mentioned. So I can’t figure out if I’m feeling lying down or standing or both at the same time. That’s what the charivari is all about, it’s that it’s both at the same time, as soon as I feel lying down, hop, I feel standing up, as soon as I feel standing up, I feel lying down.

They tell me, “The exercise is starting well, right? “Yes, so in fact, what I’m being asked is not to know if it’s standing or lying down, but to know that there’s a permanent movement.

This pintagram gets bigger and bigger and it’s as if I was stirred inside, gently, as if I was walking, I was rolling this shape, I was moving it by walking inside and what makes the trouble at the head, maybe at the feet. That’s right, nothing is fixed.

They tell me, “You are a good student, you learn fast, maybe you have this crazy wisdom or this crazy wisdom? Perhaps you contain this free obedience, this obedient freedom? “So I say yes, I contain that. And I know that if I see these two aspects from a human point of view, I am embarrassed. “That’s why we’re taking care of you. That is why we want to invite you not to be embarrassed anymore because you think they are contradictions.

So now I see these same people taking very medieval musical instruments, I hear the word fife. I don’t know what a fife is, it’s a flute. Fife, bells, tambourines.

They create a very lively, very joyful music. And at the same time, I have the image of a funeral procession. That’s the opposite of what humans do. “Humans create dark music to accompany the transition from earthly life to heavenly life and we inform you that in the afterlife, it is the opposite when a soul leaves its body so we sing joyful songs, we take out the fife, the bells and the tambourine to create an extremely sparkling music that will allow the soul to rise.

And I see this funeral procession as we see it in humans with a lot of black, dark. I see this procession becoming a golden carriage. The coffin becomes a golden carriage and indeed, a royal being appears in it instead of the coffin in which he was. I understand here that I am shown the birth of the being when he comes out of his human condition.

The charivari continues, a kind of very simple procession, there are five of them. And little by little, I see that beings gather as they pass these five masts, harlequins, buffoons. They all have coils, all the things we use, when we want to make ourselves believe that we are happy in the holidays.

People who arrive surprised in this charivari, they are even a little scornful, seeming to say what are they doing to us there? All of a sudden these people, some of them start following the five. Those who were frozen, stiff, stiff, stilted become flexible, mobile, their clothes are coloured, their faces light up, they start singing. And there comes a procession, how to say, not at all that of a carnival, for example with excesses, not at all. On the contrary, we feel something of the freedom that can be won.

They tell me, “It is the learning of freedom. A freedom that is not to do anything, let it happen when you organize festivities to free what you have repressed. This is a freedom that allows everyone to want to follow their divine self.

And this is what happens when a human being begins to obey his divine self, he becomes free. When a human being begins to abandon his human conventions, his human beliefs, he hears his inner voice and exercises his freedom by scrupulously following what is indicated to him by his I AM, by his divine essence. Everyone then finds the place that suits him, everyone then as in the swarm of bees finds the function that belongs to him”.

Here, I feel that all this charivari is there to just prepare my conscience for an encounter with a sun because this procession, accompanied by the five, represents the human being freed from his social codes. The human being is totally free to be him, him in his divinity.

It’s very big, I suddenly feel something in my body that expands as if I were growing up, adult. That’s right, I come out of childhood and that’s what I owe today, what I owe to the human conscience: the exit from childhood, true freedom, sovereignty, autonomy, royalty.

I was told, “You can behave today, as if you were already dead, come out of the tomb, out of the coffin, and see the carriage in which you are sitting”. This is what it is all about today for humanity. To help humanity out of its coffin, out of the partial death in which it is immersed to enter into true life.

I see that the five who have perfectly accomplished their mission are disappearing. That I take the lead in the procession of humanity, that I move a little further along the way.

I am heading towards a light source that does not dazzle at all, it is a light that emits without dazzling, it is a light that invites us to go inside it.

It is a spiritual light that has nothing to do with the light we observe on Earth. It emits, it is really an inner light, we can only go inside it, it does not serve to illuminate what surrounds it. It is used to invite people to come into it.

I have this feeling and I really want to experience this light that illuminates when you are inside it and that is not really like the Sun that sometimes dazzles you and that you don’t see so well when it is at its zenith.

There, it is not a light that has an external source, it is a light that has a life of its own. There is no light source. I am in the light. Everything is clear, easy to see.

