audio – arcturian nectar

medmo 2019/05/02
medmo 2019/05/02

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.


Here I am back home after 5 days actively living the fraternity in the perfect junction of some humans between our spiritual nature and our earthly condition, both with the people physically present and others geographically distant but there in our consciences. Everyone was able to invite whoever they wanted to our feasts and all our guests were welcome.

Today’s visible solitude in no way puts an end to the active presence of the fraternity. It continues to live, to constitute a resource, to call also to give what I am and what I AM.

With the change of month, I felt a new quality in the guidance this morning. I have the impression of a greater spiritual maturity that allows me to access another level of I AM, another understanding of the Universe, the solar system, the Earth and humanity.

Often, I feel the guidance of the consciousness of Arcturius, star/sun of the constellation of the Cattle Dog that I like to look at in the sky, so much I feel connected to the manifestation of what I AM on this celestial object. This morning, the encounter with the Arcturian consciousness of my Divine Self was rich, very rich, for the human person that I am, but also for all humanity. Our arcturian consciences have poured a nectar on our earthly fronts to open the third eye of each human being.


The image of the atoms constituting the molecules was then presented to me so that I could perceive the multidimensionality of our I AM and I could then access the perception of the cosmic movement that lives in the molecules that we are. This consciousness immediately allowed me to free myself from the linear vision, from the grip of earthly time and thus to immerse myself in the “understanding” of the Unity of the source with its manifestation. I feel different, moved, grateful.

Automatic translation of Elodie Lagouy’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life

I totally accept to be incarnated, I agree 100% with I AM to be present on Earth within humanity. What I AM here on Earth in my body of flesh is the perfect expression of the Spirit, love, light, energy that I AM.
I, the bearer of my free will, decide to be totally in agreement with I AM in the density, in my flesh, in my personality, in my humanity. I accept what I AM from all eternity, I make available to I AM what I AM here on Earth.

I unify myself, I authorize the Spirit present in my soul in the cells to radiate, to express himself, to sparkling and I love the Spirit who is around me, the love who is around me, the light who is around me, the energy who is around me.
I let my body raise its frequency, I decide to enlarge my field of consciousness and I accept the help given to me by Archangel Michael. He gives me by his presence the strength to control everything that opposes me to love, to the total expression of what I AM, everything that represses the radiance of the Spirit.
I welcome behind me the Crystal Master, who gives me by his presence the awareness of the power of my architecture, my skeleton, my whole body.
To my left I welcome the consciousness of the Earth, my sister, who has given me her flesh so that I AM can offer her the Spirit and I AM can make love grow with her, for her. I give thanks for his kindness, for his boundless generosity.
I welcome to my right my brother, my fellow traveller, my unwavering support, Jesus, the one who continues to accompany humanity in its growth, in its ability to make Christ live by deliberate choice, by decision.
I put myself in the center of the compass that these four form to help me expand my consciousness. I feel an emotion at the level of the solar plexus, something of the belief that the human being is a little pretentious when he rises towards the Spirit and I say on the contrary, I accept humility, my humility because here it is a question of leaving all the neurotic human wills in order to be the receptacle of the divine will.

Now I feel that it vibrates loudly, especially on the top of my ears, I feel I AM pulling my ears so that I can relax. I stretch myself, I stretch my consciousness and I feel that it rises, I find the assembly of the twelve.
I’m the one asking for a break here, now I’m continuing. In fact, I was asking to reassure myself, to take my bearings but it is not worth it, they give their energy to feed the upward force of my consciousness. They give me their approval, of course.

I see an orange fruit that obviously is a planet or a sun. It is a sun, Arcturius, constellation of the Bouvier of which I have always felt very close for a dozen years already and which I often meet to accompany me in raising my consciousness.
He invites me to enter his home, I feel shy as if I didn’t dare to meet myself who lives on the frequency of Arcturius. It is a dimension of me that vibrates on a very high frequency and it is this dimension of me that regularly comes to help me see more clearly, to hear more clearly.

