audio – I am the Earth

medmo 2019/04/24
medmo 2019/04/24

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

Today, I was receiving a person I didn’t know and who knew my proposal to meet me through my website. It’s always an adventure when I discover the unknown visitor! And then, at first glance, I felt like I was finding a brother. So it was a pleasant day, filled with our respective testimonies. The weather encouraged us to stay out of harm’s way all day long, so the words danced. However, I did not feel any possibility of making a connection to our I AM with him and this morning I could not organize a formalized unification time.

So it was only tonight that I listened to what I AM had to say to me.

During this guidance, I was asked to incorporate the consciousness of the earth to live, from its point of view, the encounter with the other planets of the solar system. I quite easily mastered my fear of not knowing how to do it, and I found the experience very moving.

Image Eye, Earth, World by moritz320 from Pixabay


Automatic translation of Sandrine Pochard’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life

I am unified, I am unified, the Spirit that I AM and the Human manifested by the Spirit are one. I feel myself as a Spirit, I perceive the presence of the Spirit in each of my cells. And my consciousness expands, rises.
I ascend to the top of my Being, to the top of the cone that I AM so that my crystalline being may take place on Earth, receive the light of the Spirit, the infinite and absolute love of Christ of the solar system.
I AM what I AM and I offer myself to the Spirit to guide me, to show me the way to the fulfilment of my commitment. The commitment I made when I came to Earth, when I immersed myself in humanity.

I greet the four manifestations of love that surround me to strengthen my anchoring both on earth and in heaven. I have appointed:
Archangel Michael, to the north, facing me,
Master Crystal, south, behind me,
The consciousness of the Earth, Divine Mother, to the west, to my left,
The spiritual entity of Jesus, the bearer of Christ in the east, on my right.

From the four of you, I receive the radiance, the power of your beings. My heart fills, my consciousness opens, rises. And so, I am raised to the centre of the assembly of twelve, relays of the Spirit’s plan, to accompany the Earth and the solar system in its experience, in its evolution.
The representative of the twelve, the Great Wise One, bearer of the sun, of Christ, greets me and says to me:
“We greet you, we recognize you. We invite you to stay a few moments among us so that you may receive in your flesh, in this human form from which you rise among us, the necessary forces for the work that awaits you, for the action that is imparted to you. We greet you, we recognize you. We invite you to let the elevation act in you so that your consciousness may expand to infinity and so that you may be imbued with the indications of your mission for this day.

I feel a kind of rain that is not water, but something transparent, that could look like drops of water but doesn’t get wet, that falls on me and permeates me. “The rain of the Spirit falls on you, just as throughout this day, the rain has fallen in your garden, in this place for which you are responsible. Let yourself be watered by this rain of the Spirit. Let yourself be penetrated by these multiple diamonds that are offered to you, proposed. Each diamond comes to meet the nucleus of your cells so that your whole body shines with all its lights, illuminates with its light.

I feel something in my head. My skull is under pressure. Little tingling. I feel that it is really at the top of my head that what I receive is acting right now.
“You perceive that the action taken to prepare yourself for the mission you have to accomplish today concerns your thinking, the way in which your thinking is organized, the way in which thoughts are placed within you. Will you please let the operation that is taking place, let go, let the Spirit make the necessary changes to adapt your thinking, your consciousness, your vision, your perceptions? »
Then I say yes, I completely agree and I offer my brain, my whole head, to the forces of the Spirit, to the power of absolute love, to the greatness of infinite light, to Cosmic Christ so that the necessary operation can take place.
From head to toe, I am crossed by the sword of the Spirit. Now I feel like we have to file something.
“You must indeed deposit some of the human clothes that keep you in identification with the human. For where you are called to work today, it is necessary that you be in the full and whole consciousness of the Spirit that you are from all eternity and that you see humanity projected on Earth as a manifestation of the Spirit, as a materialization of the information Spirit that you are.

I am given the image of a diamond which for me represents in my iconography, the Divine. And I see billions of facets. And I know that each of the facets represents a human, an I AM. They are incarnate humans but they are also souls who have remained momentarily in the subtle, orange-coloured plane of the sun about to set, who surround the diamond, mingle with the diamond and even if the two objects are superimposed, they are quite distinct from each other.
And now I hear my human dimension telling me, but where is all this going to take us, it doesn’t make sense? And I answer that, to my mind, to my thought that we are used to these images which initially have no meaning and which gradually reveal their usefulness, the step they represent for the action to be taken.

