audio – Pleiades and whales

medmo 2019/04/10
medmo 2019/04/10

Meditation recreated by speech synthesis.

The festival of guidances continues. This morning, still with Corine, we were put in contact with the Pleiades, that group of stars that I like to observe so much in the sky and that I know helps us considerably in our human experiences. Helping the souls who have incarnated to be the active relays of what the Pleiades send for the Earth and humanity, this was our mandate this morning. Many young humans have made a commitment to harness the energy of the Pleiades but are nowadays not very or not receptive to what is sent to them. Our task was to remove the cover that blocked their channel. Of course, this is about those who are sometimes called indigo children.
To complete this work and in collaboration with indigo children, we have been mobilized to give back to a whale, identified as the leader of the whale species, its connection with the Pleiades. It was simply beautiful, moving. I was transformed by this experience.
Today, I had the feeling that our action has been enormous, to the extent that the whale is for everything that lives on earth.

The blue whale, Myriam’s painting

The work in the garden that followed this extraordinary expansion of consciousness seemed essential to the balance of my whole being: going into contact with the Pleiades and the representative of whales on Earth and kneeling on the ground to organize the vegetation of the place for which I was entrusted, are two complementary and exciting gestures.


Automatic translation of Elodie Lagouy’s transcript, not reviewed by the author

I am what I am
I am divine presence
I am what I am

I am divine presence
I am love
I am light
I am energy and I swim in the movement of life

At this moment, I place myself at the disposal of what I AM from all eternity, I invite my I to expand in order to unify my human condition and my spiritual nature.

I activate the consciousness of the divine presence of my I AM, here in my body of flesh, of the divine presence of the Archangel Michael, the Crystal Master, the divine Mother and Christ present through Jesus, Christ present in me.
I AM letting myself raise my frequency so that my clairvoyance and clairaudience open up. I offer my field of consciousness to my divinity in order to be guided in the action we have to carry out for love, for humanity. I let the frequency rise in order to be present simultaneously in the density and in the increment, in the subtle plane of my Source, of the Source.
All the cells of my body, all my subtle bodies are illuminated by the light that I AM from all eternity.
I call all parts of me who need the Spirit to climb to the top of the mountain, to the top of the crystal cone that I AM. What in me needs to be filled, can be filled at this moment by the Spirit, everything in me needs to be loved, can receive love at this moment from my I AM, everything in me needs to be healed, can welcome the healing forces of my I AM, everything in me needs to be satisfied, at this moment can be satisfied by the fullness brought by what I AM. Here I am one with myself, here I am unified Woman-Spirit.

I feel that we are welcomed by the assembly of the twelve Ambassadors of the Spirit’s plan who watch and accompany humanity, the Earth and the experience together, themselves. The wise man who presides over the assembly of twelve, bearer of the solar consciousness, addresses us and proposes to us to receive from him his blessing, his encouragements, his joy to see us again. He asks us to face him and accept to let ourselves grow, by what he gives us, by his gratitude, by the congratulations he addresses to us.
“Let your body of flesh expand to the infinite light, let your human appearance be coloured with your spiritual reality. Allow me to raise you a little higher in your own frequency, that of your Spirit, that of your I AM so that you may be here on Earth in total resemblance to what you are from all eternity. Let me clothe you with the cloak of light that will allow you to travel in the celestial spheres in total freedom, without fear of the encounters you will make, of the actions that will be asked of you because in your power, at this moment, I put you in the unlimited of your possibilities. I place you, on the sole condition that you accept to recognize yourself in your infinite being, in your Spirit, in the divine family of which you are a full member. »
I perceive something that opens above us as a ceiling that would open and allow us to access the cosmos. It’s as if we were floating in the cosmos, looking for the stars, the galaxy to which we must go.
The master who enthroned us tells us that we will recognize very well what we have to do as we travel, as we experience elevation.
Corine said: “I see a movement of elevation, something that goes up and down but helps us to go up anyway, pushes me up. »

I actually feel that it’s a displacement, it’s strange I could say, it’s a displacement that is without speed, there’s no friction with the air. Now, there is no density, in our being, there is a movement, we are carried by the wave of the Spirit. We are brought by our own Spirit, we are propelled without any resistance to our movement.
Corine says: “As if there were eyelashes in the body, there are eyelashes that help movement like the eyelashes on the eyelids. »
They are waves of energy in fact, waves of love that actually caress our being to propel it to the right place and I feel that we take the time to see where.
The word that comes to me is Aldebaran, so I take care at this point of the journey, to ask my mind to be with me and help me memorize the words, to understand them. Aldebaran is a star and in fact, what we are asked to do is to park a few moments in the Pleiades.

