audio – the human of tommorrow

medmo 2019/05/04
medmo 2019/05/04

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.


I feel like my heart is going to explode or implode. Something strong is happening. I feel an infinite joy, a rare intensity. My friend Myriam is here at home, coming to catch her breath, cut off by the violence of a situation that has become unbearable. In reality, Myriam is also there and perhaps above all, because our I AM have asked us to do so. The human pretext suddenly seems to me to be very ridiculous compared to what I can feel from the rain of the Spirit coming down on us. The inside of us is constantly in junction with what we observe outside: the rays of the sun arrive when we feel Christ in us, the sound of a telephone confirms a sensation, the reminder of an insignificant gesture of the day before abounds in the awareness of a situation. We can see how the slightest thing, the smallest anecdote are insights to raise our consciousness. Probably, there was a need to continue the collective work experienced in the Gers to the end of April. I know in any case that the presence of my sister Myriam allows me to see more clearly, invites me to a more assertive positioning in favour of Christ, shows me how sometimes I am still tempted by the judges of the Sanhedrin, by the human rallying at the expense of my Divine Self.

This morning’s guidance did not have the same form as usual. As soon as I sat on the stool that welcomes me to formally live my Unity, I felt my frequency rise. Very quickly, I felt in my body the presence of all stellar consciences. I perceived my human envelope and inside the being free and joyful. At the end of the guidance, I clearly identified the map of the mast, both in the Tarot de Marseille and in the Tarit Zen of Osho. The mast has settled in me and since this morning, it has been activating the energy of my solar and cardiac plexus.

This guidance made me live a new experience of the Spirit in the woman, of the woman containing the Spirit, of the woman-Spirit and I was moved by it. A detailed description of the “human of tomorrow” has been given and I was happy about it.

My devil was not absent from the celebration in which my cells participated. Just after the recording stopped, he introduced himself to my conscience with these words: “Okay, that’s great, but in the meantime your potatoes are still not sown! ». I note the sentence, a splendid reminder that I could be hungry one day…

Today in particular, I am full of gratitude for what I AM, I find the garden of the Oliverie very beautiful, I am intensely alive on the way, even with the potatoes still germinating in their crate.

Drawing of Elodie Lagouy

Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

I feel the light around me, I feel the absolute love that permeates the house, the whole place where we are settled. And I feel that I have to say yes to all this bath of love in which I am immersed, in which we are immersed. I have an immense joy in saying yes to I AM, in proclaiming I AM what I AM, proud to be what I AM.
I feel filled with myself, with an “I” in capital letters. I feel in my human body, filled with my Divine Self, filled with the presence of Christ. I do not know the nature of what is given and at the same time I feel the beauty of what is given, the luminous quality of what is given. I feel loved, I feel well.

I am what I am, I am really here in my body of flesh, divine presence,
I am love in all my cells,
I am light in my density,
I am energy, I let the forces of life flow within me,
And I swim in the movement of life, I follow the current of the Spirit.

Joy is there, present in me and I can offer it to those who accompany me when I thus place myself at this moment, in readiness to receive from what I AM from all eternity. Thus I offer my joy to the Archangel Michael who is there in front of me, radiating light, offering me his power.
Thus I offer my joy to the principle of crystal that is behind me and that gives me relentless transparency, strength and solidity.
I offer my joy to Jesus my brother who walks beside me and who often precedes me to show me the way, the way, the truth, the life.
I offer my joy to the conscience of the Earth, the divine Mother whose womb is offered to all those who recognize her as mother.
I offer my joy to that I AM from all eternity and to the spirit beings whom he has chosen, whom I have chosen to support the human earthly experience, whom I live here and now from this body of flesh, the manifestation of the Spirit.
Everything in me is open to receive the flowers of the divine plan, the perfumes that allow my frequency to rise, that allow my consciousness to open itself and to commune with the subtle plane.