I see a large space opening up in front of me, after having agreed to enter into a relationship. It is as if I am creating a space from my heart, I am moved to take the time to experience the emotion, it is as if I was given a wonderful gift that I could never have thought of.
I don’t have the embarrassment I sometimes know when I have to receive a gift, the emotion I have there is total wonder. I am receiving tremendous recognition. The one I AM on Arcturius thanks me and congratulates me for my availability, not to oppose the human image of me to what I receive.
Ok I AM what I AM and I accept what I receive, so congratulations and thanks for this Arcturian frequency of humanity because beyond you, it is all humans who are present here by your own presence.

The Arcturian frequencies of humans invite every human being today to enjoy the benefits of who they are on this plane of consciousness. There is a union between human earthly consciousness and human Arcturian consciousness, that is, I see communicating vessels.
More precisely, what is filled with love, light, Arcturian energy, the Arcturian plane of consciousness flows into the earthly human plane of consciousness. It’s like liquid honey, a manna.
This is a day when humanity is ready to receive manna, nectar, its own nectar. What you are on this plane of consciousness is a source that chooses to feed what you are on the plane of earth consciousness and here it is a matter of restoring contact for all humans who had not yet done so.

I am shown this Arcturian sun in its entirety, at the same time I am shown this space inside it which would be like a disc at its equator, which represents the human consciousness on Arcturius which pours into human consciousness, on Earth.
It is very beautiful to see that because I do see this huge orange ball with this cake inside and I see the beautiful blue planet very small, incredibly small in size but very very very vibrant.
I see the light potential of the Earth, I see a concentrate of light that only needs to be expressed, a concentrate of light that cannot be repressed and I see the nectar of Arcturian consciousness and therefore of Arcturian human consciousness pouring into human consciousness on Earth.
I see Arcturius, this superb consciousness, offering himself to the consciousness of the Earth and I symbolically see the image of Mary unfolding her arms, which opens totally (she had her hands joined). I don’t see a face, I just see a woman with a blue veil, a white dress. I see this woman extending her arms, growing, expanding, beautiful.

I see this female human form becoming the blue whale, I feel that the Earth must take over the management of large cetaceans because humans have seized these beings to manipulate and instrumentalize them.
Arcturius gives back to this great whale, belugas, great whales and dolphins, it gives back to these beings who carry within them the consciousness of the Earth, their freedom, their autonomy, the right to self-manage. They must free themselves from the harnesses that have been put on them with the manipulations that have been carried out on them by humans, who see them as animals and not as high consciences.
It is operating, removing the chains, the straps that have been physically or symbolically put on these animals, on these consciences and therefore by doing so, Arcturius also gives humanity, individual human beings the strength to regain their self-determination, their self-awareness.

It is very strong, I must deposit my belief that some human beings will not be able to receive this ability to connect with their Arcturian consciousness, their elevated consciousness, their orange consciousness of infinite love, of freedom. I must remove this belief from my consciousness because I am hindering the pouring of the Arcturian nectar into human consciousness.
That’s it, it opens up and I do see the Earth breathing and it breathes, this little planet that was a concentrate of blue light on its surface and very bright white dots in the center.
This small planet is beginning to take its place, to live the nectar in each of the Earth’s cells.