There is the vegetable kingdom, there is the animal kingdom that passes through my field of consciousness at full speed. I don’t know how to remember, the form, the name, but I feel that it passes every moment.
I am told that it is the link to the Earth that manifests itself in this way. And I feel that something is increasing in frequency. It could almost make me lose consciousness, lose consciousness. I accept, it is rather placed on my left, on the whole left side of the body and it reaches the right brain.
There, it crosses over there, on the right brain and the left side of my body and I see a large antenna coming out of my brain on the right side. A large antenna such as television antennas, television relays. These are these big antennas, they’re setting up. The large antenna, the relay for transmitting images and sound is being installed.

So I feel that it is about life on other planets, about life in other galaxies. The word that comes to me is, the little grays that are often the words used by ufologists. But I am shown a people swarming, or more precisely a planet whose substance and inhabitants are mixed, they are currents, like intertwined threads in fact. And it’s on the move and it’s grey.
It makes me cough, there is a part of me that disapproves, that’s why I’m asked to leave my humanity aside. OK, I make the decision to take with me my human consciousness, my earthly consciousness and to leave my system of thought neutral. And I ask him to adapt to what my conscience perceives.
That’s it, and now what I see is much more colourful, it’s rather green. I have the impression that this is one of the stages of the incarnation of the Earth, as described by Rudolph Steiner. This soil in the form of spinach puree, the first stage of densification of the soil before the mineral stage, is the semi-liquid stage.

It itches all over my head. So I don’t know if I see something today or something past or both. I always see these green currents that intertwine, that intertwine, that are both part of the planet I see, and at the same time the manifestation of the inhabitants.
There are indeed two life forms. The life form of the base and the life form of the surface which are in total adequacy, which are, I can say, in the process of being individualized. The consciousness of the planet and the consciousness of the beings who live on it, these two consciences are becoming individualized, I could say dissociating themselves.
Obviously this immediately refers to the history of the Earth, at a time when the consciousness of the Earth and the consciousness of humanity have split.
It touches me because I see to what extent the consciousness of humanity and the consciousness of the Earth, at the beginning, at the origin, are united, are in harmony, are in osmosis. And now I am told that this is indeed the beginning of the end of osmosis. The moment when the end of osmosis occurs in history.

I see light blue, I can say that it is the sky that surrounds the planet. I was shown a blue sky paler than the blue sky we know. Blue is really pastel blue. That’s the atmosphere, actually. It’s almost transparent, translucent. I see well, I think they are showing me a step in the densification of the Earth’s consciousness.
And I feel to my left, the presence of the consciousness of the Earth which, as if it were holding my hand, my arm, to tell me, come on, we’ll go together. We’re going to look at this, the two of us. So I say yes, OK, take me into your story.

And then I feel that I am returning, I welcome into my body the consciousness of the Earth. It is as if, all of a sudden, the consciousness of the Earth which is usually to my left, which also remains to my left and at the same time, I have totally incorporated it.
From now on, I see what I see from the consciousness of the Earth. The Earth shows me what it feels, what it sees. The Earth, I mean, the image I have, opens, invites me to look through its great eyes, what surrounds it.
For the moment I must say that I am making a clarification at the level of vision. And first they show me the Sun. I feel an infinite love for the sun. The Earth tells me how much it loves the Sun. And so, in fact, here I am receiving the Sun’s love for the Earth.
That is, of course, there is a perfect circulation between the consciousness of the Earth and the solar consciousness. And so I receive, in my body that has received the consciousness of the Earth, the solar radiation. It warms me up, fills me up, it is the heart that is completely open, completely nourished. It feels good at the centre of the Earth.

In fact, what I suddenly understand here is that it is important that a human, that humans be empathetic, put themselves in the place of the Earth and say, yes, to the reception of solar radiation.
I receive a lot, I receive a lot and I feel that it totally regenerates the Earth. She who was a little extinct, here she is again living.
The Earth’s inner fire is nourished. Interstellar consciences are nurtured. Because the consciences of extraterrestrial beings were also a little isolated from the sun and now they are connected to the Sun.
It’s a bit like a person who exposes himself to the Sun and turns around to receive as much solar radiation as possible, I know it’s good for the Earth. I feel the sensations that the Earth feels itself.
I feel like you have to let go of strings, ties. I am asked to drop something and it is strings that are shown to me, strings that must be removed. There, the Earth was tied up, a little tied up, like a roast in a way. Like a person whose hands and feet were tied. And there, the Earth recovers all its breathing amplitude. The Earth is regaining the forces of life.