Each pore of my skin receives the infinite beauty of the spaces that open on the plane of the Spirit. My hearing captures cosmic songs, the sacred music of the celestial spheres. The singing of the crystal harmonizes all my bodies, strengthens my unity. The source of life gives me its strength, the dynamics of life gives me a spiral. And I receive, I receive, I receive, infinite, absolute love, the information of absolute beauty, the information of absolute purity.
I am innocent. I am one with the whole cosmos. Each of my cells is a star. I feel that my whole body is made up of the starry sky. I gather here in my earthly consciousness, all the consciences of I AM manifested in the universe. At this moment in my human consciousness there is a synthesis of all the dimensions of my being and I witness the joy that this produces. The meeting makes it possible to welcome everything.

Each star has its place and offers others what it is. Inside this stellar assembly, at the centre of my heart, the total consciousness opens, the door to truth, divinity and eternity opens.
In the sacred space of my heart, I perceive the infinite, the absolute. No image can translate this perception, no form is given to me to describe what I perceive. There is nothingness and this nothingness is dense with spiritual, divine substance.
I feel this essence circulating in my body, I feel this essence present, I feel that each of the atoms that compose my density is informed of this essence, is impregnated with this essence. I see that this essence invites me to detach myself from the shape of my body, that this essence frees me from identification with my body of flesh. And I can feel what I am inside myself free of any form. A free being lives in my flesh, a free being lives in my body. I access my being, my own essence.

My body seems to me to be an envelope inside which lives a mischievous, free, spontaneous, joyful being. And I say yes, to this presence in the envelope that my fleshly eyes can see in the reflection of the mirror. I welcome within me the other humans, who have also become enveloped in their divine being.
We run, we walk, we sit, we look at each other, we connect. Our eyes are the windows that allow us to see the divine being that we are.
We recognize ourselves. All of humanity is present. We contain all the inhabitants of the Earth and we rejoice in bringing together in ourselves the diversity with which the Spirit is manifested.

The scene is rural. We evolve in the middle of flowers, trees, the sun is soft, the music is harmonious in perfect harmony with what we experience inside. It helps to connect each other.
Harmony is total, perfection is there. Complementarity is a matter of course. We know how everyone feels because the truth is total. What we have experienced in our human condition of dissimulation, of hidden intentions, all this has disappeared in favour of total transparency, absolute luminosity, a joy in assuming our singularity, our specificities.
Each of us is right, no one is wrong anymore because we know that we are the bearer of part of the vision of the whole. We know that the complementarity of what we see is there, in us by welcoming the perception of our brothers and sisters, FRATERNITY is installed inside our hearts.

Each of us is proud of our own responsibility,
Each of us is happy with our freedom,
Each of us has confidence in our own abilities,
Each of us is certain of the love we embody,
Each of us has chosen to push back the forces of opposition to love,
And this choice is a source of Joy.
Each of us has chosen to recognize ourselves in the Spirit,
Each of us has chosen to leave our human remains at our feet,
Each of us exults from Joy.

The word given to me is the word completeness, there is nothing missing. There is something total, complete, unified. There is absolutely no roughness. Everything is perfectly smooth, filled. There is nothing to oppose, everything is complementary. It is said that this state of successful FRATERNITY is the information that the whole cosmos offers to the Earth today. The stars that have incorporated into us come to give humanity and the Earth, the information of total FRATERNITY. It is a seed that is sown in the consciousness of humans.
It is information that is disseminated in the consciousness of each incarnate being that is offered to the freedom of all humans. Because you know there’s nothing imposed. There is always the free choice left to you to do with this seed, this information, whatever you want.
But for you who hear this message today, know that the information is now available to each human being and that this information is likely to give you the motivation to build this fraternity, to implement this completeness, this harmony that you can experience at this moment by the stars in you welcomed.