A drop of nectar is placed on each human forehead for the third eye. This is what is proposed today, the opening of the 3rd eye for all humans. At the moment, I become aware of this, the sun enters the room, a great light sets in, which I perceive even if my eyes are closed. It is diminishing a little there, I still have trouble believing that all humans will be touched by this nectar, on their foreheads, to allow them to open their third eye.
There, I have to deposit some more of my beliefs and now I see, from where I am on the plane of consciousness, the twelve who usually welcome me and who have just given me the impulse to climb higher in my frequency.
I see the twelve who are the basket arms, in position to receive and they say yes, we receive the nectar. They each have a huge crystal bowl that allows the nectar to pour in abundance on each of the planets of the solar system.
The Arcturian plane of consciousness is being offered to the solar system. Each crystal bowl fills with infinite joy and as the bowls are carried on the arms and well the nectar migrates into the heart of each being carrying a planet.
They are representatives of each of the planets of the solar system including the sun and I see that our sun of the solar system is changing, receiving solar consciousness. It is expanding, our sun is expanding, the nectar it receives gives it substance, brilliance, power.
It is as if all of a sudden he was receiving something to grow up with, like a child who would be a little bit struggling to grow up and who would have been given a vitamin treatment to boost his growth.
There it is the same thing, the sun has taken charge of the effects of our free will on the Earth, it has accepted to restrict itself. I suddenly see that our sun has accepted to slow down its own evolution, has restricted itself in its radiance to give us time, we earthly humans to experience it.

It reminds me of this story of a 50-year moratorium, which is said to have been left to humanity since 1969 and would now end in the coming months. Indeed, I see a sun that had frozen a little, that had held back. “I was holding back and this is the time when I can stop holding back, I can flourish.
It was like a retained flower bud that cannot open its petals and there it is what is received by our sun, but also by each of the planets under the orchestration of the sun. He is a conductor of our solar system and receives enough to deploy.
He had agreed to take charge of our own restrictions, the effects of restricted consciousness, the effects of consciousness diminished by forgetting our true nature. And there, the sun relaxes, it can relax, it can be totally itself since humans have received, through the nectar poured on their foreheads, the possibility of raising their consciousness, of reconnecting to their Arcturian consciousness which is a determining level in the opening of consciences, at the source to the creative principle, to the original germs.
The junction of the earth’s consciousness with the Arcturian consciousness for a human is a decisive level and from there, the sun of the solar system can let itself go and can really radiate what it is. He no longer needs to repress his love outbursts. It no longer needs to restrict the radiation of its light, it no longer needs to retain the emission of its energy and humans have the choice, either to adapt to this new solar radiation, or to remain closed in which case their bodies will have some difficulties living on Earth.

All humans are invited to the feast without exception, we are told: “Do not look at your fellow humans with your human eyes, look at them with your Arcturian eyes and thus you will see the beauty of everyone, including those you think are abominable, detestable. Including those whom you accuse of being the perpetrator of the evils you are experiencing, of the suffering you are suffering. Even those who steal, do not respect the property. Even those who abuse the weakness of their loved ones, look at each member of humanity with the eyes of your Arcturian consciousness. This will facilitate the effect of the nectar received on everyone’s forehead and it will greatly facilitate the action of the sun, your sun on yourself, on the Earth. Do not worry, judge your neighbour, know that each human being is the only evaluator of himself. »
It is about letting each human being do his or her own accounting for the actions he or she has taken, and the more we evaluate each other’s actions, the more we accuse them, the more we point to them, the more we take away their ability to make their own assessment.
We must encourage each human being to look inside himself, to realize for himself the effect of his choices, the impact of his actions, the trace left by his words. The more we look at our human brothers and sisters with our Arcturian eyes, the more we will create the conditions for raising consciousness, for their responsibility, for their awareness of their creative dimension.

I see that it is not for me to evaluate, it is for me to know if I want to cooperate with others, but it is not for me to evaluate their actions, their choices, their thoughts, their behaviours. I have only myself to ask myself the question: “Marie-Odile, do you want a relationship with this person? It is based on me, on my feelings and not on the evaluation of others.
I can take a stand and answer this question, I really feel the connection between my Arcturian consciousness and my earth consciousness, I would say my solar consciousness of the solar system. Because in fact, it is not really from the consciousness of the Earth but rather from the consciousness that I am in the solar system.
I feel carried by the sun of our solar system to see my fear, to feel my human condition, I cannot dissociate our sun and the presence on Earth. It is very linked, there is like a kind of triangle with a very small base, which would therefore be my human consciousness on Earth and my Christ self on the sun and then all this goes in point towards Arcturius.
It’s really very strong to feel in my body, there’s something going on there, that gives me an incredible feeling, an immense joy that this contact is officially established, that this flow of energy has the possibility to exist and act.