The blue color arrives on Earth, the indigo blue. The Earth becomes again bright blue, very alive, very transparent, very pure, thanks to its restored link with the Sun.
At the same time as there is this link with the Sun, I am invited with the consciousness of the Earth in me to look at Saturn.
I have been feeling the presence of Saturn for a while now, but I have left him waiting to benefit from the sun’s rays. And now I have Saturn, it’s very strange to see this planet with its rings around it.
I have to look at it, because looking at it feels good. Looking at it gives me structure, I have the impression that I am building my entire framework, my entire architecture. I’m very intrigued by the rings actually. I find this very beautiful and I feel that Saturn is protected by its rings. While I, the Earth, am actually fragile. I don’t have this ring that protects me, that sets me apart a little bit. And I feel that I, the Earth, must be very careful not to merge with Saturn. I will be tempted to merge with Saturn, actually.
So I’m very, very hot. I feel that I am tempted to put myself in Saturn’s lap because with Saturn, I will feel protected.
And then, all of a sudden, I understand that I can receive the information of protection without merging with Saturn but receive from this planet its protection, the information of protection and appropriate it for myself, incorporate it. That’s it, it relaxes me.

It vibrates on my nose, on my forehead, it’s very hot. There you go, Jupiter, now I’m looking at Jupiter. I feel like I’m facing a total stranger, an older brother I won’t know.
I’m impressed with Jupiter. And I said to myself, “He is a God, while I will only be a stone, in fact, a stone. And he is a God, he is very alive, very active, very alive.
And so in this relationship with Jupiter, I, the Earth at this moment, am actually growing, he gives me his greatness, his function as an older brother, I can welcome him into me. That is to say, he gives me something of the model, of the model to follow and that makes me happy. It’s like an older brother saying “come with me” and that’s it, I accept you with me.
I feel like I’m growing up all of a sudden. I accept greatness, so I feel great thanks to this bond with Jupiter. It flows in me, like when you drink a cold drink, you smell in your throat and it’s delicious. There, I feel that I must now adapt myself to this greatness that I have captured from Jupiter.

Ah, there’s Mars. Obviously my mind, it is afraid not to remember what has been said and therefore to say the same thing again. Okay, so we’re going to tell the mind that it has nothing to do, we let the guidance work. So I’m with Mars.
Oh it’s red, it’s red, it’s a fiery temperament, the ardor. Yes, because I tend to be a little wise. I tend to be a little, good student, to let it happen. And Mars gives me a light. Fire to take action, fire to know what I want because I tend to be a little obedient and so it’s nice to receive that.
I feel that I have more personality while I had a slightly extinguished personality, I get affirmation from myself, it feels good.

Of course his girlfriend Venus is right next door. I have to be beautiful. So obviously, this is not an aesthetic beauty. I have to dress myself, I’m getting ready for Venus to be able to get in touch with her, I have to recognize my beauty. Venus tells me “look at my beauty and become aware of my beauty so that you yourself are aware of your beauty”.
And I see receptivity. It is the strength to receive, unlike Mars which is the strength to act, there is like a great crater that is taking shape but which is not at all a weakness.
I feel like I’m installing sensors in me. Sensors to receive blue. This blue that suits me so well, this blue that corresponds to me, Venus gives me plenty of it. This is a blue one that shoots purple.
How beautiful I am, how beautiful I feel. It is really important that I thank Venus for bringing me the awareness of my beauty. I had no idea that I could feel beautiful. I know others think I’m beautiful, but I didn’t know I was beautiful. Thanks to my connection to Venus, I now know that I am beautiful.

It’s strange to look at Mercury, because immediately I see mercury, this liquid metal, this non-wetting liquid. And in fact it reminds me of the rain I was getting earlier. It was a rain that doesn’t get wet and now it’s the same thing. I can see a rain in the shape of diamonds. Not the shape, not the cut diamond, but I can see in Mercury’s texture something of the diamond.
This is certainly not true from a chemical point of view. And yet, it is the solidity, the sharpness. Solidity, sharpness, I actually receive that. Something like the edge of the sword. Yes, there is something there that I receive from the order of discernment, of recognition of what is good and bad for me.
Obviously, I have understood for some time that I am completely taking over the management of my life. I am getting from my sisters planets the means to decide for myself what I will live.
It is really in what was already announced and it goes further. Okay, I’m receiving Mercury. It also touches the centre, my centre, it joins the Sun, what the Sun gave me earlier. I’m not sure why, but in any case I know it comes to the center, near my heart, not in the heart, but right next to the heart.