In fact they make a parallel with the Easter eggs, which are said to be the bells that place them in the gardens. There’s a little bit of that. There are a few eggs, in fact that are given in every human garden, and these eggs can hatch if these humans find them and take care of them.
Each human receives an egg in his inner garden and this egg contains the human of tomorrow. The human being harmonized in himself, harmonized with others. And everyone can incubate their eggs. Many will abandon the egg and let it cool down. Many of you will incubate their eggs so that they can hatch and let the human of tomorrow out.

The human of tomorrow is a subtle being, filled with Love, conscious of the bond that unites him to his neighbor.
The human of tomorrow is a fraternal being who wants to build cathedrals of light and no longer stone walls.
Tomorrow’s human being is the bearer of Christ the Solar Consciousness.
Tomorrow’s human being is a joyful being of his own perfection, of the awareness of the bond that unites him to all the elements.
The human being of tomorrow knows that his individuality has no meaning unless it is at the service of the community.
The human of tomorrow works tirelessly, without ever getting tired, without being tired, because he has no constraints. Only joy animates the movement of his hands, the movement of his feet.
The human of tomorrow loves to love and does not fear that his love will give him vulnerability.
The human of tomorrow has self-confidence and therefore confidence in others.
The human of tomorrow can only project light on his neighbour because no shadow weighs him down or darkens him.
Tomorrow’s human being captures the infinite light at every moment of his life.
The human of tomorrow is open to infinity, nothing is closed, everything is in motion, in permanent exchanges, in absolute fluidity.
The human of tomorrow is cured of all his ills. He has chosen to leave his old wounds to his past and turns his gaze to the beauty of his own Spirit who calls him to create.
The human of tomorrow has understood the meaning of his past experiences, he knows the richness of them, he knows the price.
The human of tomorrow is a king, a sovereign who acts from his centre, who took his own Spirit to guide him at each of his steps, at each of his choices.
The human of tomorrow is Spirit.

It’s very strange for me to feel the presence of all the stars in the universe. Nothing is missing from me and I know that it is the same for all humans who want to feel this totality in themselves. It is not the whole, it is the totality, the addition of each thing that allows me to feel that I am the whole. But first I have to feel the totality, the addition of everything.

I feel that the seed has been deposited on the earth, that the fertilization of the Spirit of the FRATERNITY of tomorrow’s human being has taken place. I feel that in human consciousness the information has been placed. The voices of the Spirit make it possible to transmit information immediately. There is no network as used by the Internet. It’s really about immediacy. As soon as a human receives the information then the whole of humanity is informed.
We are asked to remember that it is enough for only one human being to accept to be fertilized by absolute love for the whole of humanity to be immediately fertilized by Absolute Love. The one who is aware of it then radiates this around him. And the more many of you are aware of it, the more you allow those who have received this fertilization, those who have been inseminated by Absolute Love, to become aware of it.
For deafness and blindness are still great on Earth. But a few woken up are enough for the fertilized egg to hatch and for the human of tomorrow to explode with joy, cheerfulness, smiles and love.

We are told, “Trust, be aware of what you have felt. Let live this experience of the fertilized egg and go cover these eggs so that tomorrow the human being will be the one that his I AM invites him to be. So that tomorrow the Earth will be the asylum of FRATERNITY, the place of life of solar love.
The message comes from the human of tomorrow that I am, it is not as often a spiritual being or a star or a stellar consciousness that guides me like this morning. It is, we can say the reality of the human of tomorrow that we are all who appear to me and guide my voice. I am moved and amazed by this.
I feel this Spirit-Woman living in me. I feel that in this envelope of flesh, there is indeed a free, sovereign being who knows how to love, communicate, give, act so that love can live on Earth.
And I wish that all humans on Earth will hear what they are, capture their reality from the human of tomorrow, from the Woman-Man-Spirit living in their flesh.

I thank you for the magnificence of what I am experiencing, here in this moment, in connection with the physical sun that has accompanied every moment of this guidance that has reinforced the information received and that now tells me that the time has come to finish in form, the mission that has been entrusted.