I feel that I am accompanied by Melchisedech, Arcturius is also behind me. I am asked to say, that I am beyond the particles of light, it is a non-particle light, which has no substance, no matter. I am in the information of light.

I feel that this causes a very large opening in my heart, in the rib cage. I enter the present moment, the eternity of the present moment. There are no real words, there is a need to immerse myself in this and yet I have to speak, otherwise my thought is opposed, my mind would like to oppose this.

And I call upon Archangel Michael to help me master the mind. There, that’s better. My consciousness can again devote itself entirely to the experience. Here, I can say I AM, the word BEING takes on its full meaning here. I am a BEING, I am SPIRIT.

I feel my body expanding, expanding and at the same time, there is no space where I am. Expanding is not even the right word. I could say my body is diluted in this non-substantial, non-particulate light. And now it brings me back to what am I looking for for humanity?

It is said to me, “You come looking for something to dissolve the veils, the many veils that cover the consciousness, that hide the truth of life on Earth. It is time you see, that you now understand the true aspects of earthly life. Time for your mother who gives you her flesh, for the Spirit to manifest himself in humanity, time for humanity itself, this species, mandated by the universe, by the higher spheres to live freedom. »

It’s incredible how my thought makes offensives by taking any pretext, the memory of what I did last night, a fly that passes, no matter what. But my thought would really like me to stay on the human level, it hinders me as soon as I get on the step that allows me to be in this pure truth, the thought brings me back to my lower vibration.

And so I say to my thought, that it is welcome in this high vibration and that it will also benefit from it. This is not at all opposed to it, on the contrary it has the total capacity to understand and precisely welcome information in order to process it, and then disseminate it.

That’s it, and rather than playing the opposition, she could well find a great joy in coming into my consciousness with me, being in a learning position. I feel that it feels good for that part of me that was complaining. Yes, she says yes to me, because I would have to question what I know once again. Absolutely, this is the proposal that has been made to us since the beginning of this guidance.

Something opens, something calms down. Harmony returns. There’s just to drop off.

I accept to receive in myself, in my physical body, in my etheric body, in my astral body, in my causal body which allows to dissolve the veils. I accept to accept the subtle substance that allows access to the total truth, to the understanding of true organized life on Earth.

I now see very, very subtle, very pure beings, I cannot say that I see their forms because there are none. I know their presence and I know that it is the beings who have, how to say, organized the creation of human consciousness, the creation of the Earth, the solar system and I can say that there is a true intention.

I am accessing the spiritual intent of the creation of the Earth and humanity, of the creation of human experience. There is an intention and that is what I am being asked to come and get. It is an intention, an intention of infinite love. It is an intention to make love triumph.

Love projects itself, manifests itself, gives autonomy to what is manifested for its own growth in fact. He expects that in this way, what he has created, what he will create, which is therefore love, since it is himself, will go through autonomy, through freedom, through his own will, this manifested thing will recognize itself in love, remember love. He therefore goes by choosing him, making love grow, and love exults with joy at this perspective.

It is important that I accept to take within me this intention of love of the beings who have chosen to organize the experience of the solar system. I feel that I am really there, at the origin, the root of the system that we experience with our human consciousness.

And what is said is, “It is that each human being will now be able to access in himself this intention of love of those who organized the creation of the solar system and human consciousness.

Above all, we must not conceive that you, the humans, are absent from this intention, because you are the organizers yourselves. You are the fruit of your own creation. There is no superior being who would have decided for yourself, to create this experience, to organize this experience. When you meet the organizers of the experience of human consciousness and the solar system, you meet yourself, as well as every inhabitant of the Earth can do. »

Like the charivari of earlier, I believe that there, indeed, it is possible to say that we meet, that I meet authority and freedom. The authority of the decision-maker, who has the intention and who creates and the freedom, that he gives to his creation. And so I am both, I am both, the creator and the creation, each human being is the creator and the creation.

Every human being is the decision-maker and the free being. The decision-maker does not have authority over the free being. The creator does not have authority over his creation. Creation and creature are one. The creature manages creation, freely.

It causes a little bit of a headache, a cracking in the house. There’s something my cognitive system is having a little trouble understanding. It’s my left brain that hurts a lot, from the forehead to the neck, there’s like a bow.