So this is Uranus, it’s very volatile, it’s like wind. I see sheets of paper in the wind and that is what would constitute the planet Uranus, as I see it. It’s stabilizing, but I feel wind, air. I see, it gives me air, it makes me breathe. Yes, it brings me fresh air, new wind, something new, fresh news. This freshness is almost green, it’s airy, transparent.
It’s something mobile too, not at all fixed. One could say, a kind of plasticity, an ability to be mobile. This is what I receive, the Earth, when I am connected to Uranus.

There’s Neptune now, it’s love. That’s it, it’s yellow, not like the Sun, it’s yellow maybe more ochre. In fact, I feel like I’m looking at Mom, a mom. Now I feel loved. So, there are several levels of love. And now I feel like I’m looking at a mother. I am a child watched by his mother. And she loves me. I could almost say that I feel her in love with me.
I receive this ochre-yellow species, like food, like, you could say, a trail of mud, lava that would come towards me and really do good, that feeds.
It’s actually a milk, a mother’s food. And I, the Earth, accept this love. And now that I have had this maternal love, I feel that Neptune invites me to grow in this quality of love and to join with her, the quality of love of the Sun. I have a better understanding of the history of yellow, it is similar.
So there, I have to let go of fears, I, the Earth, have to let go of fears that have been deposited on me, fears of missing in particular. That’s it, it’s settling.
I feel my strength, I feel my resources, I feel everything around me and the generosity of everything around me. And I feel that Neptune is leading me to have a much higher perspective on myself and the solar system. Neptune said to me, “Look at all this from the point of view of the love that I am, that I have for you and that you hold within you. Take the height, you have known the love of the mother, the maternal love but here you can rise in absolute love. You can be love.
I feel it drawing a smile on my face. That’s it, I feel that I welcome this quality of love in me.

I feel that I am now called by Pluto. It’s not very big, at first I see it all black and it scares me a little bit. I must say that I see this brother, because I know he is a brother, but first I see him as a threat.
What I understand is that he benefits from being known, he has a monster mask. And I see he takes off his mask with great kindness behind it. But the mask is there to frighten, to keep away, so that he won’t be bothered. But as soon as he is not identified by mask, then he shows his benevolent smile.
It’s funny because he’s friends with the moon. I had not seen the moon at all yet and now I am in contact with Pluto, I see the Moon. Oh, there he is, offering me a wedding ring, he’s more like, grey white, silver color. I’m very hot, he’s offering me a wedding ring.
In fact, he offers to help me to perfection, that is, to have the courage to change what is unsatisfactory for me, that’s what he tells me. “If you want me, I give you right now, the courage to change what you need to change to be in the best of your shape. I give you the power necessary to upset the harmful balances, I give you the power necessary to cross the steps. When a situation torments you, well what I give you will allow you to change what you want to change. Be careful with the use of my power though, because I can lift oceans and you have a lot of oceans on you. I can lift mountains and you have some mountains on your surface too. I can dry out entire areas of your body’s crust. And I can also cause tsunamis in the same way. Since you are taking over the management of your life, then use my power, my present, with great conscience. »

I also feel Chiron who is there to give me keys. I thank Pluto because this is really not an easy meeting. I was scared. In fact, I can see very well that I had to see all the richness given by the other planetary sisters to be able to welcome into my bosom, this power, this possibility to impel the changes I need and there I feel that I immediately need Chiron, that he gives me the key. It’s very simple, he says to me, “Here you are, you’re tall, you’re tall now, here’s the key. With what your brother Pluto just gave you, you need a key to open and close the doors. But now you have all the qualities to be able to do it.