And there, there is a lot of blue that is given. I feel that it is a question here of connecting with the whole wave of souls who are present on Earth and who are inspired by the Pleiades, called Pleiadian children, indigo, crystal children. All these beings, who in fact are in direct contact with the Pleiades.
It provokes something very pleasant in my physical heart, it is something that opens up in the upper part of the heart.
I see a very great activity in this group of Pleiades stars. There is really a very important activity to ensure that the link between the beings of the Earth and the beings of the Pleiades is maintained, that this link is active and that this link is operational.
They say: “We have lost a lot of our ambassadors, it is a question of understanding that when beings inspired by the Pleiades are invited to come to the Earth, they do not leave the Pleiades, they are at the same time on the Pleiades and on the Earth. And what is difficult is to observe that the part of them projected on the Earth can sometimes be cut off from the part of them that continues to live on the Pleiades.

This is what we are being asked to come and repair, to make sure that the emissaries mandated by the Pleiades on Earth wake up and welcome the transmission of what their pleiadian being has to give.
The transmission must be repaired and therefore we must agree to listen. We can say that the Pleiadian soul wants to find contact with the human soul, we cannot speak of a Pleiadian soul really but of being spiritual manifested on the Pleiades. That’s it, we must help to remove the lid on the human souls that are today cut off from the inspiration of their Pleiadian beings.
We will let ourselves be guided to remove this cover that obstructs the channel of the beings of the Earth who have committed themselves to stay in contact with the Pleiades.
I now feel that it is necessary to restore the wire, the connection on the cover which has indeed left, but it is now necessary to restore the contact. So there, we can really empathize with all these young people on Earth who are almost all there, to relay the love of the Pleiades and therefore who need their thread to be restored.
It is very beautiful, this blue light, this re-connection and this connects us in particular to these young people who are demonstrating for the planet in Europe. They really need the re-connection to take place because otherwise their manifestation is too materialistic.
The Pleiades really need them, to give them the inspiration to dare to talk about their spiritual nature, to dare to talk about their sacred experience because they have lost the sacred and now that the lid is removed and the thread is restored, they will be able to be aware of the scope of their actions.

It clears my throat because something is not fluid, there is still something dark down there. There’s like a coal mine underfoot. My voice is not clear, there is something that prevents the elevation.

What I first saw when we talked about something to do on Earth, I saw the whales, I saw a whale. The Pleiades ask me to connect their energies to the consciousness of whales.
It is really her who will be the unfailing earth relay with the Pleiades. It is very beautiful these whales that spread their consciousness in the oceans. It’s cleaning (I have chills), it’s cleaning the oceans, making them sacred, giving back sacred things to the oceans. One could say that the power of the ocean will regain its rights.
It scratches my throat, so for me, it’s because it resists, because when I heard that the power of the oceans was going to take back its rights, I thought of floods on some continents. My mind then tells me, so it could flood and yes, the answer is yes. In fact, it is necessary.

And there is one whale in particular, the representative of the whale species that receives for all the others. I see a breath, I think I know it’s towards Japan where whales are hunted, so we have to go there.
We really need to prevent murder, we need humans to stop slaughtering whales because they really have a very, very important spiritual role. At the same time, I am connected to Elodie, who knows the whale species well, who is close to them, who hears them, so Elodie, you will have a job to do, if you don’t mind.

So in fact, we could say that what is proposed here is to go and meet the whale to give it the ability to receive the energy of the Pleiades, the strength of the Pleiades, the power of the Pleiades. This whale is totally necessary for the species of whales on Earth but also for all the children, all the human beings who have made the choice to be inspired by the Pleiades.
It is the constellation that will help us bring the Aquarian Age to Earth. I feel like saying that, calms something in me. It’s strange this obsession to go to Japan, there’s the master whale of the whale species that’s there and that’s on guard duty, she’s trying to protect the species. Here it is, I feel that the rays emanating from the Pleiades are coming towards this whale, it comes on its rostrum, it’s very beautiful to see.
And there she is, she starts breathing again, she was a little frozen, a little frozen, a little frozen waiting to regain her power. I see her moving again, she is light grey and finally, she is shaking her body. I have the impression that she is making an oscillation and she is starting to be able to move again, she cannot yet move from where she is.
Its life forces are returning and so we can say that the powers of the Pleiades are pouring into this beautiful whale. It changes from grey to blue because it receives blue.
So here she will soon be able to get moving and leave where she was to be the guardian of her species.