In fact, the Arcturian nectar can pour permanently onto our forehead to activate our clairvoyance and clairaudience, for it is a link that is now truly unalterable between our human consciousness on Earth and our human consciousness on Arcturius and the consciousness of Christ that we are on our sun.
Our solar human consciousness, terrestrial human consciousness, Arcturian human consciousness, I think that the word human is not necessarily exact, but it is important to preserve it anyway, because it means the unity and multidimensionality of our being.
This is what is really taking root, this multi-dimensionality, earthly self, solar self, arcturian self.

Suddenly, I feel from the Earth that I am a being with multiple rays, with multiple dimensions that wherever I look at myself in the cosmos, I am always a sphere with rays that are projected into other places in the universe.
It is similar to the way molecules are drawn with the different atoms that are combined with each other. One could say that each consciousness is a molecule composed of multiple atoms, which are the manifestations of the Spirit on the different places of the cosmos, on the different planes of consciousness of the manifested Spirit.
It is vertiginous what I see there and I see in this molecule precisely the three particular atoms that are the earth atom, the atom of our sun and the arcturian atom. It is really interesting to know that the molecule that we are can be perceived from multiple points of consciousness, points of view of each of the atoms that make up the molecule.

That’s it, I need to leave this molecular representation of consciousness and it’s really a tangle of molecules, everything is in motion. At first, I saw the still image, the time it takes to settle in me, but I realize that in fact, as soon as I add other molecules to other beings, everything starts moving at a vertiginous speed that only forms a sphere of light.
And I see that the created in movement, brings back to the incremented, it is extraordinary to see all these molecules intertwined with each other. It’s like the kaleidoscope when you shake the seven colours of the rainbow, you have a white light and well, it’s exactly the same thing. When each molecule accepts the cosmic movement in it, consciousness becomes one again and becomes again the Source that it has never ceased to be, and thus the Source and its manifestation are but one.

I am really grateful to see this, to perceive it because I suddenly understand that evolution is that, it is becoming aware of our multi-dimensionality and the cosmic movement in us. Then, there is no departure, no arrival, no Source and manifestations of the Source, there are both at the same time, nothing separates.
My mind seems to understand, I thank him, that it is wonderful that you agree to capture this and welcome the images or rather the sensations I experience, hearing this multidimensional awareness of my being.
It is really amazing to see how the manifested Source becomes the Source again, as soon as the cosmic movement seizes the manifestation. The cosmic movement is welcomed in the manifestation of the Source then the manifestation becomes the Source again.
The image I have is a source that manifests itself at a central point, that proceeds to creation, therefore manifests itself and then the manifestation welcomes the cosmic movement and then the sphere created by the molecules, that receives the movement is a Source but multiplied. That is to say, the point of creation is included in the event that has become Source again.
I see what it is the evolution of the Source, it is extraordinary to see that, how the Source believes through its manifestation when it accepts the movement, the impulse of departure.
The Source continues to give its movement, it does not get rid of its creation, it continues to offer its cosmic movement to its creation.
It’s great to see all these molecules spinning, it’s strong, I feel like I still need to print my consciousness, my cells because it really answers a huge existential question.

I know that now, it is very much imprinted in my consciousness, I return to my earthly consciousness but it is clear, it is no longer the same at all, I know that even after finishing this recording, vacant to my occupations, it now includes what I have lived.
I give thanks, I am in a very astonishing state of consciousness of density but also of consciousness of Home. It is very beautiful really, I feel that it is an important moment and that I really offer this experience to the whole of humanity.
I have received a lot, I really give thanks for this help which has allowed me to access this consciousness and live this experience.