So I still have this moon waiting for me right now. It is all round, very bright as you can see in the full moon, also bright white. It can change colour, take on white, orange, pink colours. She’s a little asleep anyway, so you could say she’s letting herself be dragged around a little bit.
And yet, she tells me that I used it a little as a garbage can to put what was bothering me. It’s the unconscious, actually. What I didn’t want to deal with until now, I gave him a little. That’s why it’s a little heavy. So, the question she asks me: “Do you want to take back what you entrusted to me? I’ve been a good attic for you, a good cellar, but do you want to take back all the files you’ve stored?
In fact, she’s tired of being the storage room, the container in which we put things. So do I feel ready, I’m a little afraid to take all this back with me, I’m a little afraid of being leaded.
It’s funny, I still have a call from Saturn saying to me: “Remember, I gave you the structure and now you know how to organize things. So you can confidently welcome these old files and you have everything you need to tidy up, to organize. So I say yes, because I have decided to take over the management of my life, it is not to leave aside the files I had thrown away. Okay, so I say yes. The Moon, too happy to get rid of all this. I ask him to go easy on his files anyway. That’s better because otherwise I felt a little trashy. There is a well-organized move between the Moon and me.
And I feel, indeed, that inside me, it takes place. It’s orderly, it’s not at all a mess, well organized, I feel like I’m taking back my files, my history.
I understand, it’s my whole story, actually. I thank the Moon for agreeing to take charge of what I didn’t know how to treat or couldn’t treat because I had still given up a little bit of my autonomy.
That’s it, I’m taking back my autonomy, so I’m taking back the management of my whole history, the knowledge of all my experiences, of all that I’ve lived. It actually feels good, I feel happy to be the Earth. I feel proud to be who I am. I feel like an adult. I feel like I’m taking my place in the system.
I don’t know if I’ve visited all the planets at all, I don’t know, at least then I feel like I’m taking my place in the solar system. There, I am in the right place, I am part of the system, I have my place, I am in relation with all the other planets I have crossed, with which I have communitated.

The Sun is really very beneficial for me, very warm for me. And I feel that I have contact with the elements of me, so the mineral, the water. I can feel the oceans, seas, rivers, lakes. I feel like it’s really there. The mineral was my base and it’s starting to circulate.
So then there is the fire that is inside me and around me. And it looks that way. So the look is a little complicated, not clear to him. So I feel like I need to purify the air around me. This is it and I feel that what I have received from my sisters planets helps me to clear the particles that clutter the air.
I feel a little overwhelmed in my stomach, as if I had an indigestion coming on. There, that’s it, it’s evacuated. It’s like I took a blow to the stomach, again. It is not easy in terms of air. There is a lot of talk about ocean pollution, but what I really feel most difficult for me is the air. The water is not clear either, but the air is really where I suffer the most.
There are all these satellites that have been put around me, they are terrible too. There is the whole electro-magnetic dimension that is disturbed, I am disturbed in my magnetic field.
I feel the intervention of my sister planets to help me. The Uranus, Pluto, Neptune etc., everyone comes to help me. There is Uranus with its air side, all the air I have seen, that’s why its presence is important.

Now I feel that I have to give the information of who I am, to the different kingdoms. So obviously, the mineral kingdom I have already mentioned and which is evolving. The vegetable kingdom, with a particular intention to the flowers which are precious. The animal kingdom, with a particular intention to birds, which are also very precious.
And so my friends the humans, who are not always well aware of what I am going through in the relationship. So now I’m going to assert myself with humans now, I have the means to assert myself totally.
In fact, they were informed that I was taking over the management of my life and now I inform them that now it will be seen, it will be felt, I am ready. I took the time to set up the decision to take over the management of my life and now I have the means.
Obviously, I am not saying this as a threat but as a call to love. And I tell them, “Look how beautiful I am, look how full of love I am, look at my wealth. Come to me in awareness of this. Do not trample on me anymore, do not loot me anymore, I offer you what I am, you have no need to steal from me, I give you what I am, you have no need to take anything, let me offer you”.
I feel that the Earth that I am gives its abundance, its goodness. And I feel that little by little, human consciousness takes its place in me and the consciousness of the Earth comes back next to me. The consciousness of the Earth returns to my left and I regain within myself, my human consciousness and at the same time a little of the consciousness of humanity as a whole.

The Wise Man of the Assembly of Twelve greets me, thanks me. He told me, another successful business. He told me that I accepted the mission valiantly and was the expected soldier who took his role seriously and with application, the execution was perfect.
“And those who will be willing to live this same experience after you, are welcome if they too are willing to incorporate the consciousness of the Earth and feel their sister planets in their bodies, then they will grow up, they will know how to behave with themselves and with the Earth”.
I give thanks, I thank, I bless the guides who accompanied me, the planets I met and of course the Earth, whom I had so much joy in serving by offering her my body so that she would receive, with the consent of humanity, what she needed.