In fact, it cannot prevent human beings from going whaling, it is not useful, but it can now give whales the necessary receptivity so that they know how to escape the death that humans want to impose on them. It is important to say that the action does not take place against humans but for the strengthening of the whale’s power.
I see her leaving, she has been able to get out of the place where she was a little trapped, with the sunlight coming to help her and she will really be able to go and meet her sisters in the oceans to guide them.
She has regained her mission as a spiritual head. It’s very beautiful, I don’t even have a vision, it’s the feeling that is that of beauty. This absolutely magnificent being emerges from the place where she had imprisoned herself, in order to preserve the species.
Now we really have to help him keep the connection with the Pleiades on his rostrum. This is our mission here, we really must be this point of mediation between Pleiades and the Earth and it is the whale that receives. And by the whale, all species of whales are affected and will be able to work on the vibratory elevation of the oceans.

She’s actually swimming again, she’s going to be able to really swim. What kindness, what beauty, it is our presence that allows it to be totally restored, it needs that the central axis, from head to tail, the animal’s skeleton must be impregnated with this blue and white light that emanates from the Pleiades.
She stops for a moment to receive now that she is out of prison, she raises the rostrum to heaven to receive and the Pleiades feed her. It gives me great joy to see this healing brought to the whale species, which will then be able to act as a relay for humans in their relations with their pleiadian manifestations.

I feel something with the fins, its scale. In fact, as much as the connection just now put something in his spine, so much so, there is something that can unfold completely. We could almost make a link between the whale and a bird, the eagle for example, there is something in common.
It is really taking its operational form, the blue light has been digested, the white light too, the whale’s power has been reintegrated into the whale.
This is something that is being evacuated from me, that is there to say that what has just been evacuated from my home is the vulnerability of whales. By regaining their power, the whales have evacuated their vulnerability, they will now be able to fully accomplish their missions of terrestrially representing the presence of the Pleiades, to feed the children, adults who must receive the inspiration of the Pleiades.
It is peace after the war. Thank you, I really thank you for the beauty of what I have seen in what you have given us to do.

We could ask you many more things, but it is necessary that you proceed in steps because human consciousness does not have the overall capacity to digest information. It takes time to integrate before a new level is introduced.
I would like to remind you that I am at their disposal when there is a renewed need for our intervention and we will be happy to come and serve. I feel that we have to go through the assembly of 12 before coming back, we could say that there is a Christic atmosphere.
The solar consciousness asks us to come to its center, the consciousness of absolute love wants to fill us, surrounds us and I feel that my body receives a very very very soft, very very subtle substance and therefore it is Christ who invites us to commune with him. The solar consciousness that invites us to immerse ourselves in it, the absolute love that invites us to receive what it is.
It’s very strong under my feet, I feel very, very strong the investment of love on my feet, it goes up.

I see a wreath of flowers appear, I think they are essentially lilies and it is a delight of lilies for the Earth. In fact, it is for Mary and I see that I am being asked to lay a wreath of lilies at Mary’s feet, the consciousness of the incarnate Earth. At the feet of all the women who embody the consciousness of the Earth, who have embodied in the history of humanity the consciousness of the Earth: Lilith, Isis, Mary of course, all women, the black virgins.
It’s strange, I’m with the Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico), it’s the statue that’s bleeding, there were roses at her feet. These are lilies, which we are asked to lay at his feet. It says: “No more thorns at my feet but the lily of royalty”.
What I understand is that Christ, who was traditionally represented in a male principle, has just offered Mother Earth the female principle and that the two principles are united.
Corinne said: “I see a ram, which was used to break down the gates, which moves forward and backwards”. I wonder if it’s related to the ram era in astrology, we’re talking about the ram era before the fish era or the ram sign that opens the year. Now I see a pendulum in fact, it’s funny it’s like it’s not in front of my eyes but underneath. We will ask David, our favorite astrologer, what this means.
While all this is living in me, I am taped to the Virgin of Guadalupe, whom I have never seen in real life, I have seen images and I have taken a little interest in this statue.

So I will come back to the centre of our assembly, they say mission completed, mission accomplished, congratulations. They say that through the quality of our presence we have accomplished a great work for the consciousness of humanity, for the evolution of the Earth.
It is really essential that the Pleiades be captured again by a large number of humans and by the whale species. This will totally change the behaviour of humanity and the way of life of the Earth because, as you know, the Earth has regained its autonomy. It has taken over the management of itself and it is important that it has the means to manage it and that there is real cooperation between humans. We congratulate you and thank you.
Thank you also, I renew my commitment to be at the disposal of my I AM to work for the Earth, for humanity, so that love can reign in the organization of humans on Earth.