Creator, creation, creature. I feel that my left brain would like to separate these three things that are only one and yet are three aspects with specific possibilities. What I feel is that as soon as the creature does something with creation, it directly impacts the creator.

Obviously, it’s the same with the creator. As soon as the creator emits something to his creation and to his creature, it has an impact. It’s more obvious, it seems to be superior. But there is no superiority, there is symmetry, there is total equality. The creator has no more power than his creature.

The creature has the power to destroy creation and the creator undertakes to let it do as he sees fit. If it’s good for his own experience.

The creator commits himself to give ever more lucidity to the creature. This is its only margin of manoeuvre, its only possibility of action. I see the creator, an aspect of ourselves that blows, blows love, radiates, radiates light. But since it is not a light similar to that of its creation, the creature does not necessarily see it. He does not necessarily see it because the light sent by the creator is an inner light, while the creature is often blinded by the light of creation. Because the characteristic of creation is to be outside the creator and next to the creature.

I have a severe pain in my left neck. I feel that what needs to be done right now is to form a unity between creature and creation. Because duality comes from there, the creature believes itself separated from creation, different from creation, superior to creation. The creature, the human consciousness, believes itself to be the owner of the Earth, and therefore of creation.

The creature believes it has rights over creation. The creator will be able to take back the responsibility of creation because it is the creature who has free will.

The creation, on the other hand, remains the responsibility of the creator. We have to look at the chronology, in fact, there is the creation and the creature that comes after the creation. It is like a kind of ultimate manifestation of the creator.

Creation has no free will, it is the creature it has. I am constantly reminded of this. And therefore, the creator can act on creation, but he will always let the creature do as he sees fit, because that is his commitment, that is your commitment. For, it is said to me, “Once again, you have put aside the fact that you are the creators, you humans. You wanted creation and you created the creatures you are by yourself. »

What I am seeking today is a great inner reconciliation, of the creature with itself. The creature is invited today, humanity is invited to reconcile itself with the creator that it is itself, with the creation with which it has proceeded. It’s losing arrogance.

“By finding the creator that you are, you will lose your fear, you will end the limits, you will find your true essential nature”.

And this is what we are asking you to come and get today, to bring it back to Earth in human consciousness, to offer it to creatures who will thus know how to behave better with their own creation.

“Oh you creatures, remember the creator that you are, remember the creation you created to achieve your own birth. Oh you creatures, remember that you contain in your flesh, the information of the creator, remember that the creature is composed of your creation, that nothing is separated. The Holy Trinity can today be unity. »

There, I see an equilateral triangle, creator, creation, creature, creature. Three spheres at the top of the triangle and these three spheres come together, come together to form one.

I gladly take this image in motion. It is not a still image, it is a moving image. The three triangle spheres that are constantly moving closer together so that there is no more triangle, there is just one sphere with different colours that harmonize with each other.

It is this image of the three spheres that come together to form only one colorful one that I must bring back here on Earth, so that humanity can access the total truth of its nature, the reality of life on Earth.

I am very moved to have this mission to fulfil today, because I feel that it is in the understanding that humans, of their own lives, their existence, their environment, the objects that surround them, their nature in which they are immersed, their inner life. The creator is inside, the creature is made of his creation.

I see the consciousness of the Earth completely integrated within me. We can say, creation is totally within the creature.

That’s it, the three spheres, I really have them in me. We can say, at the level of the heart, of the solar plexus, three spheres whose specificity I feel and which are mixed and which are no longer each a sphere but which can become so again, as soon as I put myself into action.

Do I need to get out of this consciousness? I have this impression that we must once again dissociate creation, creature and creator to live in my human condition. That’s what I’m going to do, keep the three spheres mixed, each with its own specific information in a single sphere.

And everywhere in the sphere, I have the three simultaneous informations. But there is no need to dissociate them, the three pieces of information are in me and I don’t need to dissociate them and I feel that I will try to live my concrete day, in this high consciousness of myself. I think I already knew that, but now I feel that the frequency I have is vibrating on another frequency.

I give thanks. I commit myself to be worthy of the teaching received, to be worthy of the teaching by keeping in my consciousness these three realities of humanity, of creation and of the creator, to live every moment of the day and the other days.